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Chapter 1: The Departure

The rain had abruptly stopped but drips of water ran down the window glass blurring the scenery. A few dark tears can be glimpsed but over all darkness lurked. A sigh came from her lips in relief and also in many other ways grief. The sound of the train against the steel bars made a soothing rhythm only those who paid attention would hear. There was laughter around the compartment, excitement above all else hidden by sadness for departing is such sweet sorrow. Hermione Granger shifted her position to watch her two best friends play a game of cards. Our last year at Hogwarts Witch Craft and Wizardry is now over and all they can do is play a lousy game of cards. Another sigh escaped her lips in frustration and worry. How will I ever manage to be without you guys? Unexpected tears came down her eyes and left a trail on her cheeks. Quickly wiping them a way with one swift movement from her fingers.

Harry Potter raised his hands in triumph for he had just one the game over Ron Weasley. Ron threw the pile of cards on the floor with the rest of the deck and got up to fix his white collar shirt. "You were just lucky." Ron grinned at Harry after he had stacked the cards neatly.

"No mate! You just can't stand the fact that I beat you!" Harry chuckled. His expression had shown a sadness only Hermione had noticed just then turned to look her right in the eyes.

"What's wrong 'Mione? Been quiet all day." Harry said with concern as he patted her shoulder. Hermione gave her best grin but knew that it was a fake as she can see her reflection through Harry's glasses.

"Nothings wrong. We finished our last year of school. We all are doing something completely different with our lives and Me....I'll miss you guys like crazy." The tears Hermione had fought earlier came down in a stream. Ron looked at her then quickly wrapped her around his arms. Ron's body was tense and Hermione could feel it but she was over worked with this sorrow that she hadn't given time to notice.

"Ssh.. Hermione. We will never leave you! Will be right here by your side. Won't we Harry?" Ron looked over Hermione's shoulder and glared at Harry to reassure her as well.

"Of course we will. And since I'm not going back to that muggle family I will stay with Ron and you can always visit us, as long as you want!" Harry said. Hermione lifted herself off Ron who had a stain of tears on his shirt and looked at Harry. Harry smiled brightly at her and she gave him a warm embrace.

"What will I do without you two." Hermione whispered. For the rest of the train ride Hermione fell asleep in Harry's arms.


"Get up sleepy heads!" Ron shook Hermione's shoulder gently. Hermione woke up with a groan raising herself off Harry's arm. Harry had also fallen asleep his glasses almost came down his nose. As soon as Hermione jerked off him he also raised his eyes to look at her.

"What?" Harry stretched the arm that Hermione fell asleep on over his head and twisted his back giving it a small crack.

"We're almost there!" Ron said huskily. He stood in front of them clearly showing that he was annoyed. He had also changed his school garments into a loose black t-shirt and dark blue jeans. "I can't believe you made me sit around for thirty minutes with nothing to do!" Ron shouted which was normal to Hermione since she had received her fair share. But for some reason this made her heart feel empty. This will be the last shouting I'll ever have from him.

"Oh, you big goof!" Hermione yelled back. She rose to her feet standing right in front of him and smiled. "I'm sorry." Hermione threw her arms around his neck. Ron's expression changed from angry to happy as he wrapped his arms around her waist. Hermione laughed at the sudden gesture.

"I've got to go change." Hermione disconnected the embrace and grabbed her purse which had her muggle clothes inside.

The corridors were empty, most likely all the students were inside packing last minute things or saying there farewells. The thought made her almost want to cry again but Hermione promised herself not to break out in tears. She quickly made her way to the restroom. Hermione stared at the outfit she had chosen to wear for her departure. A black tank top with white hip hugger jeans.

After she had changed her garments she stared at her reflection. Her face still had a sadden feature to it. Damn you! Cursing herself for having eyes that can be read like an open book. Hermione heard a knock and a muffled voice.

"Get out! There are other people who need to use the damn restroom!" Hermione sighed. Some student's were awfully impatient and without waiting another second she opened the door and looked at the person who had knocked. Hermione looked at him distastefully for it was none other then her enemy Draco Malfoy.

"Mud-blood! Get out of my way!" Malfoy spoke in a harsh tone as he pushed her aside to enter. Hermione glared at him before replying.

"I'm surprised you want to use it after all it might be contaminated by me!" Hermione shouted as soon as the doors closed behind her. Stupid, good for nothing, arrogant, self-absorbed, down right spoiled prick! Hermione had the urge to yell those words as well but held it back. I will not lower my self to his level. Hermione turned and walked off down the corridors not once looking back at him.


The golden trio had made there way off the train all carrying their luggage. Hermione glanced around at the crowd of students and parents who all waited briskly. Hermione couldn't see her parents but knew it was for the best for it will make her cry again. Harry and Ron looked at Hermione before giving another a tight hug. Their last hug.

"Ronald!" Ms. Weasley squeaked. Her plump body ran over to them, while Mr. Weasley calmly walked. "I've missed you kids!" She hugged them each before turning to look at Harry.

"And you will be staying with us I presume?" Ms. Weasley winked. Harry grinned and nodded his head in affirmation. Ms. Weasley stared at Hermione who had noticed her sorrow.

"Oh! Hermione don't look like that! You are welcome at my home night and day." Ms. Weasley embraced her in arms. A fresh smell of peppermint surrounded her and it reminded of her the first time she had met Ron's mom.

"I'm glad you three are back! Let me get those luggages for you." Mr. Weasley had finally caught up with them as he glanced around. "Where's Ginny?" He said quizzically. The trio had shrugged the last time they seen her was when they entered the Hogwarts Express.

"Well everyone. Tell Ginny I said bye, I have to go! I'll write you all!" Hermione said. It was hard for her to accept that school had ended so quickly and they have become adults. Ron was the first to hug her, he held on to her longer then he had to.

"Come visit us!" Ron looked at her with plea in his eyes. Hermione chuckled and nodded. Harry looked over Ron's shoulder waiting for his hug. She quickly embraced him and began to softly cry.

"I will visit you guys and you guys visit me!" Looking at Harry then at Ron.

"Of course!" Harry said excitedly letting go of her. Hermione grabbed her luggage and started to walk slowly away from the crowd as she waved good bye to her best friends. It was the last time, Hermione thought, that she would walk off platform nine and three quarters.


Hermione waited for fifteen minutes and still there was no sign of her parents. Where are they!? Hermione glanced at the Clock above the checking counter of the train station. Hermione sat on her luggage leaning against the brick wall and counted the pebbles on the floor. Another five minutes had slowly passed by when she noticed a dark figure walk towards her. The figure became taller as they made their way in front of Hermione. The light of the sun after the rain had cleared the dark shadows of the figure that was hiding their face and right there before her stood Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want?" Hermione hissed. She had wasted her whole Hogwarts life throwing rude remarks and she had no more time to waste on him. He smirked down at her.

"Stupid mud-blood. I don't want anything." Malfoy hissed back at her. He moved himself to stand against the wall she had been leaning on. Hermione looked up at him and arched her eyebrow. Why is he here? Hermione shook her head and made her way back to counting pebbles. Mom, Dad I wish you'd hurry. Hermione was getting agitated as the time had slowly passed by and that had made Malfoy look down at her and laugh.

"What's so funny?" Hermione uttered quietly half not wanting to know what he was thinking about.

"You're parent's are late." Malfoy said then sighed. "I know the feeling." Hermione looked up at him this time staring at him in the eyes, the steel grey eyes that never showed any emotions had a small glint of remorse that Hermione had never seen before.

"My parent's aren't always late, Malfoy." Hermione said after a minute of thinking through weather to reply to him or not.

"Whatever mud-blood." Malfoy sneered. His expression had changed quickly. He looked away from Hermione watching the trains pass by. A sudden anger rose in Hermione that she had never felt before. She rose to her feet and stood right in front of Malfoy who took a sudden interest on the floor.

"Listen Malfoy, I would at least expect that you'd act your age! I have never done anything to you and you still constantly curse me. I don't care if I'm muggle born because your attitude shows that pure bloods are nothing but cowards who hide behind rude remarks just to feel fucking better! But guess what? It's not going to work you idiot cause you will always be a miserable low life!" Hermione shouted in his face which made him look up at her in pure hatred. His eyes showed a glint of sadness before he quickly changed to anger. He clenched his fist into a tight ball making his knuckles whiter then this pale skin.

"Don't you every raise your voice at ME!" Malfoy hissed in her face. Hermione opened her mouth to yell once more but got cut off by a familiar voice.

"Hunny?!" Ms. Granger was running towards Hermione. Hermione's face lit up in excitement.

"MOM!" Hermione embraced her mother in a warm hug that lasted for a few minutes. Hermione had almost forgotten about Malfoy standing there until her mother made her notice.

"Who's this dear?" Ms. Granger looked at the young boy kindly. "Is he your friend?" Her mother continued to ask. How was Hermione going to explain that this was her enemy.

"That's umm...Draco Malfoy mom." Ms. Granger walked up to him and took his hand. Draco Malfoy looked shocked and horrified by her gesture.

"Nice to meet you Draco." Ms. Granger spoke. Draco Malfoy took his hand back and smirked his infamous smirk.

"Nice to meet you too." Hermione was surprised by his response. But she couldn't wait another moment so she quickly directed her attention to her luggage.

"Come on mom! We have to go." Hermione said quickly. Ms. Granger took her daughter's arm and smiled warmly at her.

"All right dear. Goodbye Draco." Ms. Granger looked at him once more then strolled along with her daughter. Draco Malfoy stood against the dark cold wall as Hermione Granger and her mother left. Hermione took one last glance at Malfoy and felt a pity to leave him by himself but quickly discarded the thought. Goodbye Malfoy, forever.