Once upon a time there was a flower, and a child, and a world made of glass. The flower was red, and the child was a girl, and the world broke in half. She had broken it.

There was also a boy. The boy was no one and nothing, a dream and a ghost, but he had skies for eyes and sun for hair.

Then there were others: a wildfire, a column, an icicle, a veteran, and a beast.

And these were the saviors, the ones who freed the world of chains in sin.

But then, the ghost died. The sun-sky boy disappeared, and the child that was a girl broke as well. She hunted. She looked. She searched, and she found a chain and a joker and a priest and a seeker.

But there was no sun.

This is a story with nothing. Or so it would be, if there is nothing in darkness. But that is up to you – for what is pure darkness? Is it but light?

This is a story of hope. This is a story of faith. This is a story of madness, of anger, of hate, of nothing, and of everything. This is the beginning and the end.

This is a story of love.

This is a lullaby.

This is their story, their song, and their dream.

For what is darkness... but light?

AN: hi and welcome to GRIEF. this is a weird, confusing prelude that basically sums up a more emotional side of FFX. think of this anthology as shards of glass being pieced together to form something of a storyline.

the characters' actual names have been replaced with other, made up ones simply to confuse you and (quite possibly) annoy you. however, it is my firm belief that you will be able to identify each character instantly. oh, how very sad indeed...

have fun. Karasu