Xander the Champion.

By William Gilmor

Disclaimer: I don't own these character's I just borrowing them for a while Enjoy the story.

Xander sat on the roof of the Building he now owned thanks to the Powers That Be. Looking down at the tape recorder in front of him he pressed record as he lifted the microphone and started talking. "Hey Scoobies this is your old pal Xander coming at you from my new place of business White Knight Investigations. Now I know you are all wondering what's going on as you thought that I was dead. Well I'm not as you might have guessed I am sending you this tape to help you understand why I disappeared and to let you all know what happened to Faith and the fate of most of Giles' library. First I need you to understand that your memories have of certain events were altered by the powers that be as punishment for the crime of not doing anything to stop Angelus. You see Buffy the powers decided that since you were unable to stop him and the fact you released him in the first place they needed to extract a penance from the both of you. Angel's penance was being sent to hell for one hundred years and the loss of his chance to be a champion for the Powers That Be. Your penance was you had to feel the loss of sending angel to hell. You see Buffy you didn't send him there I did. I told you that Willow was going to try and resoul him. You held back and Angelus beat you. I charged him to save you and I put a crossbow bolt in to his leg and pushed him in. The spell took effect after he had entered the portal. That is when they first came to me The Powers told me that until that moment they had Angel picked to be their champion. But because of what I had done I had been chosen intend of Angel. They changed everyone memories but mine so to make your punishment real. I worked for them hunting demons and vampires during the day and looting what they had so I could set up shop here in L.A. So Once I was set up here they told me about Faith that she was being used by the mayor and what you would do to save Angel. So after she was left in the Hospital I had her brought to my Offices in L.A. so I could help her back to the right path as the Powers said I should. Plus I'm in love with her Buffy. Now I'll just pause this for a few minutes so you can get the screaming out of your system". Xander stopped the tape and fast forwarded a few minutes. "Ok now that's out of your system I'll continue. During the fight with the mayor I told you to get out and to set off the bomb while I held him there. He stayed on me and not you because he could sense that I was working for the Powers when the bomb went off I was transported to the realm of the powers and the gave me an upgrade the pull Solider boy and the hyena out of the dark recesses of my mind and merged us together then they gave me the powers of the slayer. They sent be back to L.A. and gave me a potion that would wake up Faith from her coma and remove the magic the mayor had cursed her with. That brings me to where I am right now I am about to wake Faith up and then I'm gonna try and find the friends the powers said I would find in the city to help me. So I'm sorry things worked out this way guys but it's they way it's gotta be I love you all guy so this is Xander Harris saying goodbye and I hope you stay safe and hopefully our paths will cross again but until that day may the wind always be at your back, and the sun always upon your face, except you Angel and may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars. I love you all." Xander stopped the tape and put it into an envelope and dropped into the building mail box on his way down to his office/apartment so he could wake up the love of his life. Xander walked into his office and down the stairs into his apartment. He walked over to his bed where Faith laid still in the coma Buffy put her into. Xander turned to his night stand and pulled out a needle and a vial of a glowing gold liquid. He filled the needle with the potion and injected it into Faith's arm. He watched as the slayer slowly awoken from her enforced slumber. Her eyes fluttered open she looked around and saw Xander sitting on the bed next to her holding her hand and running his Thumb across it she looked up it to his eyes and saw nothing but love and trust in his eyes. "Xan what's going on where am I?" asked Faith as she saw she was somewhere she had never been before. "Well Faith it's a long story so just relax and I'll fill you in on everything.

This story idea came from a fiction challenge and I thought what the hell and I'm gonna give it a try.