Decisions & Ramifications

By: D.Torres

It was the beginning of the night shift and Ginevra Molly Weasley had just entered the emergency ward at St Mungo's where she worked as a medi-witch. At thirty-six years old she was one of the most well-known and respected medi-witches in her field in all of Europe. When she was a child she had two dreams... one was to marry Harry Potter, the boy who lived, the other was to be a medi-witch. Upon entering the room Ginny saw her first patient. A young girl blonde haired girl, somewhere between her fourth and sixth year at Hogwarts from the crest on her robes, was writhing on the bed in pain as two healers attempted to calm her. The girl's left hand was charred and missing fingers while the left side of her face and shoulder were blacked. A medi-wizard in training informed the senior witch that the girl's wand malfunctioned and blew up as she was performing a transfiguration charm. Luckily she was isolated from everyone and no one else was injured.

Ginny upon being given the necessary information concerning the girl's injury immediately went to work helping the poor girl. The first step was to dull the girl's pain before she began tending to the wound. A patient incapable of holding still would be very difficult to tend to. When the girl was relaxed, Ginny had the intern carefully lift the damaged hand so she could begin the necessary work to first repair and replace any damaged bones.

Due to advancements over the past few decades skele-gro has become a quick method of growing back bones (and the taste has been improved drastically). Ginny watched as the small dose administered to Jennifer grew back the bones (and mended the damaged ones) in her left hand within minutes. When the bones were as they should be Ginny began the delicate procedure of mending the girl's fingers. After that was completed Ginny stepped back, wiped her brow and told the intern medi-wizard to begin repairing the superficial damage to the girl's skin.

Ginny left the emergency ward to inform the young ladies parents, a Mr. And Mrs. Largos that their daughter would be fine and when the medi-wizard was finished healing the damage to their daughter's skin that they could go in and see her. Ginny watched as a look of relief came across the two concerned parents. Mr. Largos began enthusiastically shaking her hand while Jennifer's mother simply let tears of relief fall from her face.

As Ginny watched the two parents enter the room where Jennifer was resting she couldn't help but think of what those two parents went through when they received word that their daughter was hurt. A parent never wants harm to befall their child and could only imagine what they must have gone through. She also felt a tinge of guilt at the choice she made sixteen years ago. She had not heard a single word, nor received a letter from Harry James Potter since the day she made her intentions known to him all those years ago. She knew it was selfish of her to choose herself over them, but with the support of her parents she persevered and fulfilled her second dream.

Ginny was on her way to go get something to drink when the doors to the hospital flew open and a young man, roughly sixteen years of age ran in carrying a young woman screaming for help. The young man had several scrapes and looked as if he'd been cut by something sharp while the young woman had a puncture wound in her left shoulder and a nasty bruise on her left eye. Ginny began making her way to the duo as a nurse, using her wand, levitated the young woman to the nearest table.

"Sir, what happened?" The nurse asked.

"My sister and I were on our way to Surrey when we were attacked by..." The young man noticed Ginny in front of him and found himself at a loss for words. That is until he remembered his sister and continued.

"It was a Gnoll." The young man stated.

"It jumped me first and my sister tried to help me by prying the beast off of me. I told her to run for help but she wouldn't listen. The Gnoll, irritated at her constant badgering, swatted her away then leapt into the air and pounced upon her with all its weight. I heard a crack but found myself unable to move after its initial attack. Icould only watch as the wolf like creature punched my sister's face until that horrible bruise appeared."

Ginny was half listening half trying to stop the bleeding to the girl.

"To add insult to injury the beast then drew a bladed weapon and stabbed her shoulder. It was about to deliver a killing blow when I finally managed to regain my wits and dispatch the beast."

"Are you sure it was a Gnoll and not a werewolf?" Ginny inquired. If the girl's brother was wrong, and the girl had been bitten they'd need to restrain her. Just in case.

"Positive." The young man answered.

"I'll tend to the girl nurse. Please take down the rest of this young man's information and then alert the Ministry of Magic to the attack." Ginny informed the nurse who nodded her head.

The nurse took out a quick quotes quill and allowed it to take down all of the dark haired young man's information. "Sir, I need to know your name and your sister's name." The nurse stated as one of her colleagues arrived to look him over.

The young man waited until he was sure that Ginny Weasley was out of earshot and then he turned to the woman asking him his name.

"My sister is Lilly Potter; my name is Evan James Potter." The young man stated.

"How old is your sister?" The nurse inquired.

"Sixteen years old." Evan replied.

"Do you have any relatives that we can get in touch with concerning this accident?"

"Harry James Potter, our father. He's waiting for us in Surrey, we were supposed to meet him for dinner but our ride never showed so we were on our way to get to the nearest fireplace on the floo network."

The nurse was looking at the young man as if he'd just claimed to be related to the minister of magic. "Y... your father is Harry Potter."

"That is correct."

"If we can't reach him... do you have someone else that we can contact?" The nurse nervously inquired. She couldn't believe that the son of the boy-who- lived was standing in front of her, meaning that Harry himself would most likely be showing up some time soon to see how his daughter was fairing.

"We have other family but we're not close. It's just my father and the two of us. Also I think it would be best if I tried to reach my father, I believe he's in a muggle area and I doubt you have the means to reach him." Evan informed the older woman.

"Of course sir, there is an office three doors down on the left that you can use to contact your father." The nurse informed the young man.

"Thank you. Oh... and if it is not too much trouble, would you please not tell anyone... and I mean anyone who we are. The last thing my sister needs right now is her picture on the front page of the Daily Prophet." Evan requested in his most sincere tone.

"Of course, not even the medi-witch attending will be informed." The young witch declared. She understood completely growing up in the aftermath of the second war that Harry Potter, no matter how much he tried to avoid the spot light could not do so for long. She was determined not to let his daughter become a spectacle so she immediately removed the family name from the medical records.

"Thank you." Evan said as he watched the older witch do this. He then proceeded to make his call.

Harry James Potter apparated directly into the lobby of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, a place he'd hoped he'd never have to come to again after the numerous visits he had to any hospital wing in his youth. He'd only been sent to St. Mungo's twice but he didn't care for either of those stays to say the least. Upon arriving at the front desk he was greeted by an eager nurse.

"Hello sir, how might I help you sir?" The young woman inquired.

"I'm looking for Lilly Potter's room." The nervous Harry Potter informed her.

"Ohhhhhh...." The witch said realizing immediately that "The" Harry Potter had just arrived. "She is currently being attended to but just so you know, the attended medi-witch is one of our best. She's in excellent hands." The nurse tried to assure Harry.

"Thank you miss." Harry replied.

"I don't suppose it would be...."

"Your son already asked that we insure your and your family's privacy. I removed your family name from the records so it will not draw attention to her case." The nurse informed a very relieved Harry Potter.

"You have my gratitude. Would you happen to know where I might find my son Miss?" Harry asked wanting to know exactly what had happened that Lilly was in the hospital.

"Dad!" Evan called out to his father from down the hall. The young man dashed to his father and hugged him close.

"Right there sir." The nurse replied.

"Thank you again." Harry retorted. Harry then turned his attention to his son. "What happened Evan? What happened to you and your sister?" Harry inquired as he looked at his battered son.

"Our ride never showed up to bring us to Surrey, so we thought we'd just walk to the nearest fireplace and use the floo network to get to dinner." Evan said and paused as he remembered exactly what had happened.

His earlier recount of the events had occurred while he was on adrenaline, now, as he fully realized what had happened he was on the verge of tears.

"It's ok son." Harry said hugging his boy, "take your time and continue." Harry said trying to comfort his only son.

Regaining his composure Evan continued, "We were almost there when we heard a low snarl. Before we could draw our wands a Gnoll jumped from its hiding spot and attacked me."

Harry nodded and waited for Evan to continue.

"I told her to run for help... I didn't want that beast anywhere near Lilly but you know her, she wouldn't listen. She jumped on the Gnoll and began hit it with her fists. She was yelling for it to leave me alone but it finally got tired of her irritating assault and turned its focus on her." Evan said.

"I was hurt, the beast was stronger than I and left me in a bad state, and then it pounced on her dad. It jumped up and brought its full weight down on her body causing an audible crack. Then it then began pummelling her face... and then it stabbed her." Evan said now crying.

Harry was on the verge of tears but was trying not to breakdown. His son needed him to be strong. "It was about to stab her in the heart but I felt a surge of power after it stabbed her and I managed to first knock the Gnoll from atop her body then I burned it to ashes."

"You did what you had to Evan to save your sister."

Evan nodded in agreement.

"Dad I think you need to be aware of something very important." Evan said in his most serious tone.

"What's that Evan?"

"Are you to Lilly's father?" A female voice inquired behind Harry.

Harry did not say a word. He knew the voice as well has his own. Evan knew the look on his father's face and knew that what was about to occur was years in the making. He and Lilly had once asked their father what would happen if the two met again what would happen. Now... now he was about to find out.

"Yes I am." Harry answered in a low voice without turning around. He removed his glasses, cleaned them, and then replaced them on his face.

Ginny was annoyed that she was annoyed that the father of her patient was not answering her question to her face but before she could continue she was interrupted by the girl's brother.

"Can I see my sister?" Evan asked nervously.

Ginny nodded and answered, "Yes, she's in recovery room two. Straight down this hall, second door on the left."

Evan darted for the room quickly. He had a feeling being thirty feet from where his father was standing would be safe enough. He was bound to hear everything they said in moments anyways.

"Sir... would you like to know the condition of your daughter?" Ginny asked the man who had still not turned to look at her. Harry didn't answer her. He was still trying to work up the nerve to look her in the face.

Ginny decided she'd had enough of this and walked around to look the man in the eyes. Ginny raised the man's face about to yell at him when she saw those hauntingly familiar emerald eyes and lightning bolt shaped scar staring at her.

"Harry." Ginny whispered as she brought her hand to cover her wide opened mouth.

"How is Lilly?" Harry asked looking directly into the chocolate coloured eyes of his ex-lover.

"Lilly?" Ginny repeated.

"Yes... Lilly. MY daughter?" Harry reiterated. "About this tall." Harry said holding his hand to the top of Ginny's head. "Long black hair, emerald green eyes. Lilly"

"Lilly... ummm your daughter is go... going to be fine. Evan... oh my god..." Ginny replied. "Evan and Lilly..." She continued on.

"Recovery Room two you said?" Harry asked Ginny trying his best not to yell at her. In the time since he'd last seen her he'd thought of nothing but how she'd hurt him. He knew that now was neither the time, nor place for a scene so he managed to keep his feelings concerning her in check. Ginny finally nodded he made his way to his daughter's hospital room.

Upon Harry's departure Ginny felt her knees begin to buckle so she planted herself in the nearest seat. She was pale as a ghost and looked as if she'd been resurrected as a zombie. The colour had completely vanished from her face.

"Ginny... Ginny are you all right?" A voice called out to her. Ginny turned to see her sister-in-law standing next to her.

"Penny... what are you doing here?" Ginny inquired trying to regain her composure.

"Regularly scheduled check up Gin." Penelope replied as she pointed at her enlarged stomach.

Ginny smiled momentarily as her sister-in-law offered a slight reprieve from her current ordeal. Penelope was on her third child and couldn't be happier. Her brother Percy was a fine father who finally decided to put love and family above his own ambitions (of course Penelope threatening to leave him and slander him in the Daily Prophet didn't hurt to get his priorities straight).

"How's my little niece/nephew doing?" Ginny inquired.

"Better than its aunt apparently. No point in trying to change the subject Gin. I know you well enough to know when you're trying to divert people from prying into your business. Confess whatever it is that's wrong." Penelope adamantly requested.

"I just saved another victim of a Gnoll attack. The sixteen year old girl was pummelled about the face and stabbed in the upper chest area." Ginny stated. "Her brother who was with her, but not injured as bad, barely managed to save her and get her here."

"Life in the emergency ward Ginny. However that doesn't explain your current state. I've seen you after massacres without you looking this pale. What is so different about this case than any of those?" Penelope asked in a lighter tone now that she knew her sister-in-law's current state was over a patient.

Ginny was about to answer when the girl's brother exited the room and proceeded towards the loo. Penelope looked at the boy as if she were seeing a vision of the past.

"Ginny... is it my imagination or does that boy look like Harry Potter when he was at Hogwarts?" A stunned Penelope Weasley inquired.

Ginny looked at Penny and answered the girl; "He's the spitting image of his father... who is also the father of the girl I just saved." Ginny paused and then let out the name that would answer Penny's next question, "Lilly Guinevere Potter is the girl's full name."

Before Penny could say anything to the youngest Weasley stood up and walked ever so slowly to the recovery room that the girl resided in. Penelope Weasley decided it would probably be a good idea to follow her. Penny had never seen Ginny like this, but she knew exactly why her sister-in-law was acting so strange. Truth be known she was one of four people that did. The two women stopped in front of the open door way and watched as Harry James Potter, only son of and James & Lily Potter held his teary eyed daughter in his arms. The sight caused Ginny herself to become highly emotional as she watched her ex sooth his daughter.

When she'd awoken Lilly flew up in the bed and called out for Evan. To her surprise, her father was sitting next to her. She pulled the man who'd raised her and always been there for her close and began crying. If her father was there it meant that she and Evan were safe... or at least she hoped he was. She managed to stutter out a "where's Evan?" only to have her father assure her that her twin brother was all right and had brought her to St. Mungo's. Lilly just continued to cry and hold her father for several minutes. When the last of her tears hand fallen, and she'd calmed down, Lilly Potter wiped her eyes and that is when she took notice of the two women standing in the door way. One was tall and looked very pregnant while the other was dressed like a medi-witch. A red haired brown eyed medi-witch. Lilly vaguely remembered her from when she was in and out of consciousness, only now she could see clearly who the witch was. Her relief washed away into rage in a matter of seconds.

"What are you doing here?" Lilly asked in such a demanding and almost hateful tone of voice that it shocked the medi-witch. Ginny and Penelope were both so surprised at the girl's tone that neither could say a word.

"Lilly... she's the medi-witch that healed you." Harry said answering the question for Ginny when the red haired woman failed to answer.

Lilly's anger lessened but the pain did not. "Thank you Miss Weasley for saving my life, now please, get out of my room." Lilly stated and turned away from the red haired woman.

Harry decided to end this before this got ugly and used a charm to place his daughter in a deep dreamless sleep. "I used a relatively new sleeping charm. It won't harm her and she'll be out for about six hours." Harry informed Ginny.

After a few moments Ginny once again found her voice. Penny was still too shocked to say anything. "What did you tell them?" Ginny inquired.

Harry's face was neutral. He did not know how he wanted to answer her question.

"He painted a better picture than you deserved Miss Weasley." Evan said answering for his father. "Lilly just has... issues with you."


"I have nothing more that I wish to say to you. You made your choice almost seventeen years ago. " Evan stated. "Might I ask your name Miss..." Evan inquired looking at the slightly taller woman.

"Penelope Weasley." The woman answered.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Weasley." Evan politely replied.

Harry, who had not eaten because he was worried about his children who were late for dinner informed Evan they should go get some food. Evan followed next to his father who stopped next to the pale medi-witch. "You did your job Ginny... you saved my daughter and I am grateful for this. However I'd advise you to stay away from her if you know what's best. There's not telling what she'll say or do if she sees you again." Harry informed his former love.

"Harry, Evan... I"

Harry Potter and his son said nothing. They just started walking down the hallway heading for the lounge to get something to snack on. Evan paused and returned to face Ginny. He had one last thing to say.

"I don't want you to think I'm not grateful for everything you did this evening. Thank you for saving Lilly. Oh and it was nice to finally meet you... mum." Evan stated then returned to his father's side and proceeded to go get some food.

To Be Continued