Title: The Joining

Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing.

Rating: PG (some bad language, no worse than on show)

Season: 3

Pairing: Some Sam/Jack, probably not more than a particularly shippy episode.

"Good morning, Major." Jack jogged up to her briskly.

"Good morning sir... morning?" A note of alarm sounded in Carter's voice even as she yawned over her doohickeys.

"Yes Carter, ya know that thing that comes after night."

She grinned, "Yes sir. I just didn't realize it was so late, early." She shook her head to clear the drowsiness.

"You pulled an all-nighter before a mission?"

"I didn't mean to sir."

"I know Carter." He picked up one of the doohickeys on her desk. "They're just so damn fascinating." He put his finger in the hole of the device and promptly got it stuck.

"They really are sir. Interestingly enough they all seem to emit a low level of radiation-"

"Da ah ah!" Jack waved his hands around in the air, telling her not to lecture so early. The doohickey was still stuck to his finger.

"Sorry sir." She smiled at Jack as he tugged wildly at the devise, trying to extricate his digit. Sam reached over, grabbed his hand to stop him fidgeting and pulled the doohickey gently off.


"I thought you had learned not to stick your fingers where they don't belong," she teased him. All the while glad the Colonel didn't know she had made the same mistake last night.

"Oh, but you know me Carter, sometimes I just can't help myself." He watched her sink back in her chair, she looked exhausted. "Why don't you take a nap?"

"Can't sir. I've got to-"

"Can't or won't?" he interrupted her.

"I should really figure out what these are."

"Now, now Carter, we can't have anyone fall asleep during the orientation set up by Nagwold on the implications of super stellar something or other. It sounds fascinating."

"Nakwald sir. You know the Brigands are an easily offended people."

"Yeah, yeah, Nacwolg. I'll remember that.

Sam just shook her head and leaned farther back in her chair.

"Major, get some sleep." As an after thought, "That's an order."

"Yes sir," came the muffled response, her head had already hit the desk."

"Somewhere else, don't want to drool on anything."

"Yes sir."


"Hey Danny, where's Carter?"

"I don't know Jack, I thought she was coming with you." Daniel was standing at the bottom of the ramp leading up to the Stargate. There were just a few minutes to go until SG-1 was scheduled to embark to P5X 722, the Brigand home world.

Both men turned toward Teal'c, he answered the unasked question, "I have not seen MajorCarter today."

"It's not like Sam to be late for a mission." Concern ebbed in Daniel's voice.

"Dammit, I ordered her to take a nap, she probably overslept."

Daniel made a face.

Jack scowled at him, "I know what you're thinking, that's not like her, but she's good at followin' orders. I'll go get her. You guys stall."

As Jack walked out of the gateroom Daniel stood shell-shocked, and Teal'c just raised an eyebrow.

Jack swung by Carter's quarters first, she wasn't there. He then tried her office, he found her asleep at the desk. Okay, not so good at following orders.

He knocked on the partially open door, no answer. Jack walked in and stood in front of her, hand resting on the P-90 that was still slung across his shoulder. "Carter." No answer. He bent down low next to her ear and shouted, "Carter!"

Sam awoke with a snort.

Jack didn't even try to suppress his obvious amusement. "Rise and shine."

"Oh god sir, I must have dozed off, what time is it?"

"Time to go." He noticed that her left cheek was slightly red and had an indentation from the file folders on her desk. "We gotta go, now."

Sam hopped up from her chair and much to her chagrin saw that a small pool of wet was on her desk. "I'll get geared up."

Jack smiled as she bustled about, her hair was sticking up at odd angels and her clothes were rumpled, he thought she was quite cute.

"What?" she asked him when she noticed his expression.

"Just admiring your morning look."

That made Sam very nearly, but not quite blush.

Jack went to the armory and supply for her as she changed in the locker room, he made it back there just as she had stepped out.

She looked slightly embarrassed, "I don't think General Hammond will be very happy about this."

"Don't worry, Daniel and Teal'c are stalling."

Oh, that was reassuring.

"Colonel O'Neill! Where the hell have you been?" General Hammond demanded from the control room.

"Sorry sir, just brushing up on Brigand customs, can never be too prepared ya know."

Hammond let him slid on such an obvious lie, perhaps because he preferred not to wait any longer or because the Major was with him which meant one had been covering for the other and he didn't want to get into that at the moment. His patience was eroding as the seconds ticked by, if the Brigands didn't have such valuable trading resources, Hammond would have had them bury their gate just so no other race would ever have to deal with their arrogant naiveté ever again.

The Stargate was already engaged when the Colonel and Major had entered so SG-1 wasted no time in leaving before Hammond had a fit.

As Jack passed Daniel on the ramp he muttered to him, "I thought you were going to stall?"

Daniel stopped in his tracks, "What'd you want me say, the all powerful Oz had taken you?" but by the time he had finished his sentence Jack had already slipped through the event horizon.

A few seconds and a few million stars later Teal'c re-materialized on the other side. "I believe 722 has changed since we last visited it."