I don't know exactly why I hate these sort of stories so much. Maybe it's because the basic premise is already so restricted there's not much more you can do with it. You have to use the same setting, premise, mood, dialogue, ending...sure, you can change the names, but it's still the exact same story. When you write stories where you can repost what you wrote in any fandom just by changing names, it's a sign of a problem.

I also hate the fact the number of characters in these things are always set. C'mon, people! Why can't two characters both be upset by something? There are always three roles: dead character, grieving character, and standing-off-to-one-side character, even if SOTOS character was just as much of a friend to dead character as grieving character. And even if, by all rights, there should be more than three characters.

Oh, and apologies for the title, I couldn't think of anything better.

WARNING TEAR JERKER! Ash goes to visit a grave. VERY SAD! Do not read if you like happy endings! DARK! SAD! HEY PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

Grave Visit

By an inexplicably annoyed Farla

Ash stood on the verdant grass, staring at a single tombstone. If there were other tombstones (which, it presumably being a graveyard, there should have been) they went unnoticed. The lighting was bright and cheery, which made sense, seeing as it was early afternoon. Strangely, the natural world did not appear to be warping itself to match his presumably tortured thoughts.

Ash stopped his fixed stare on the headstone and quickly glared at the sky. With the embarrassed speed of an actor who missed had his cue, clouds quickly appeared and covered the sky.

The lighting sharply reduced, and the temperature obligingly plummeted. A thin mist rose up, just enough to render the air damp and clammy. Wind began to blow, pressing Ash's long, dark brown trenchcoat against his back dramatically.

That was better. Ash resumed his blank but focused stare on the gravestone. With the proper mood established, he was now free to begin his anguished thoughts.

Wait, whose grave was it? He'd been staring as required, but he'd been too focused on looking focused to remember to read the carved name.

Ah, right, Misty. He mentally cleared his throat.

Why, Misty he thought, dredging up the most mournful mental tone he could. Why did you have to die?

Brochu was standing a respectful distance away, despite the fact Misty had been his friend as well and he should have been at the stone himself. He didn't want to interrupt Ash's dramatic morning scene. There was also the risk that if he reminded the author he existed, she might write a sequel where he committed suicide and Ash angsted over him as well. Ash would never forgive him for that; Ash visited enough graves as it was. Besides, if he got closer, he might have to angst over Misty's death too, and he couldn't quite remember which random way the author had decided Misty died this time.

Ash wasn't entirely clear on it either. He paused in his tormented musings for a moment. How had she died? Something angsty...terminal illness? No, not dismal enough. A storm...while they were out on a boat...Yes, that was it.

Oh, Misty... he thought. The day started off as the happiest of my life. I had beaten the Pokemon League. We were all out on the boat, and you...you confessed your love for me. We decided to marry. And then...out of nowhere, the storm sprung up. The boat capsized. You dove underwater, trying to find Togepi. And then the tentacool... He bowed his head lower, closing his eyes solemnly and trying to remember if he was supposed to cry or if that would ruin the atmosphere. We found you washed up on shore hours later. You made it to the hospital, but died from pneumonia three days later. Togepi wasted away miserably, and your sister Violet committed suicide. If only...if only I had been a better swimmer, I could have saved you. I'm sorry, Misty.

Ash opened open eye, furtively looking around. Was that enough? It seemed to be getting darker. That meant it was time for him to dramatically leave before the author got any ideas and decided to write a fluffy sequel where Mew granted his wish and revived –

Ash quickly smacked himself in the head. Don't think about it don't think about it he reminded himself. Don't give the author ideas, don't give the reviewers ideas to give the author, just get away now.

With long, dramatic strides, Ash walked away from the gravestone. Brochu followed, perhaps a trifle faster than was seemly.

I also hate it when people write darkfic and then write a sequel 'fixing' everything. Either give the story a happy ending or don't.