There will be shonen-ai between Heero and Duo, not sure whether or not to add Wufei into the mix or perhaps a love triangle, I am open to suggestions. I will attempt to keep as many people in-character as possible, with the exception of Duo.

The title is Japanese and means dark's light. Flashbacks are in italics.

-Yami no Hikari-

Rain fell heavily all around, splashing against the concrete grounds making puddles of murky water. Even though it was raining the guards still stood undeterred at the main entrance. Paying no heed to the falling water they stood watching for any disturbances that could jeopardise the top secret operation that was taking place on this colony.

They should have stayed home.

Though the main entrance was backed up with fifty or so Taurus suits, they were no match for all five Gundams. Within ten minutes the murky puddles on the concrete were bright crimson; the screams from the guards were no more and all that remained from the short battle were bodies and scrap metal.

"What a waste…"

Quatre shook his head sadly as he drew his Gundam to a halt next to the others. He turned his view screen on to see his fellow pilots, Duo looked the same as he felt; saddened by what they had just done, yet underlined with knowledge that it wasn't the last. Trowa's face and emotions were hidden, though he was staring at the ground rather intently. Wufei looked remorseful, too, though he was trying to shake off the feeling and act as though everything was fine. Heero looked ready for more carnage.

"We have a mission, remember that Quatre, Duo. These people are the enemies, we had to kill them."

Cobalt eyes scanned the forms of the two pilots; Quatre was used to being told this from Heero but Duo was never given this talk in front of the others. Heero knew just how much this stuff affected the braided pilot deep down, and he needed everyone on top form for the mission.

"02 report."

"I'm fine, Heero. Ready to go kill, as per usual."

He flashed a grin that didn't quite reach his eyes as he exited the cockpit of his Gundam; Wufei and Heero followed suit, leaving the other two pilots to patrol the area making sure no OZ backups were to follow them in.

The three made their way into the facility, evidently during the short fight one of the Gundam's had inadvertently hit the generator as most lights were out or flickering constantly. Luckily they had flashlights on them which they activated in the dim corridor. The halls were narrow, and split in many directions, but the three knew the floor plans off by heart. They stopped at a particular junction, Duo almost knocking into Heero's back.

"Duo, you take the elevator shaft to the basement level, Wufei and I will disarm the security alarms and any automatic weaponry they may have; be careful though, and don't get too cocky…I know you."

Duo smirked, shadows casting eerily on his face from the torches. Wufei felt a shiver run down his spine; Duo was already climbing down the shaft with such grace and agility, a completely different demeanour from what he normally showed. Heero caught the look in Wufei's eyes as Duo slipped into the shaft out of sight.

"Which one is the real him, do you think?"


"Maxwell, I mean. You must have noticed something, Yuy."

"Our priority at this time is the mission, we need to find out who is organising a project like this. We can worry about anything else later, as it stands Duo is not going anywhere, the problem does not require addressing immediately."

Heero ended by drawing his gun and pointing his flashlight down the hall, checking for soldiers, Wufei sighed and drew his own weapon, bracing himself as he saw Heero smirk.


Duo easily slipped down the shaft, he hadn't been able to take the elevator itself as the power was now out, and it would have been a security risk anyway, Heero always liked to keep as low profile as possible in their missions. Duo didn't really care, so long as he saw carnage it was all good to him.

Smirking he saw his first target; a single inexperienced OZ soldier who was guarding the door and…shaking? He was shaking simply because the lights were out? Duo shook his head; the new recruits were totally clueless, Duo whispered to himself.

"If you're scared of the dark just wait till Shinigami gets through with you!"

Loading his gun Duo left the confinements of the shadows, the guard's eyes widened and he shakily aimed his gun at Duo and fired…missing by several inches. Duo just laughed and ran a hand through his bangs, his violet eyes darkened and narrowed, and he spoke in a low growl.

"Weak and pathetic, just like the others. Your incompetence will cost you dearly…"

The boy's screams could be heard all over the facility, though no one came to his aid.


Inputting codes was one of Heero's specialities, but for some reason he couldn't seem to concentrate; Wufei's words were still spinning in his mind. Heero had suspected something was different about Duo from the first time he had fought with him; the boy normally so bright and upbeat could turn cynical and nasty in a matter of seconds. And it seemed he wasn't the only person to notice this.

But what was getting to Heero was that it was happening more frequently, the darker side of Duo was appearing even when they weren't in battle…

Heero ran a hand through his messy brown hair, blinking a few times to focus on the screen of his laptop. He vaguely recalled Duo chastising him for working in the dark, and he smiled internally at the thought of Duo being protective.

Speaking of the braided boy, Duo had just entered the dark kitchen and seemed completely oblivious to Heero's presence. He walked to the sink and ran the cold tap while searching groggily for a glass. Heero's first instinct was that the boy was sleepwalking, but dismissed it when he noticed Duo's eyes were open and alert.

The Deathscythe pilot checked the temperature of the water with his finger and filled the glass while wiping his wet finger on a tea towel.

Duo took a sip of water and noticed some dirty utensils on the work surface from dinner, Heero was surprised when he began to put them into the dishwasher ready to be cleaned; Duo never usually did helpful things like this, in fact it had probably been Duo who left them out hoping Quatre would clean up like always.

Duo paused when he came across the vegetable knife; he stood perfectly still which was an abnormality for him. He slowly picked it up staring intently at the blade, moonlight reflecting off the silver surface making it look so tempting…

Heero frowned at his friends actions and was about to make his presence known when Duo sighed and put the knife with the other items before leaving the room and going upstairs.

Heero just sat; Duo hadn't noticed him he was sure of that. But the Duo he had just seen was definitely not the same boy he knew and shared a room with, the same boy he had forged a friendship with…

"Yuy! Have you finished with the security alarms? Duo'll be down there by now and we can't afford to let him get captured."

"I'm done."

Wufei nodded and reloaded his gun ready to fight their way back to the Gundam's if necessary. Then all that remained was to blow the place up.


Duo, still smirking, grabbed the now deceased ID card from the inexperienced soldier and ran it through the panel beside the door. As he waited the light from his torch dimmed, flickered, and finally gave out. Swearing to any and every god he could think of he threw the useless piece of equipment to the ground.

Confidently walking in, checking that he still had the bomb to plant, he listened for any movements but found none. Was that guy the only thing keeping him from his goal? He felt slightly disappointed…

"Oh well."

He felt someone grab his arms, and cold metal being pressed against his neck. How he had not known he was surrounded was a mystery to him, yet there seemed to be about five sets of footsteps and breathing. A torch was brought to his face as a man spoke.

"Duo Maxwell, we've been waiting…we have a little 'experiment' that we need to try out. Care to volunteer?"

The owner of the voice stepped forwards, into the golden beam of the flashlight and Duo felt sick to his stomach as an all-too-familiar face came into view.

"So this was a set-up then? You sent us a fake mission?"

"Oh no…Duo, we would never do that to our pilots, we do need you to blow this place up for us, destroy our evidence you see? We were forced to work on this project for OZ, but they wanted to waste our efforts on one of their soldiers so we sent you this mission, and here you are."

The figure smiled and Duo wished he could knock it right off his face. He struggled against the man holding him but the five men just laughed.

"Don't bother struggling; it won't do you any good. J, prepare the table, O strap him down…don't worry Duo, this won't hurt a bit!"

The last thing Duo saw was the smirking face of Dr. G as he felt a sharp sting in his arm and darkness consumed his mind…

-To be Continued-

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