Chapter 1

"Optimus Prime"

Hellloooo fans! I just came up with this silly fic. It popped in my tiny brain and I really wanted to do it. I thank ------- for the ideas. Though I'll only be talking with the Autobots, Decepticons, and the kids, including Billy and Fred, from Armada. Maybe I'll move on to Energon afterward. Happy laughing!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from this fic, but DeathCaller, the plot, the bazooka, and of course the fic. Someday! I will own you!

Lawyer: clears throat

DeathCaller: Heh, right...ONWARD!

o o o o o o o o o

DeathCaller: Whodoyoulike,Optimus? O.O is standing in her chair with so much hyperness

Optimus: Are....uh....You didn't even ask me to take a seat.

DeathCaller: Take a seat or I'll live up my name! takes out a laser bazooka the size of herself and points it at Optimus

Optimus: OO quickly sits == You're on Mountain Dew, aren't you...? points at her curiously

DeathCaller: I might...Huh? Wait! You're changing the subject! slightly squeezes trigger Whodoyoulike?! OO

Optimus: Don't shoot me! I don't like anyone-uses his arms to block and cowers

DeathCaller: Yougottalikesomeone,howdoyagetalongwith'm? Huh? HUH?! jumps out of chair and pokes Optimus' leg

Optimus: Alright! I like Elita 1!

DeathCaller: backs off and smiles Of course ya do. That's nice. So tell me, how's your day? puts bazooka by her side as she sits

Optimus: sighs in relief and relaxes Well, it's okay. Hotshot's been a little ba-

DeathCaller: taps bazooka What about my Hotty-fa? glares

Optimus: O.O Um...Uh...BAKER! He's been a little baker for us and made the whole team some energon brownies. now please put away the gun...

DeathCaller: That's good to hear. And everyone else?

Optimus: Good, good. Nothing to say about them that's bad.

DeathCaller: Uh huh, and exactly what good things can you say?

Optimus: ..........Nothing?

DeathCaller: OO all in one motion, lifts her bazooka, stands in her chair, and begins to shoot Do you think this is nothing?! There must be something to say! BOOM! BOOM!

Optimus: his chair is torn up and he's in fetal position Th-th-their-g-g-good. Just...please stop...OO

DeathCaller: lowers gun and sits down So tell me who you like.

Optimus: whines I told you who I like.

DeathCaller: Tellmewhoyoulike,Optimus,orfeelmywrath!

Optimus: No! You're out of control!

DeathCaller: readies gun Tellmenow!

Optimus: No! No! NO!

DeathCaller: blasts him Yes! BOOM! Yes! BOOM! Yes! BOOM!

Optimus: smoke clears Owwww...

DeathCaller: Nowtellme!

Optimus: Now even if Megatron took over Cybertron!

DeathCaller: Oh really? randomly takes out a controller with a big red button If I press this button, every Autobot defending your precious planet will explode.

Optimus: Are you mad?!

DeathCaller: Mad, mad? Or crazy mad? 'Cause I'm mad, mad!

Optimus: Crazy!

DeathCaller: Naw,justhyper. presses button

Optimus: Nooooooooooo-

DeathCaller: slurps a bottle of Mountain Dew Thank you, High Wire.

High Wire: beeps and walks off

Optimus: What?

DeathCaller: What what?

Optimus: What what what?

DeathCaller: I dunno. shrugs and slurps some more

Optimus: B-but-but-but-

DeathCaller: What about my rear? You attracted to it? Huh? Huh? Do ya? gets in his face Do ya? Do ya?

Optimus: What about Megatron and Cybertron and the Autobots exploding and the taking over?

DeathCaller: Oh! I was threatening High Wire so he'd bring me my Mountain Dew. I had no idea you were talking to me at the time.

Optimus: anime fall

DeathCaller: slurps her Dew and pokes Optimus with her foot He's out...() That's all from Optimus. 'Til next chappy! Bye! waves

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