(Note: This is the end of the season finale, Code: Earth part 2.) (Note: This is also my first story on fan fic so please drop by a review.)

"Return to the past, now!"
"Don't worry Aelita," Jeremy said, tears going down his cheeks, "I'll start up the materialization process again."

"Don't, Jeremy!" Aelita said, "I can still feel Xana's virus running through me."

"Well," Yumi said, "we could materialize her for a couple of hours."

"Come on!" Odd said, opening the door, only to get caught by Jim.

"Where do you think YOU'RE going?" asked Jim, hoping to find out their secret.

"JIM!" yelled a voice, "What do your think you're doing?"

"Sir!" said Jim surprised, as the principal walked up to Jim and the gang, "I just caught these kids..."

"I have had it with you stalking these children and..." the principle started.

"Actually, sir" Ulrich said, trying to save Jim, "we where going to pull a prank on Nicholas and Herb, but Jim here stopped us."

"Oh! Okay." the principle said, "Sorry for doubting you Jim, and you kids behave!"

"We will!" both Ulrich and Yumi said in unison as the principal walked away.

"Hey you kids," said Jim, "thanks for saving me back there."

"No sweat." said Ulrich, waving his hand as he walked away.

Jeremy and Odd followed close behind without saying a thing.

"Yeah!" Yumi said, "You could be a lot of help in the future, Jimbo." Yumi giggled

Yumi ran down the hall leaving a bewildered Jim behind.

"I'm not going to materialize Aelita." said Jeremy

"WHAT!" Yumi yelled, "You have been working on that for a year and a half!"

"I'm not going to materialize her untill I get rid of the virus." said Jeremy.

"Oh." said Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd at the same time.

"Well, I have to get to class again so, see you later." said Yumi, leaving.

"Later Yumi." said Ulrich, admiring her as she walked.

"So Ulrich," said Odd, "ready to work up a sweat?"

Ulrich didn't hear a thing. He was still busy admiring Yumi, from her graceful steps, to her beautiful black hair.

"Ulrich?" said Odd, trying to get Ulrich's attention, "Ulrich!"

"Yea," said Ulrich, "you're right. I mean, I don't know."

"Ulrich." said Odd, smiling, "You wouldn't happen to have a crush on Yumi, would you?"

"NO!" shot Ulrich, turning rose red.

"Anyway," Odd said, still smiling, "off to Gym."

"I hate Gym!" said Jeremy.