Clunk. The harsh sound of metal on metal woke him.

"Hey man, sorry about the noise but I'm starving. You eaten since you came on?"
"No... the food isn't bad, it's just not good."
"Ahhh... you were on an old Arcadia weren't you? Restaurant decks and the likes... man, the closest I've come to that is a tour around an Orion in a museum."
"Yeah, it was good... Time"
"Ha, this isn't an installation now man, strictly by the book."
"Ergh... Computer, time?"

[The time is now 07:46 GTVA Standard]

"Tyler, about waking me..."
"I said I was sorry, God, you don't have to be such a buttfuck!"
"I didn't mean that, my shift starts at 08:30 so I'm glad you woke me, I'll get a chance to have a nice long shower."
"Hey, well, sorry about my outburst. Don't mention it, glad to help a friend."
-The rooms lights flickered slightly, the emergency strip lighting outlining the floor and doors ignited, flooding the room with an incredibly pale blue, almost white light before the standard ilumination came back online.-
"What? Computer, status?"

[We are currently at a dead stop]

"That's not normal..."

[Incoming jump signature, unknown configuration]

"Really not normal..."
"Come on man, I want to see what's up" He was already through the heavy metal door, pulling his jacket on as he went.

["All hands to battle stations unknown is hostile, I repeat, unknown is hostile"]

"Shit!" Tyler was running down the corridor with a dozen other people, all looking as confused as eachother when the first one hit. It tore a massive rent in the hull before seemingly dissapearing, the emergency bulkheads slid into place almost instantly but it was already too late. Tyler and the others were on the wrong side, instantly torn into space by the sudden depressurization.

[Hull breaches on decks seven through eleven.]

"Oh...God." He stood there, looking through the small view port into space, past the twisted metal to a small speck of light in the distance, slowly growing brighter.

-Nine hours fifty two minutes later-

"This is a network wide message to all GTVA personnel. Approximately ten hours ago we lost contact with the GTCv Belmont. The GTD Valhalla, GTeC Jupiter and the GTSC Archimedes are currently en route to it's last known location to ascertain the problem. We will keep you apprised, GTVA Command out."