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Predator 3: Homeworld

Chapter 10: Depts Repaid

It had been 3 days since the trio had taken off from the Predator Homeworld. They had found a storage room with food and water in it, as well as some bedrooms.

The road had been pretty dull for the past couple days, but each person found a way to entertain themselves; Harrigan seemed to enjoy inspecting the trophy walls in the ship, Jean found the weapons storage and was trying to figure out how to use those, and Dutch found his entertainment in figuring out how to pilot the ship. He figured out that by pressing a few buttons in one panel to the right of the pilot chair, you could set coordinates to where you wanted to go. After five or six guesses, he got the ship going in the general direction of Earth; as they got closer, he would adjust them.

As they were eating on the fourth day, the ship began to rumble.

"What's that?" Harrigan asked, looking around.

"Uhhh, let's go to the cockpit and find out, shall we?" Jean replied standing up and heading down the corridors to the cockpit.

Once they entered the cockpit, the problem was exceptionally obvious.

They had entered an asteroid belt.

Dutch jumped into the pilot seat and tried to figure out how to move around the asteroids; it was only pure luck they had had not been hit by one of the large ones.

Dutch tried tapping some different buttons, which in turn, lit up other lights on the panel. Finally, he found out that by pressing three certain buttons that would make the ship go up, down, and left; he didn't figure out which button made them go right yet.

Although they could now steer, Dutch was running into MORE asteroids then they were originally.

When one large one hit the ship, making the floor rattle, Jean yelled, "Could you try not to hit every asteroid we pass by!?"

"You want to drive?!" Dutch shot back, already tense from driving the ship.

"At least I could do better than you!" Jean barked back

"Which control turns right?" Dutch asked trying to swerve around a particularly nasty looking asteroid.

"I think this is it," Dutch said, pulling a lever down. The ship lurched forward throwing the trio backward until Dutch returned it to where it originally was.

"No... that's the accelerator," Jean snarled, pushing herself off of the floor.

"Uh oh... you two better figure out which lever or button goes right or we're going to be dead in a few seconds!" Harrigan shouted, drawing Dutch and Jean's attention back to the view screen where a humongous asteroid moved into their path.

"If I accelerate now I think I'll be able to pass it," said Dutch flooring the accelerator once more. They began to move much faster and move closer to the asteroid.

"We're gonna hit it. We're gonna hit it! Go faster!" screamed Jean as they approached the asteroid.

"What the hell do you think I'm doing!?" Dutch yelled back accelerating even more.

"Go faster! Go faster!" Jean continued almost going into hysterics.

"Shut up!" Dutch yelled. "Stop back-seat driving!"

Unfortunately, it looked as though the ship was going to make a head on collision with the asteroid. At the last moment, Dutch managed to find the control to turn right, hit it, and the ship, using the small gravitational pull from the asteroid, was able to sling-shot around the asteroid, missing it by a few feet.

The trio sighed in relief as they flew out of the asteroid field and back into space.

Jean collapsed on the floor. Harrigan sat down, trying not to faint, and Dutch clutched at the side arms of the chair, shaking.

"I think I've had enough driving for the rest of my life," Dutch whispered to the others.

-Three days later-

The trio sat in the cockpit and stared through the window at Earth.

"I never thought I'd see this place again," Harrigan sighed as the ship cruised steadily toward the planet.

"I just hope the American government doesn't shoot us down. I wonder if this thing has any weapons?" Jean asked looking around vaguely.

"Well, where do you think we should land?" Dutch asked.

"I say we land at the base we left. If the good general picks us up, we might have a better chance of living through the landing," Harrigan suggested.

"Ok, I'll head for Nevada," Dutch replied directing the ship towards the state. (A/N: I neglected to mention that the base they left was in Nevada, "Area 51")

The ship flew towards the state when the hull began to vibrate. They were entering the atmosphere.

A few minutes later the vibrating stopped and the ship was cruising towards the base.

"There it is!" Jean shouted excitedly pointing at a small base in the desert. The ship was going pretty fast so they were right outside of the base when Dutch made a rough landing. The ship lurched forward when it hit the ground tossing the trio around like rag dolls. Dutch had somehow managed to stay in his seat.

"You call that a landing?" Jean asked from the floor.

"You're still alive, aren't you?" Dutch snapped back.

With a couple clicks of button and switches being pressed the ship shut down and the door in the entrance way opened.

The trio walked out of the ship and onto their home planet. As they looked towards the base, they could see trucks and Jeeps diving out to them. One Jeep made it there first and out jumped the good general. Right behind him came two guards carrying machine guns.

"You... You're alive? How..." The general was lost for words when he saw the large alien ship behind the trio.

"My god... you have no idea what this ship will do for our sciences. This may be the single biggest scientific discovery in the history of mankind! We..." the general stopped talking abruptly. His face paled and his eyes grew wide as his two guards raised their guns.

The trio spun to see Saren'te walking out of the ship.

"He must have been on the ship the whole time and we never saw him," Harrigan whispered, to shocked to move.

The Predator stepped off of the ramp as the general's guards aimed their guns to fire. Saren'te activated his Plasma Caster and shot the guns out of the guards' hands.

Saren'te turned his attention back to the trio who stood about ten feet away from him.

"I wish I'd killed him when I got the chance," Jean muttered, certain this guy was going to kill them.

Suddenly, the Predator grabbed three black bags which hung at is waist, made of some kind of satin like material, and tossed one to each of the trio. The bags were pretty heavy and the group was instantly nervous about what was in them.

With a quick nod, the Predator turned and walked back into the ship, shutting the door behind him. The ship soon began to hum and glow.

"He's taking off! Run!" screamed Harrigan turning and running away from the ship. Dutch and Jean quickly followed. The general and his men jumped in their car leaving the trio to fend for themselves. The trio raced across the barren desert and quickly came to a sunken road. They jumped in as the ship took of, sending dust, rocks, and debris flying.

As the trio sat panting in the road, they glanced at the bags the Predator had given them. Jean was the first to open hers. As she looked in the bag, her stance relaxed and she began to laugh.

She reached in her bag and pulled out the white, bleached, skull of the bug she had killed in the arena. Dutch pulled out the skull of the LSS he had killed, and Harrigan pulled out the skull of the humanoid he decapitated.

"I guess we forgot our trophies," Jean laughed as the other two joined in. This would be an adventure that they would remember till the end of their days.

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