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It was late in the evening when Ginny Weasley returned to her flat. After her conversation with Hermione followed by an extremely long heart to heart chat with her mum Ginny had decided to go out for coffee and began planning how to approach her former fiancé and their children. All her ideas seemed to end up with one conclusion, a door slamming in her face or a rather nasty hex thrown at her. Ginny knew that after leaving her fiancé just prior to their wedding and abandoning her children she would deserve whatever fate they decided for her... in their place she would do the same.

Ambition... until she finished Hogwarts she had never really had it. It was not until the future was staring her in the face that she realized why her older brother Percy had done to his family what he did after her third year at Hogwarts. While she herself did not cut ties with her immediate family she did sever ties with her lover, and several months after that with her own children.

"I'm no better than Percy." Ginny said aloud with a sigh as she leaned against the interior of the door to her flat. She had just shut her eye when a voice retorted, "You'll get no arguments from me."

For a woman her age Ginny Weasley's reaction time had not diminished one bit since the fall of the darklord. In one fluid motion she dropped her handbag and drew her wand from insider her robe and in a blink of an eye was pointing said wand in the direction that the anonymous voice had originated from.

However, before she could even begin to utter an incantation a blast of white light shot out from in front of her, struck the wand and expelled the magical conduit from her hand. Ginny felt a sharp stinging sensation the moment the small wooden stick flew out of her hand. She watched as her wand landed out of arms reach to the right of her. Ginny was just about to cry out, accio wand, when the lights in her flat came one and she saw her only son sitting relaxed, yet stern faced, in front of her.

"Evan... what are you doing here?" Ginny inquired as she stared in disbelief that her son was in her home. Then the realization came that her son knew where her home was. "Better still, how did you find me?"

"I'm a Potter mum... we're tenacious and resourceful folk." Evan smugly replied.

"I will give you that Evan. Now why are you here?" Ginny asked. However before her son could answer her first question another question arouse.

"Where is your wand Evan?" A baffled Ginny Weasley inquired.

Extending his right hand again, Evan concentrated for a moment, not even uttering an incantation, and as Ginny watched dumbfounded, the young man conjured a red and yellow ball of energy in this hand. Evan held it there not doing anything just letting his mother process the information that at sixteen he was capable of performing not only advanced magic but do it wandlessly. Then, just as it had appeared Evan easily dispelled the energy with no damage to anything in Ginny's Flat.

"Lilly and I don't require one... neither does dad but what do you expect... he's Harry Potter. Lilly and I still carry them for appearances. It raises too many question if we don't carry them." Evan answered.

Evan then composed himself in a calm answered his mum's primary question. "As for why I'm here... It's time you and I talked. I hear mothers and sons are supposed to do that from time to time."

"It is usually common practice yes." Ginny replied. "What would you like to talk about?" Ginny inquired although she knew very well what he came to ask her about. She'd have to be thicker than Ron not to.

"I've heard my father's version of what happened between the tow of you; now I want to know your side of the story. I want to know why my mother broke off her engagement just short of the wedding and why she left two children that she brought into this world without so much as an explanation letter for when we were old enough to understand?"

Ginny sighed. She knew this day would always come but still, she had hoped it would be much later in life... maybe eighty years from now. She was in no hurry. Gathering her strength she looked her son straight in the eyes and answered.

"I wasn't happy with our relationship and I felt that I needed to be on my own, stretch my wings and fly on my own." Ginny answered. Immediately upon completion of her sentence she heard a faint beeping sound.

"Uh huh... Are you sure that was the only reason?" Evan inquired.

"Quite sure." Ginny replied. Again a low-pitched beep was heard.

"No other reason for leaving us with dad and never bothering to come an see us?" Evan asked eyeing his mum suspiciously.

"None what so ever." Ginny stated and for the third time a beep was heard.

"Are you absolutely positively sure that that is the whole story mum?" Evan asked.

Ginny nodded. She waited but heard nothing this time.

"I find that hard to believe. A statement I'm sure the rest of our family has said." Evan stated with much certainty.

"The truth is what it is Evan. I'm sorry if you thought there was some plot to keep your father and I apart. No one was blackmailing me, there were no secret lovers, none of that at all." Ginny informed the oldest of the Potter Twins.

Evan looked annoyed when there was no beep following his mother's statement.

"Are you sure that's all of it then?" Evan asked while folding his arms.

"I'm sure." Ginny replied and was greeted once again by a beeping sound.

"Evan what is that noise?" An exasperated Ginny inquired.

Evan smiled and looked at his mother. "Why are you lying to me mum?"

"I'm not lying to you Evan." But just as the words ended a beeping sound went off again.

"I know you're lying to me mum... and in case you're wondering no I'm not using occlumency on you."

"It wouldn't work if you were." Ginny countered.

"I know. I presumed with your family possibly dying to know why you left my father you learned legimancy to protect your secret. That's why I decided to go about this the muggle way." Evan withdrew a small electrical device from his back pocket. "This is called a voice stress monitor. This particular one is designed to beep whenever someone tells a lie. Since it has been beeping every time you answer a question that means you have not managed to tell me the truth yet so again I must ask... why are you lying to me mum?"

Ginny was not pleased by this revelation. She was about to relay this fact to her son when Evan decided to raise the stakes a little.

"Does it please you to know your daughter can't stand the though of you. That when she thinks about all the missed mother daughter bonding moments she cries because she was denied them because her mum wanted nothing to do with her?"

"That's not true." Ginny retorted.

"Isn't it? If you'd wanted to be a part of our lives you would have made every effort to be there for her... for me... for all of us."

"It was your father's idea that you not have anything to do with my family, not mine." Ginny retorted.

"Only because we would ask why isn't our mummy with us. Why can't she spend time with us? Why doesn't she stay?" We're old enough to see the logic mum. It would have torn Lilly and I apart to see our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and know that you didn't want to be with us. No child should have to go through that."

"I made the decision that I thought was for the best." Ginny stated.

"Best for who? Us or you?" Evan asked and awaited her answer.

Ginny, knowing that she could not lie even if she wanted to, answered, "me."

"I suppose now you expect us just to welcome you back with open arms?" Evan inquired.

"No." Ginny said just barely above a whisper.

"Tell me why. Tell me the one hundred percent truth why you did what you did and maybe, maybe I can try and help convince Lilly that she should give you a chance."

Before Ginny Weasley could give her only son a positive or negative response a different sound echoed in the room. Ginny watched as Evan pulled a small object, no bigger than his hand from the inside of his jacket.

"Hello?" Evan spoke into the object.

"What? What happened?" Evan asked.

Ginny watched as Evan face paled. She watched as the young man of almost seventeen knees began to buckle and he just barely managed to sit down before they gave way. Ginny rushed to his side and waited for him to tell her what was wrong. Evan continued to listen and give only one-syllable answers until he finally ended the phone call and looked to his mother. "That was the police... we have to get to the hospital."