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Chapter 16

Halloween came; there was an under current of excited energy coursing through the campus. Or perhaps it was just the fact that it was All Hallows Eve; the biggest party night of the year outside of New Years. Either way; Duo was just as sensitive to the gathering energies; causing him to be fidgety and eager to get out of class and back to the club. Today of all days; he didn't want to be around humans; for his line; those of Pheles' blood; Halloween was the most powerful day of the year. It was the day she herself was turned into a vampire; and thus his vampiric blood coursed even stronger then normal in his veins today. As it was, he was hyper sensitive to every scent, sight, smell, taste, and touch of those around him. His body ached from suppressing his nature; his energy.

"Duo I swear if you don't stop fidgeting I'm going to be forced to tie you down" Wufei said in a harsh whisper; yet trying to hide his grin. In truth he too had a hard time sitting still and concentrating this day. Though his reasons were not the same as Duo's; they were planning on meeting up with the rest of the gang tonight and they were taking the others to Eternal Darkness for Quatre's birthday. Wufei figured Duo was probably a bit jittery about performing that night for his friends; Duo would be singing Quatre's favorite song from his late band; "Ghost and the Darkness"; something he had not done since his brother's death apparently. Plus, Wufei figured Duo was probably nervous about everyone going into the club and finding out that not only was the club catering to the supernatural; but that Duo wasn't exactly human.

Finally the teacher; tired of hearing the seats shifts and being interrupted by the quiet whispers of her students behind her back; dismissed them from class early; hoping that when they came back that they wouldn't be to hyped up on candy or to hung-over to pay attention.

Duo walked into the club and went immediately to the fridge to pour himself some Blood Wyne. All day; his jaw had been aching with desire to sink his fangs into the neck of one of his class mates. Oh how he wanted to taste the rich, sweet, coppery taste of Wufei's blood as it ran over his tongue…to hold the boy in his embrace while giving him pleasure as only a vampire can…..wait….Wufei? Duo nearly choked on his Wyne as he realized where his thoughts had turned. Sweet Jesus…did he really want to sink fang into Wufei? His best friend? Did he really think so low of his friend to think to use him as food? The answer that came to mind surprised him and frightened him; no, he didn't want Wufei just as food….he wanted to share blood with him….wanted to give him the pleasure that he knew all to well a vampire possessed. It came to him as a shock that he WANTED his human friend as he had not wanted another person in his life. Not even while he was with Heero; had he ever wanted to sink fang into the Japanese boy…to drink from someone and not kill them or wipe their memory was a very intimate sharing. It gave the other person a chance to feel everything the other felt, to know everything the other knew…only the very powerful, like Pheles, could shield themselves while drinking another's blood. In this Duo was thankful; he knew that the memories locked in Pheles' head encompassed centuries and the sheer amount of information she held would probably drive a person insane. Duo braced himself against the counter as a shutter ripped through him from sheer bloodlust. The effort to reign in his other half was becoming more difficult with each day; he was terrified at what might happen if Shinigami was released. Would his other half remember Wufei and the others as friends? Or would he see them all as toys and things to seek revenge on?

"They're getting stronger" Pheles stated; gliding into the room, she studied him with eyes of gold and silver.

"Yea," Duo replied softly; forcing himself to calm his breathing; "I could barely get through class today. I don't know if it's because its All Hollow's Eve or what…."

"I've noticed that your cravings seem to have increased since your battle with Blaze and her mate".

"You think? I have noticed that I seem to be craving it more…the Hunger has been so hard to control these past couple weeks…I'm beginning to not trust myself even around the gang…" he said, taking another sip of his Wyne to calm his nerves; rolling the burgundy liquid around on his tongue.

"I believe it's time; brother of mine" Pheles said; "With the taking of Blaze's heart and her death; your vampiric power has reached the limits that your human body can contain it. I am afraid that if you do not make the transformation soon; then your vampiric power will turn on your human soul and begin to destroy it a small piece at a time until you are nothing more then an animal; and as you fear you will eventually loose control around your friends". She paused and gave him a small smile, "Being a Halfling is suppose to be temporary; lasting only a few years…not ten. When you Change; you will be a full fledged vampire, with your powers that you have gained over these years; not a fledgling that has to learn all that his new form can do."

Duo gazed down into his glass; trying to sort out the strange fear that he had; since he had met Pheles and Solo had become her mate; he had wanted to be a vampire…now, thou, that it was time he was scared and reluctant to take that step.

"When?" he asked; hoping Pheles didn't hear how uneasy he was about this.

"Tonight would be ideal. There is a full moon; our power is at its absolute peak tonight. It seems fitting that tonight of all nights you would join our family…appropriate…" Pheles said; Duo looked at her, violet eyes shadowed with the painful memory.

"All Hallows Eve, same night as Solo…" He said softly.

"Aye; and the same night as I" Pheles said; her voice distant and hollow. The past was not something that either of them enjoyed dwelling on. Duo gave her a small smile and he nodded. He took another sip of his Wyne; his thoughts running ramped. For nearly a decade he had wanted to become a vampire; to join Pheles as an immortal…now he was reluctant. There was a hard knot of fear in his belly…why? After all these years was he frightened to take that final step? Images of Wufei's frightened face danced before his eyes. Quickly he shook his head; dispelling the vision. Was the mighty Shinigami frightened of what a mere human thought? Since when did Shinigami give a shit about humans? Duo sighed; that there was the problem. Shinigami cared for nothing and no one other then his sister…humans were lower then dirt to him. Shinigami's attitude was a by product of his earlier life as an orphan and street rat… now however his human side wasn't willing to give up the friendships he had made with the humans here. Could he honestly go through with this when there was the possibility that he would forget Quatre, Hilde, Trowa or Wufei….especially Wufei? Could he risk allowing Shinigami to come out with the possibility that he would kill his friends on principle?

Shit…he was pathetic…since when did he fear his other half? Oh how his enemies would love to see him now; he wouldn't be able to do anything against them as confused and unbalanced as he was. He shook his head;

"I'm gonna go take a shower and get ready for tonight. Wufei should be over soon; if he gets here before I get out of the shower can you meet him at the door….I don't trust our cousins to control their lust tonight".

"Oh course; dear heart; go relax".

Pheles smiled as she watched her brother walk out of the room; his eyes a dark deep violet; indicating he was deep in thought and confused.

"Hey..." Dorothy's voice drifted down the hall and Duo's distracted murmur of apology. Seconds later; the pale goddess walked into the room; a wicked smile on her face;

"He has it bad"; she said, a hint of laughter in her voice.

"Indeed; now he just has to realize it;" Pheles replied, handing her cousin a wine glass full of wyne; it would not provide them with the sustenance that they required but it would hold them over until patrons began arriving at the club; then they would be able to feed properly. She took it and sipped it delicately; her pale eyes watching her with interest.

"So, he hasn't realized it yet?" She asked; Pheles shook her head, her dark hair falling into her eyes. "Tonight is the night isn't it?"

Pheles nodded; her eyes turning a dark gold with worry; "His power is now that of a full fledged vampire; you know that. If he continued to remain as he is; he'll start to go insane. He has to embrace what he is; and accept the Dark Gift…."

"You're worried." Dorothy stated; being with Pheles for over a thousand years had given her a certain empathy with the dark goddess.

"He's unsettled Dorothy; if he remains as such then he can not make the transformation; you know what happens if that is the case".

"Aye, I know…I remember all to well what happened to Alex". Dorothy replied her eyes filling with sadness. "The same will not happen with Duo, cousin; he is far stronger then Alex; he's wanted this for years…he'll find his inner peace. You know he will."

"I hope so….on the other hand it is amusing to see him so unbalanced over a human; is it not?" Pheles replied; grinning. Dorothy laughed;

"That it is; I don't remember him ever getting that far off look with Heero". She paused a moment; "Do you think that they could be…?"

"Don't jinx it; Dorothy. One step at a time. First Duo need to realize that Wufei is not going to run from him and that he won't kill him when he makes the change".

"Do you believe that Wufei feels the same for Duo?"

Pheles gave her a look; "Honestly hun; do you think a human as intelligent as Wufei is would stay in a place where he was attacked and nearly killed if he did not trust and care for Duo? Not only has he NOT avoided Duo like the plague; but he comes over here nearly everyday and has even taken to staying the night here the majority of the week. They use the excuse of studying…that may be the case for Wufei who is a scholar by nature; but Duo?" Pheles snorted, "Duo has not studied a day in his life; and in no way would he do it voluntarily."

Dorothy laughed; "this is true," she said, "Then it is only a matter of time then..."

"Aye, only a matter of time".

"There is another matter I wish to speak to you about cousin;" Dorothy said, her pale gaze starring at her; Pheles raised one of her dark brows in inquiry; "I've heard rumors that there is a hunter in the area".

"Ah; they are not rumors; they are truth. The Silencer is residing here under the pretense of going to school. Duo ran into him a couple weeks ago and informed me of his presence. Since then I have had him under surveillance"

"By whom?"

"By Shinigami," Pheles said with a grin; "Apparently the Silencer has become quite fond of Duo's little blonde friend;"

"The empath?" Pheles nodded, her smile growing wider; and a wicked gleam coming into her eyes.

"Interesting;" Dorothy said, wondering what her cousin had in mind; "Do we know why the Silencer is here?"

"Oh indeed;" Pheles replied, "According to Those That Live in Shadow, he originally came here on a contract to kill me;" Pheles laughed, "Apparently I've been running amok killing innocents and instilling terror within the city.."

Dorothy starred at her cousin as if she has finally gone insane; the Silencer was not a Hunter that anyone wanted on their trail. Rumor has it that he wasn't quite human himself and that he didn't stop until he had completed the contract.

"Don't give me that look cousin; I have not lost what little mind I still possess. The Silencer is having second thoughts. Those Who Live in Shadow, say that he has had an argument with his contact and has called in to re-evaluate the contract. Apparently whoever this contact is, they exaggerated my actions in this town greatly."

"I see," Dorothy said, her worry dissipating only slightly.

"They Silencer is not know to kill needlessly cousin;" Pheles replied, smiling at her, that evil glint coming back into her eyes, "However if you still have questions, you can ask him tonight. He'll be here with Quatre for his party".

"WHAT?" Dorothy hissed; "You're bringing a HUNTER into our sanctuary?"

"Why not? Those who live here have grown lazy and dull with no threats; throwing a notorious hunter into the mix might prove amusing." Pheles laughed, flashing fang as she sauntered away. A wicked smile curved Dorothy's lips and a laugh escaped;

"You do so love to cause trouble, cousin;" she shook her head, "Glad to see not everything has changed with the times….you're still the Dark Goddess of Chaos…"