Losing the Laughter

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Chapter 1 "The Bet"

"Beast Boy, you could have been killed! Why can't you ever be serious for once!??" Raven shouted as the Titans filed into meeting room after a losing battle with Cinderblock. "If you hadn't been fooling around, and not watching where you were going, we would have caught him! I can't believe you!" Raven said in a rare show of emotion. Her temper was flaring, and the rest of the titans were just waiting for something to blow up.

"How many times to I have to say it, Raven? I'm sorry!" Beast Boy shouted back at her. He felt bad about screwing up, but why couldn't she just let it go?

"Sorry doesn't cut it." Raven responded in a callous tone, but calming slightly.

"What do you want me to do? Change the past?!" Beast Boy said, allowing his smart mouth to get the best of him.

"I want you to start acting your age and not like a mutant four year old!" Raven yelled, her tempter blazing again. Suddenly Starfire's favorite lamp exploded. "Look what you made me do!" Raven shrieked at Beast Boy.

"What I made you do?! You did it yourself!" Beast Boy said. "Why are you blaming me for everything?!"

"Because if you could just control that pathetic sense of humor, and started acting mature, we wouldn't have lost that battle!" Raven said, her anger burning hot on the surface. The titans had never seen her this angry. Starfire wanted to pick up the pieces of her lamp, but was afraid Raven would get mad at her for moving.

"Pathetic sense of humor?! My jokes are great! I can't help it if you don't have a sense of humor at all!" Beast Boy replied.

"You're too immature!" Raven said.

"Well you're too serious!" Beast boy retorted

"I bet you couldn't spend 2 weeks being serious!" Raven challenged

"I bet you I could! I'll prove it; I'll go 2 weeks without making a single joke. In fact, for the next 2 weeks, I won't even laugh!" Beast Boy responded before he could stop himself.

"It's a bet then." Raven answered coolly. "Only, let's raise the stakes. If I win, you're never allowed to make another joke, ever!"

"And if I win, you have to go with me to see The Three Idiots Go to Egypt, and you have to laugh at all my jokes, no matter how stupid they are." He bargained.


"Fine!" He shouted

"Fine!" She shouted back, as they both turned and stomped to their rooms, and slammed the doors, leaving the other Titans still standing in the meeting room, looking slightly confused.