Hey look, new vignettes!

Yeah I been puttin them off, but I got a good reason. I totally couldn't think of any. That's my reason. Also I been busy on my comic book, which you can buy from Tokyopop this winter. It's called Bizenghast. Buy it or suffer the wrath of Balloonenstein.



"Where the hell did I put my damn opera gloves?" Snape roared as he angrily tossed drawers out of his bureau. He stopped and frowned at the wall intently.

"I HAD them..." he said slowly, "when I stepped out with lady Eva Blackwell at the first night of Tosca in the Globe...but that was weeks ago! WHERE ARE THEY?!"

He was halfway through a pile of dirty laundry in the corner when Professor Dumbledore stuck his head in the doorway.

"Severus, your third-year class has been waiting for twenty minutes in the dungeons," he informed the raging man with the dirty laundry strewn all over his room. "Were you actually planning on teaching them anything today?"

Snape paused. "Hey," he said finally, "how bout that. I'm not an opera singer! I'm a teacher!"

Dumbledore stared at him silently.

"It's the hair," Snape said weakly. "I got confused."

"Please don't fire me," he added.

Five minutes later, he was singing Carmen's Habanera to his third year class. Ten minutes later and halfway through holding the A above C, he was fired.