Okay, so, I've gotten over probably twenty e-mails asking me to continue writing WOTM, and, though I feel the writing I've done in the past is excessively juvinile (read, Siri, Remi, crying, and all other such angsty coinsidences), I've decided to give it another go.The individual named 'The Zen Garden' has inspired me to continue. The way he/she wrote the response to my story touched me. The way it was worded, the wisdom behind those words.

My writing style has changed dramatically since the last time I've posted. The prespective that you will be reading it in will have also changed. Example:

"Yes," Remus answers, "I was there,"
"Wasn't it brilliant?" Sirius' grin widens as he strikes a pose, one hand behind his head, the other at his hip. "Did you see it when she did this? Merlin, burned into my mind forever."
"Yes, Sirius," Remus sighs, and shakes his head, not able to help the slight smile that lights his lips. "She was fabulous. Grade A, top of the line."
"Now you're just being sarcastic."
"I can't help it, it's in my nature."

Different. I'm a lot more mature now than I was then. Having gone through (and am still dealing with) the death of my grandmother. I've gone through a lot of changes personally, mentally, and I doubt I would be able to write up to the same emotional standpoint as I did before, though I'm pretty sure I can try and probably succeed.

I don't know when the next chapter will be out, as I'm going to cringe and do a bit of re-reading, and decide where the story is going. I can write it before work most days, so perhaps within the next month or so I can have the next chapter out. Again, the frequency of the chapters posted will purely be determined by the spare time I have after work, after having a life. LOL

Thankyou for remaining so loyal to my writing, it has truly touched me to know it has impacted people so deeply.

Love always,
Kaylie ie, Raei