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"First Years this way!" Professor McGonagall was guiding the shivering new students through the doorway into the Great Hall for the sorting – it had been raining.

"I am so glad that we're not in their shoes. I was so freaked out when I walked through those doors and looked up." Remus smiled as he looked at James.

"Yeah I kept thinking that the candles were going to fall or drip hot wax down my shirt." James spoke as he widened his eyes.

"You'd only be so lucky." Sirius laughed.

"Hey now, not that I don't mind having wax dripped on me..." James glanced over at Lily and smirked as he leaned in. "It's just that I don't like having it dripped on me when I don't expect it..."

Remus' mouth dropped, Sirius burst out laughing, and Peter sat with a confused look on his face – as he often did.

"You're horrible, Jamie." Remus shook his head laughing as he positioned himself to watch the First Years line up infront of the chair.

"Yeah... I suppose I am. You have to admit though," James leaned towards Remus and smirked. "That you enjoyed the image I painted in your mind."

"BAH!" Remus rolled his eyes and pointed towards the sorting.

James, Remus, Peter, and Sirius were now in their 7th year at Hogwarts, and loving every minute of it.


'We're at the top of the school! BOW DOWN TO US FEEBLE PESANTS!' Sirius pointed and laughed at scared looking First year walking past them on the platform on the way to school.

'YES! It took long enough...' James laughed as the First year ran to her mother's arms – clearly frightened of Sirius's sudden outburst.

'Yeah, but now it's our job to set an example for everyone else...'

'Moony, my dear – get that stick out of your ass and have some fun being king.' Sirius draped his arm around Remus's shoulder. Remus blushed slightly as he looked up into Sirius's eyes.

'Yeah... I suppose that I could have some fun this year...'

'Some fun? You better have just as much as we do Lupin.' James laughed as he pulled the compartment door closed.

'Where did I put my wand?!'

'Loose it again, Peter?' Sirius rolled his eyes as he pulled Peter's wand out of his cloak and waved it infront of his face. 'Next time, check your pocket.'

'Ahhh... Thanks Sirius...'

'If you pass school – it'll be a miracle.' James shook his head.

'Shuddap James...' Peter laughed as the train started to chug towards the school.


The sorting had finished, and Gryffindor had gained 12 new people. Dumbledore had let the feast begin without a very long speech. The boys all dumped good amounts of food on their plates except for Remus.

"What's wrong?"

"What? Oh..." Remus looked up into Sirius's eyes and smiled. "Nothing."

"He lies." James smiled as he took a swig of pumpkin juice.

Sirius nodded as he looked at Remus. "He does lie. Tell nice old Sirius what's eating you."

"I was just... It's..." Remus lowered his voice considerably before continuing. "full moon tomorrow."

"Right when we get back to school?"

Remus nodded at Sirius and frowned. "You're all going to come tomorrow night aren't you?"

All three boys nodded as they filled their plates. Remus was glad that they had all discovered how to become Animagi. He had told them back in 4th year that he was a werewolf – and they didn't reject him. When his friends were in their animal forms, Remus didn't tear, scar, and bite himself up as much as he did when he was alone. Infact, since he started to have the company of his friends – he hadn't harmed himself at all, except for when he went home for summer but that was to be expected.

"What're you looking at...?" Remus looked in the direction Sirius was and then back at his friend.

A sly smile spread across his lips as he pointed with his fork at the Slytherin table. "Snape, and Malfoy. You know what that means?"

Remus groaned. "Sirius..."

"Oooohh! I thought they weren't coming back! Oh this is wonderfully good news indeed...! We must start planning right away, Siri." James smiled evilly as he looked at Snape and Malfoy.

"Doesn't it ever get old you two?"

Sirius sat back with a look of absolute horror on his face. "Old? Never! How dare you suggest a thing like that Peter!" Sirius leaned forward and knocked on Peter's head as if it was a door. "Have you finally lost your marbles?"

Peter rolled his eyes and continued to eat. Lily leaned over her plate and threw a well-aimed brussel sprout at James's head.


"Jesus... Yes Evens?" James started to rub his forehead.

"Meet me later."

"Yeah, Yeah... don't throw anymore of those putrid beasts at me again." James said as he threw the brussel sprout back at her earning a look from Dumbledore.

Lily laughed and winked before nodding her head and turning back to her friends. Sirius made a movement like he was using a wip. Remus bit his lips to hold back a laugh, looked down at his plate, and picked at his potatoes.

"Oh shut it. You're just jealous."

"Jealous of you? Never in a million years." Sirius smiled as he drank his pumpkin juice. He looked at Remus and winked. Remus smiled and looked down, his blonde hair fell over his eyes as he ate.

After the meal the four boys made their way to the common room only to be confronted with a door that wouldn't open.

"Aw come on? Please?"

"What's the password?"

"Umm... Fiddylark?"

"No." The Fat Lady laughed at the First year's attempt to remember the password.

Remus stepped forward and stood infront of the Fat Lady. His amber eyes flashed as he smiled. "My gorgeous Lady, the password is Fiddylord."

"Oh goodness..." The Fat Lady blushed, as she swung open. "So charming..."

The first year looked up at him and smiled faintly. "Thank-you... I never would have remembered it."

Remus smiled as he followed the girl into the common room. "S'Ok. I didn't remember the password my first time here either, besides you were really close and that's what counts."

"You're so delightful, Remus." Lily smiled as she linked her arm in his.

"Wha?" he started to blush.

"Those stunning amber eyes, that gorgeous blonde hair..." She reached up and stroked his hair. "It's enough to make any girl swoon."

"Mm... too bad I'm gay then, huh?"

Lily's face went white as he spoke, and her mouth was hanging wide open. But before she could say anything more, James wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck. "What was that, Remus?"

He smiled. "Not a thing. I'll leave you both alone now so you can 'meet'"

"But – I – Err... See you Remus..." Lily looked at him with her eyes still wide as James smiled and took her hand leading her to the couch.

Remus shook his head as he walked up the stairs, smiling. As he got to the top and turned into the room, he found Sirius lying on his bed.

"Umm... Why are you laying on my bed, Siri?"

"Because... I've decided to annex it from you."

"I think not! That's been my bed for 6 years. I'm not about to let you just take it, not without a fight."

"You wouldn't dare." Sirius sat up and looked into Remus's eyes.

"No... you're right – I wouldn't. So please move?" Remus tilted his head to the side and smiled.

"Yeahhh, Yeah. You know I wouldn't have moved if you didn't pull that look on me."

"Look? What look...?" Remus smiled sweetly as he lay on his stomach on his newly acquired bed. "I have a look?"

"You know, that 'oh I'm such a cute little puppy dog' look. Your eyes get huge and you pout. You know that's the only thing that gets your way when you're with me."

Remus laughed heartily as he watched Sirius lay down in the same position, only on his own bed. "Ahh, well if you weren't such a softy – it wouldn't always get to you."

"Have you ever seen yourself when you look at me like that?"

"Err... Well no."

"Then there's your explanation. It's kind of like this..." Sirius mimicked the look perfectly as he stared at Remus.

Remus's heart started to flutter as he looked at his friend. "Do I really look like that?"

Sirius nodded and sat up. "So you see now why I can't refuse 'the look'?"

Remus sat up as well and smiled with a faint trace of sadness in his voice. "Yeah... I won't look at you again like that then."

"Nah, I like the look. It's hot."


"It's hot Remy. If you gave me that look, and asked really pleasantly – I'd have sex with you in a second."

Remus sat there and thought for a second. His cheeks went a light shade of pink as he looked at Sirius. He decided to test out Sirius's theory. "Siri, will you have sex with me please?"

Sirius stood up and walked towards Remus with a small smile on his lips. Remus's heart started to race as he looked up into Sirius's azure eyes. Sirius bent down and hovered dangerously close to Remus's lips before he burst out into laughter.

"That's not nice Siriusss..." Remus looked down and blushed furiously – he thought that he had meant what he said, and that he was really going to start seducing him.

"I know... I'm sorry, but it got you going. I'm going to go shower."

Remus jumped up and spoke before he thought. "Can I come?"

Sirius stopped and stared at the werewolf with a confused look upon his face. "What?"

"Oh..." Remus laughed uncomfortably before sitting down again. "Hah, Um... nothing! I was just kidding." His cheeks were bright red, he was suddenly really glad that the room was quite dark.

"Yea, alright. Be back in a few then. Don't take my bed..." Sirius smiled as he walked out of the room.

Remus flopped down on the bed and groaned 'Why in Merlin's name did I bloody well ask to join him in the shower...? God I'm stupid...' Remus had liked Sirius ever since the first moment he saw him. Remus thought back to the first day he met Sirius. His sapphire eyes burned into Remus's, his black hair swayed gently with the wind...


"Hey! I'm Sirius. Sirius Black, who're you?"

"Um... L-Lupin," Remus blushed. "Remus Lupin."

"Well hello Remus." Sirius extended his hand and smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too...." Remus took Sirius hand and returned the smile.

"Do you want to sit with me on the train? I don't really know anyone else."

Remus was surprised at his bluntness, and nodded as he followed Sirius to an empty cart. "So... where are you from, Remus?"

"From England..."

"Well... yeah. Where abouts?"

"Oh!" Remus looked down and blushed madly. "Just on the outskirts of London..."

"Ahh! Do you like it there? I live in the city."

Remus looked up into the smiling boys eyes. "Mhm... I guess."

Remus lived in the outskirts of London because he was a werewolf. His mother didn't want to chance anyone finding out, or him biting anyone when he had transformed – so she bought a small cottage in the country and did her best to make sure Remus had never hurt anyone. Remus's body was covered in scars.

"Excuse me... Can we sit here?"

Remus and Sirius looked up at the voice. A boy with messy black hair and round glasses was standing at the door smiling. There was a short, plump boy behind him – he looked kind of mousy.

"Sure!" Sirius moved over and patted the seat beside him. "I'm Sirius Black, and this is Remus Lupin." He motioned his arm in Remus's direction.

"Hi." Remus smiled.

"Hello Sirius, Remus... I'm James Potter, to my left – is Peter Pettigrew." Peter smiled and waved.

The Marauders had met, and trouble was about to begin brewing...


Remus's thoughts drifted back to the present time. He looked up and saw Sirius standing beside him in flannel pants.

"Well..." Sirius stretched. "I'm heading to bed."

"Yeah... me too." Remus smiled shortly after he got up to change.

"...Night Remy."

"Night Siri." Remus slid his pajamas on and slipped into his bed smiling.