Author's Notes

Relive Lufia II: The Rise of the Sinistrals in novel form. And I'm serious; it's like novel-length. Well, it would be if I ever had the time to finish it. I'm guessing this story is all right to do in this fan fiction site. Of course, you know, I don't own the characters (that's Taito, NeverLand, whoever), nor the overall plot of this story, for it is a novelization of the game. All I did is expand upon that which was already there. I hope this is okay to do.

I mostly used a transcript that a R. Huse transcribed, which I got from the Forfeit Island website. I did start doing my own, but then found this one already done. Thanks, whoever you are...and tell me if you don't like that I used it.

So, in this story I use lines directly from the game, expanding upon them and the situations and circumstances given in the game. Adding much of my own dialogue as well. One thing I must say is that my ability to imaginatively describe people, things, etc. as I do in the prologue is an aberration. I'm not usually that descriptive, I get caught up in dialogue and action. This is something I need to work on.

Why have I done this? One, it was to work on my writing skills without having to worry about the plot. Two, I like the story. Three, I'm a dork.

But if this is cool and y'all like how and what I write, then I'll keep some chapters coming. At least seven if I never spend another minute on this.

Oh, and I'm writing this as if the audience are descendants, living in the world of Lufia (which I call Estpolis—because the Japanese title sounds like the name of a city or world—or I also call it Mada Eve, because I don't think Estpolis is a cool name, fitting with the characters and their names, but you'll see about all that). So some things that would not have gotten into the hands of human/elf writers are left out (i.e., opening scene with Arek and Erim). Anyway, let's just get to the story. Enjoy...or boo me off the site!


Atop a gloomy mountain beneath the dim moonlit sky stood an enormous castle. Now forgotten hands had carved it in a time long departed. Its color mirrored the lifeless face of the island--a dingy grayish-brown.

A silence loomed over the fortress, seeming to stick in the air. And then suddenly a deafening boom shattered the silence. Three bright balls of light pierced the darkness of the night, tearing across the sky. Its sound was as if a team of horses had filled the earth and bent their charge upon the lone mountain, shaking the earth.

The previously calm sea raged at the lights' intrusion. The branches of the trees were left chasing the trails of light. The mysterious forms raced the landscape of the mountain, diving behind the inner walls of the castle's main courtyard.

The silence returned as quickly as it had left. The wind died down turning to a slight breeze and then back to eerie stillness.

It was soon to stir again, though, as a few minutes later the three lights abandoned the castle of stone. Once again, the trees and the sea grasped at thin air as the forms of light passed by.

As soon as these mysterious lights left, a fourth one moved towards the castle from another direction. It streaked towards the castle, yet it appeared more cautious and emitted little, if any, noise. It hovered above the waters and then darted towards a forest of trees where it hovered again just a few feet above the ground before moving into the castle's interior.