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Chapter 6 "You Win"

Beast Boy headed back to his room after a three hour game-a-thon with the rest of the Titans. It'd been great. They'd played every board game in the tower; they played video games, and even a couple of rounds of cards. The gloominess that had loomed over them for the past week had melted completely away during the hours of games. Everyone seemed to get along again, and even Raven had gotten into a few of the games. She'd won several of the board games, and a couple of the card games. Her strategic mind was made for those sorts of games, so Beast Boy hadn't thought anything about it when Raven skipped out on playing video games. Beast Boy hadn't done so well in the games, for the most part he'd lost almost every game. 'Who could concentrate with Raven sitting just inches from me though?' Beast Boy had even caught her looking at him a few times. He didn't want to get hurt, but her eyes were so hard to resist. When he looked in her eyes, he could see her emotions just under the surface. Today, when he looked at her, he could clearly see "Happiness" waving back from her eyes.
In the hallway, Starfire stopped Beast Boy, and asked if she could speak with him. "Sure Starfire, what do you want to talk about?"

"Before, when you were trying to win the bet, I didn't think you could do it. I am sorry; I should have had more faith in you."

"That's all right, I wasn't entirely sure I could manage myself." Beast Boy replied, lying a little to make her feel better.

"I am glad you are not trying to be serious any more. Without you, things here were boring. I have missed your laughter, and your jokes."

When Beast Boy got to his room, he noticed his door was open a little. 'That's weird; I thought I closed it...' Then on his nightstand, he noticed a plain white envelope. Inside were two tickets to Three Idiots Go to Egypt. Also in the envelope there was a note, with just two words written on it, clearly written in Raven's style. It said "You Win".