Late One Night

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Summary: AU. Slash. M-Preg. Harry, Ron and Hermione are under Remus' care for the summer after their 5th Year and one night, Harry hears an unexpected guest arrive, one that ends up in Remus' bed. And just what has Hermione been hiding from her friends?

Warnings: This story contains M-preg, Slash and it is an Alternate Universe fic. If you don't like any of these things then hit the back button now and spare me your illiterate flames. Thank you. And yes, Hermione is not a Muggleborn witch and I will explain why she is with the Grangers and has that name. OOCness from Snape too.

Pairing: Severus/Remus.


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Chapter 1: A Late Night Visitor

It was the end of July now and Harry, Ron and Hermione had spent the last month in the house of Remus J Lupin, under Dumbledore's orders. Apparently, 12 Grimmauld Place wasn't safe anymore, especially for Harry.

While being in the company of their ex-Professor, the trio had found a couple of interesting things out about Remus. One being, he had a daughter but there was no real mother in the picture.

"I carried her." Replied Remus; he smirked at the looks of shock on the faces of the teenagers. "Both male and female werewolves can conceive a child…so I went through twenty three hours of labour for that kid."

"…So, you're gay?" Questioned Ron curiously.

Remus shook his head, "No, werewolves also don't have a sexual preference."

But none of them had ever asked who the little four year old's other father was and Remus had never said.

The three teenagers had spent the last few weeks just hanging out around the house and exploring the countryside and the town near where the house was. They had realised the house was a bit isolated because of Remus' werewolf transformation, and the werewolf genes had been carried down to Remus' daughter, Maria.


Harry lay awake late one night, he had seen a photo of Sirius, Remus and James in one of Remus' photo albums and now he was being reminded of his godfather and the fact that he had never really known his father. He was also curious as to why Hermione knew more about Remus than she was letting on. He could hear Remus still moving around and he briefly thought about getting up to ask him about Sirius and James but then he heard a knock on the front door.

It's a bit late for visitors isn't it? Thought Harry questioningly.

Harry listened and heard Remus open the door, it was obvious he had been expecting this person as he heard Remus talk.

"You took your time."

Harry was about to turn over and try and go back to sleep until he heard the voice of the other person, it was one he did not expect to hear in the house of a Marauder, especially after he saw that pensive of Snape's.

"Surely you didn't expect me to come while Potter and his friends were awake."

Snape? What the hell is Snape doing here? And why was Remus expecting him? Wondered Harry, he glanced over at the other bed in the room to see if Ron was awake, but he wasn't. He strained to listen to more of the conversation as he could hear Snape talking again.

"…How have you been?"

"I've been better, my best friend is dead, I haven't seen you for two months and now Dumbledore's gone and dumped Harry and Ron on me."

Harry sighed, I should've known, he's only letting us stay because Dumbledore told him to. He doesn't really want us here does he? …Hang on, he just said me and Ron, what about Hermione?


Remus put his arms around Severus in a hug and he could feel it being returned, "Where have you been?"

Severus pulled away slightly and gazed into Remus' brown eyes, "I've been doing a few things for Dumbledore…" He let his dark eyes scan Remus' body. "You haven't been eating have you?"

Remus frowned, "I have…"

Severus raised an eyebrow and rested his hands on Remus' slim waist, "You really shouldn't do this to yourself, think of the girls."


Girls? As in plural? Thought Harry curiously. We know about Maria…but where's another one…or two? Maybe I should ask…no, then he'll know I was eavesdropping.


"I know…" Remus rested his head against Severus' chest. "Food just makes me sick at the moment…"

Severus kissed the werewolf on the top of the head and he spoke quietly, "Please Remus, I can't risk losing you."

Remus squeezed his eyes shut, then he opened them again and gazed back into Severus' black eyes, "Will you stay?" He could see Severus was going to decline so he gave his best puppy eyes. "Please?"

Severus sighed and gave in, "All right, but I'll be leaving early."

Remus gave a small smile and nodded, "Thank you."

Remus and Severus had been together since their seventh year at Hogwarts, but they had been on and off for several years even after their oldest daughter was born. But Remus was still head over heels for the Potions Master, he had been for a long time, even before Sirius pulled that prank that had nearly gotten Severus killed.


Harry heard footsteps going passed the room he and Ron were sharing and then he heard a door close. Remus and Snape…ew…I suppose its not entirely impossible… But if they're together then why was Snape so mean to Remus when he was teaching? And why did he tell the school Rem is a werewolf?

Harry soon fell asleep pondering this new topic of possible conversation between his friends and himself.


Remus curled into Severus' body and sighed in content, "I've missed this."

Severus wasn't a man that showed many emotions, but when he was around his lycanthropic lover he couldn't help but show his softer side, "So have I, love."

Remus smiled and kissed Severus on the lips, "Maybe I could come and see you at Hogwarts when school starts again?"

Severus rested his forehead against Remus', "Is that such good idea? It's hard enough to keep it low key right now."

Remus frowned, he knew that was Severus' way of saying no. "Frankly, I'm surprised Hermione hasn't said anything yet."

Severus sighed, "Me too. I just don't think it's a good idea, and you know why?"

Remus nodded silently, they were trying to keep their relationship as quiet as possible so that Voldemort didn't find out although, as Dumbledore suspected, the Dark Lord probably already knew, he had probably been tipped off by someone.

Remus soon drifted into the best night's sleep he had had since Sirius' death.


It was early the next morning when Harry woke up again; he could hear someone moving out in the kitchen area. He rolled over in bed and heard a door open and he heard a strange little noise that only Hermione made when she had just woken up. He listened as her footsteps went down the hallway and then he heard voices again.

"What are you doing here?"

Harry frowned; Hermione doesn't sound very surprised…

"Do I not have permission to see my family?"

"I guess so…but last time you saw me you said I was an insufferable know-it-all...again."

"And you still are. But now I have to go, I have business to attend to."

"All right. Will you be back?"

"I don't know, I'll owl you."

Harry stared wide eyed up at the ceiling, What the hell is going on?…Snape is being nice to her…this is too weird.


It was gone noon when Remus rolled out of bed, he didn't usually sleep late, in fact he was an early riser but after Severus had turned up he had slept like a log for the rest of the night.

"We thought you'd gone and died on us." Said Ron as Remus opened the fridge.

Remus snorted, "No such luck. You're stuck with me, sorry."

Harry glanced at Hermione and saw her roll her eyes and shake her head, he noticed that she seemed to be quite used to Remus joking like that. This is very interesting…I wonder if I should ask?


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Next Chapter: Severus visits again and he and Remus are caught kissing in the kitchen by the trio.