Title: Revenge is Sweet

Chapter: One

Author: Silent Figure

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and however this story does belong to me.

Authors Note: Ok here is the first chapter. Revised and all that good stuff.

Blonde hair whipped in the wind as a young woman approached her high school for another dreaded day of freshmen year. Dreadful not because she was someone considered unpopular or disliked, rather it was that one of her peers, a particular senior, seemed to enjoy tormenting her almost daily. It didn't help that all her friends were head over heels in love with her " tormenter" and had all come upon a consensus that he could do no wrong. She walked through the twin doors into her high school heading towards the freshmen 'hall' immediately searching for her friends. It took her only a few minutes before she spotted them, though to her disappointment HE was standing right there along side them. Her arch nemesis, Darien Shields, the best looking and most sought after guy in the school stood right next to her cousin and best friend leaning over her with his forearm resting on the locker above Mina. Sky blue eyes narrowed at the sight of her cousin shamelessly flirting with the guy who she knew for a fact was a playboy. It annoyed her that everyone, Mina included, all shared the same day dream of one day marrying him and having his spawn. He seemed to have been born with the devil's gift with soft words and witty charm. His looks only added to the illusion. His dark midnight blue eyes and black ebony locks of hair that fell messily over those eyes made him irresistible. No one could resist such an exceptional man, except Serena. "Well, well if it isn't meatball head. So tell me on those tests you so love to fail are the answers unreadable or is it that you just can't figure out what answer is what", he taunted with a sneer as she walked right by them.

Serena rolled her eyes and walked over to her locker, opened it and silently told herself to be the bigger person, over and over again. "Oh wow for once I don't get a reply. That's new", he said his voice so loud that she knew that he was standing right behind her, she also tried to ignore her cousin's pathetic attempt to tell him to stop picking on her. She watched from the corner of her eye as he came to lean against the locker next to hers, clearly having lost interest in her cousin. She smiled a bit as she realized that he was leaning in an unsteady manner, ankles crossed, arms crossed, and shoulder against the locker. Wouldn't take much force to knock him down. "Too dull to answer", he prodded further. Having enough of his attitude she slammed her locker shut and shouldered Darien out of her way as hard as she could.

She smiled to herself as she heard him fall to the ground. She turned around with her books in hand and retorted with a look of triumph, "Funny didn't you once tell me that only klutz's find themselves on the floor?" Darien looked up from the ground at her and glared at her, which she returned with an ever so sweet smile before she happily walked away.

Serena Tsukino was beyond happy to finally walk into her favorite hang out spot, the Crown Arcade and Café. She had been looking forward to being there all day, something that had become a bit of a habit for her, almost a daily day dream of hers. Crown Arcade and Café was the most popular hang out for teens in town, friends would meet to talk over delicious foods and then later play games like Sailor V or Mortal Kombat. It was a sanctuary and she loved every bit of it. And as peaceful as she felt she soon found that a wet spot on the floor would lead to the end of said mood. In fact, she fell to her bottom almost as soon as she slipped on it. Groaning Serena cursed the heavens for giving her beauty, but no grace to accompany it. Serena lightly patted her hair first to make sure it was still in her regular style, pig tails with little "meatballs" at the top or that's what Darien called them. To her favor they remained in place with no hair out of place. "Oh my Serena are you ok", asked Amy the girl genius of her group of friends, as she bent down to help her friend, her blue hair glinting in the light. Serena smiled at her shy friend who she knew to have ever been adventurous only once in her life. Serena couldn't help but shake her head at the thought of it. Amy had been dared to dye her hair blue and to everyone's amazement she did it and to top it off she had never changed it. In fact, she kept dying her hair that color to this day.

Serena groaned and got up off the ground, she dusted herself off and smiled at Amy intending to say something before someone beat her to it, "Another klutz attack you meatball head?"

Serena went rigid as she heard that smooth voice taunt her with a tone that indicated him having seen the trip she had made to the floor. She whipped around and lifted her eyebrows. "You're one to talk Darien", replied Serena with a smirk on her face, her eyes clearly sending the message of her not forgetting his trip to the ground earlier that day. She crossed her arms and smirked as she waited for his reply. He simply chuckled before stepping so close to Serena that she could feel his breath on her lips.

"You made me fall down meatball head, I would stay here and fight but I have a date with your beautiful friend Raye at the moment", he said in her ear. Serena watched him with narrowed eyes as he winked at her before walking to another of her group, Raye. Serena watched as he smiled at Raye and kissed her on the side of her neck. She couldn't help but be disgusted with the notion of those two together; Raye deserved way better then him. Serena huffed with frustration and walked past the couple to the rest of her friends who were staring longingly at Darien in their usual booth. She sat down and immediately rolled her eyes skyward as soon as she realized she had to listen to the girl's gossip about Darien and Raye.

"I can't believe those two are dating, I mean I always knew Raye had a thing for him but come on Darien? Why would he pick her," whined Mina as she watched the two flirt like a puppy watching food that it couldn't have. Of course all of them were shocked but only one of the whole group found it shocking that all the girls were in love with the seemingly brilliant Darien Shields.

"Mina you have some drool like right here", Serena commented pointing to her own lip in demonstration. Mina immediately shot her a glare.

"Shut up Serena", Mina practically snapped. "Yeah that was a little mean", Lita commented in defense of Mina.

"You only side with her because you're equally in love with him", Serena said with a roll of her eyes. Before Lita could retort Serena interrupted her with a wide smile and a loud greeting of "Andrew" towards their server who was heading their way. Serena's smile grew into a full on chesire cat grin as Andrew put a shake on the table; she had come here so many times that he knew exactly what she wanted without ever having to ask her.

"I see your watching their lovely show of affection. Interested in Darien", he asked Serena with a playful wink.

Serena rolled her eyes and replied, "God what is it with everyone today? Darien this, Darien that. I'd appreciate a non-Darien-centric day for once. And in case you didn't pick up the disdain evident in my voice just now, no I'm not interested in Darien. In fact, I'm concerned with the welfare of my best friend who he is putting on the show for this week. A ruse no doubt so that he can charm his way into her pants. Look at the playboy after he has her he's going to leave her broken hearted. As is his way and yet everyone still loves and adores him. Including you Andrew which only makes me question your morals. What? Do you envy his ability to be able to actually leave when he's through with all these women?"

Andrew stood stunned and Serena mumbled an owe after Mina kicked her, not a second after that did she feel a silencing pinch from Lita. "Look Andrew I'm sorry I was being rude and I shouldn't have been, It's just guys like HIM tend to piss me off", she said still rather aggravated.

Andrew nodded and spoke, "It's alright Serena it happens to all guys every now and then, when girls are pissed at a man they take it out on any of the male species. And just so you know Darien isn't as bad as you think."

"I'll believe that the day I see it. Besides the asshole is leaving soon anyway, it's his last year of high school and after graduation I will never have to see him again," said Serena with a triumphant smile on her face as she sipped at her shake.

Later that year…

Finally the year was over and Serena would never have to see Darien Shields again. As she watched a couple of her friend's graduate she smiled at how happy they were and how in a couple of years she would be standing in their shoes. Serena stood up clapping as the last name was called and every senior of that year stood up to let their caps fly. Serena smiled and looked over to her four closest friends all of who had similar smiles to hers, they all knew their turn would be soon. They would be graduating and be on track to their dreams in only a few years. After the ceremony had officially ended Serena found herself walking down the steps and past the rows of chairs into the group of graduates who all stood around clapping and hugging their friends. Serena's smile grew as she saw Andrew hugging one of his buddies, then turn and kiss Mina his latest girl friend and probably most serious one. Serena tried to get closer only to bump into someone rather hard and fall backwards. She closed her eyes preparing for the hard floor to come in contact with her body, though to her surprise it never did come and when she opened her eyes she met midnight blue ones that were partly covered with ebony locks of hair. The eyes were smiling and she found herself itching to slap the amused look off of his face. However, at that moment she found that she was powerless to do so for his arms were warm and strong. They held her in place and she for some reason felt safe and comfortable in them. Serena let herself breathe again and pulled away from his embrace feeling awkward for even thinking of him like that. She went to turn and get as far away from him as possible when she heard him say, "What no thanks?"

Serena turned and replied angrily, "What do you need a thanks for? You didn't do much just saved me from having another of my many bruises, and kept me from oh what was the word, oh yes, having a klutz attack is it?" Darien looked at her with shame and was about to say something but she wouldn't stay around and listen to him, no she knew his charm and an overdue apology would come from him and she would not put up with it so she did the only thing she could do. She walked away. Serena briefly turned around and watched him depart, a part of her wanting to thank him though she found her mouth dry with words she couldn't verbalize. She straightened a moment later and reminded herself that she shouldn't care, he was leaving and this would surely be the last time she'd ever see him. Though the way her heart pounded at that moment affected her and little did she know that that would truly be the last time she saw him for years to come.


BRING! BRING! BRING! BRING! A lithe hand popped out from under sheets and layers of covers, and grabbed the phone, then brought it to the owner of the hand's ear. "Why the hell are you calling me so damn early", asked a woman whose eyes had yet to open.

"Hey how did you know it was me. I could be anyone and you choose to greet them this way," said Mina on the other line.

"Only you would be stupid enough to call me at this time in the morning. Look I want to sleep so I'm hanging up." All she heard before she placed the phone back on its receiver was Mina grumbling about Serena having to go to work. Beautiful blue eyes fluttered open as the rest of the dream she had had faded away to the realization that she was starting work today.

"Oh no", muttered Serena as she looked at the clock, she had an hour until work started. However, her mind slipped back to her dream. The dream had been an interesting one, being that it was repressed memories of a certain jerk that had made her life a nightmare during her last year of middle school and first year of high school. Truthfully, it was quite an unpleasant reminder of a time she'd rather forget. For a few moments she contemplated as to why she would have such a dream, now, many years later especially on the night before she started her career. Then finding no conclusion she shrugged and sat up rubbing her eyes as she did so, trying to rub out the exhaustion she felt. She slipped out of her bed and set her feet on the floor and stood up, glancing at her clock to make sure it wasn't too early, hoping for a brief moment she might be able to catch even just a few more minutes of precious sleep only to be disappointed. She walked over to her bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror. She had grown up beautifully and now she was to become a lawyer for her father's rather prestigious and up and coming law firm. She was successful and surprisingly in her senior year of undergraduate work she had graduated in the top 10% of her class and the same went for law school, a major change from her poor performance in high school. She pulled her shirt over her head and stripped the rest of her clothing before stepping into the shower hoping to wash away her sleepy state as well as the memories of her dream.

After the shower she dressed herself in a white pant suit with thin black lines running vertically down the suit. She pulled her waist length hair that had once been down to her ankles into a bun before smiling proudly at her reflection, she looked professional. She rubbed her neck of the kinks of sleep and walked out of her room and into the living room of her apartment she had gotten on her twenty fifth birthday as a gift from her parents for both her upcoming graduation from law school and her birthday. Though it was kind of small it was home for her. Serena grabbed her nearby suitcase and walked out of her apartment, glad that she had prepared herself the night before so after she dressed she could just walk out instead of gathering her stuff. Oh yes, she had changed a great deal from the disorganized and clumsy girl she had been. Serena felt tired, but ignored the feeling before she entered the parking lot after what felt like the longest elevator ride she had ever been on, she smiled as she caught sight of her silver eclipse. She stepped into her precious car and drove off to her new job slightly excited underneath her tired exterior.

Only a few minutes later Serena found herself stepping out of her car and into the firm's parking lot. The wind blew against her lovely face and strands of her hair came loose from her bun as she looked up at the building that she would work in for quite a time to come, and as she did so she thought of how working for her father's firm would prove to be interesting. Part of her worried that her fellow co-workers would figure she only got the job because of her father's position in the firm, he was now a partner after all. Walking forward she stepped into the building and pressed the up button that would lead into the buildings lobby.

She smiled politely at the guard who nodded and let her through into the inner part of the building. She stepped into a nearby elevator and waited as it went up to her father's floor, giddiness starting to overrule her sleepiness. Once on her father's floor she opened the huge oak doors that could only belong to the owner of the firm and walked into her father's office with a bright smile on her face, for some reason today she couldn't stop smiling. Her father looked up from his desk and nodded his head showing that he knew she was there. She stood there quiet for a couple of minutes looking at her father, thinking of how most wouldn't even realize she was his daughter for his hair was a dark brown that could almost be black with specks of grey sprinkled in his hair, and he had brown eyes and wore glasses while she had been gifted with blond hair and blue eyes that needed no form of correction. Her father finally put away his paper work and talked to her. "Well look at you all grown up and it's your first day on the job", he said as he stood up from his desk and walked over to her before pulling her into an embrace.

"Daddy this is supposed to be a professional relationship in the office. We talked about this, no show of favoritism or affection", Serena said patting him on the back.

He smiled softly to himself as he looked at his daughter who had grown into a successful mature beautiful woman. "Yes, yes of course. I forgot silly me. Forgive an old man who is still coming to terms with the fact that his little girl is all grown up and the fact that he himself, has grown much older as well will you", he said with a chuckle as he placed an arm on her shoulder as soon as he received a giggle and a nod from his daughter.

"Now Serena there is something I have to talk to you about", he continued somewhat apprehensive, something Serena caught onto quickly.

Serena listened as her father spoke, "You are still pretty green when it comes to this business and have yet to really have a court battle as serious as most you will face here. Yes, I know you have been in some court cases when you were at Harvard, but this is different this is far more serious not to mention this is a different country. We have different laws and procedures. So I have decided to have my best lawyer help you out. Mentor you for awhile until you can officially stand alone in a Japanese court." For a moment Serena was confused and thought of debating the matter, however she had always found that with her father it was impossible to persuade him or change his mind when it came to business matters.

"Who will be my mentor", she asked curiously. Most likely it would be a boring old man who she would have a hard time being around, let alone listening to suspecting that this old man would probably have a rather boring and monotone voice. Her father's reaction was funny. He seemed utterly shocked probably because she didn't argue with something like this like she would have done years ago. After high school she had gone off to Harvard in the U.S. only to return years later as a grown accomplished woman with a international law degree specializing in Japanese and American Law, the only time her father had really seen her was the day of her birthday last year when she came back to Japan for a little while and had gone searching for an apartment for herself for when she would come back after graduating.

"My little girl has grown up so fast", was her father's proud and only reply. Serena rolled her eyes at her father. Serena jumped as she heard the door open and slam shut indicating that someone else had come into the room.

"Sorry I'm late", said a slick and sexy voice that sounded familiar. Serena watched her father who had a smile on his face and his eyes reflected recognition of the person behind her.

"Ah here's your mentor now Serena", her father said his arm flailing out in a grand gesture pointing directly behind her.

Serena turned around her smile fading as she caught sight of the person who was to be her mentor before she gasped completely horrified, "Oh please no".