I couldn't believe it. I wanted to punch someone. Preferably Madame Malkin. I winced when I heard my name. It was my turn to be fitted. I looked at Ginny.

"Come with me. See how sexy I look. Say you need to see what 'your Lysander' looks like during the play." I said. Ginny smiled, and nodded. "I'd like that." Was all she said in reply. I told her to wait a while before leaving the safety of the "tree fort," for fear of someone seeing. Not likely, though. Practice ended once everyone was fitted, so most had gone back to their dorms. Even Ron, who knew that Ginny was still there with the likes of me. He played Hermia's father, Egeus.

I marched into the small classroom, just outside the Great Hall. Madame Malkin smiled at me, ushering me onto a stool. I obliged. The stool faced the door, so I would be able to see when "My Hermia" came in. Eventually she did, causing Madame Malkin to get her knickers in a twist.

"No one must see his costume yet!" she said. She did look rather offended, but Ginny just looked at her calmly and said, "I must know what my Lysander looks like." She gave her the puppy dog look. The one that makes everyone melt. It didn't seem to work with Madame Malkin.

"No, I must insist that you leave at once." She said. She placed her hands on her hips, and began to tap her foot. Ginny sighed.

"I… guess I'll just wait outside then." She replied. I looked at Malkin. What a bitch. It's not like Ginny would never be able to see it… she'd have to see it sometime, so why not now? But, that was okay. I'd see her later.

After the fitting, I headed toward the Slytherin dungeons. Pansy was standing nearby, and decided to pop over for a visit. Great. She was going to yell at me for talking to Ginny. Just great. Exactually what I needed.

"She's poor… and like's muggles, for Christ's sake!" Pansy barked. I just rolled my eyes and pushed her away.

"She's a pureblood, darling, give her a chance." I hissed back. There was Ginny, across the way. Oh, bugger, she was talking to Ron and Harry. No way was I going over there. I looked back at Pansy, who smiled in the most evil way.

After she picked my chin up from off the floor, she whispered in my ear, in the most sensual way.

"I'll tell them, if you continue to see her."

Evil, evil woman. Well, Ginny was a very attractive girl, but she wasn't worth my reputation.

Well, she was, actually. But Pansy could not know this.

No way in hell. Ginny caught me staring at her and just smiled. Ron and Harry didn't catch on. They were too thick. I just half smiled back and walked away, thinking all the while of the many ways to kill Pansy Parkinson.

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