Nacwald strode with the pride of a tiger down the corridor at the SGC, flanked by two very unenthusiastic sergeants. The one on the left, Jones, looked like he may puke at any moment from the smell that was assailing his nostrils,yet he was too worried about offending the Brigand to do anything about it. Siler, on the other hand, had pulled his shirt up over his nose, which still didn't really help in blocking out the alien's offensive odor.

"Come, come!" Nacwald demanded, quite oblivious to the discomfort of his escorts. And he smacked Jones in the shin once, just to emphasize the point.

So far the trio had inspected two storage rooms and an armory, much to Siler's discomfort. He wasn't fond of watching an alien unfamiliar with Earth weapons stare down the barrel of a P-90. As much as he would have liked to be rid of Nacwald, he didn't think General Hammond would be happy if a foreign diplomat shot him himself between the eyes while Siler could have stopped it.

Strangely enough, the 'search' party had not come across any base personnel. Jones was convinced that any airman roaming the halls would have run away screaming it they came within 500 feet of the Brigand.

"Go in there I do!" Nacwald proclaimed as he turned into the closest door, which turned out to be a supply closet, and proceeded to look around. The two airmen followed slowly, reluctant to be in an even smaller space with the smelly Brigand.

Finding a box that was sitting on a lower shelf Nacwald started going through the contents, strewing them about the room in the process. The first thing he pulled out was a pen light and promptly shone it into his eyes. After tossing it straight at Jones's head, he started reaching for a box a bit higher up. Though it was only on the middle shelf it was still hopelessly above the little alien's head.

"Get box, get box! Tall man," Nacwald whined at Siler. Siler quickly complied, not eager to be hit by the cane again, he already had sore ankles. But just as he lifted the box and had it above the Brigand's head, it became much lighter, and he soon found out why.

With a slight ripping noise and a small squeak from a little alien, a stack of paper fell out from the torn bottom of the box and hit Nacwald square on the head.

Nacwald, having been hit with something at least half his own weight, fell to the floor in a very undignified fashion. Jones couldn't help but laugh as he saw the Brigand get drowned in a flurry of papers, but his merriment ended when he realized that the alien was not getting to his feet, or whining about the injury.

"Siler, I think you broke him."

Siler gave Jones a look which could only be translated into 'Oh crap'. "I didn't mean to, the bottom of the box fell out and…. What are going to do?"

"You think we should take him to the infirmary?"

"Can I tell General Hammond, you hit him with a twenty pound stack of paper?"

"Maybe he'll wake up and not remember what happened."

"Oh that would be better, give a foreign dignitary amnesia while he's inspecting a supply closet."

"You're the one who dropped a box on him!" Jones said irritated, if he hadn't hada headache from the odor before, he had one now.

"Well what are we going to do?" Siler asked again.

Jones looked at him, "Maybe General Hammond will believe he walked into a door."

Siler groaned and walked back into the hall with Jones at his heels. "I really hate to do this," Siler said picking up the nearest phone and saying they had a medical emergency on level 28.

Moments later a squad of doctors, pushing a gurney, was hurrying down the hall, Dr. Fraiser in the lead. "What happened…" she began but then a look of disgust came across her face and she asked, "What is that god awful smell?"

"That is your patient ma'am." Jones told her with a tinge of sympathy in his voice.

Spying into the closet and seeing the downed alien being attended to by her staff she asked the men, "What happened here?"

"He um… sustained a head injury." Siler told her truthfully.

"How exactly?" the doctor inquired making Siler shift uncomfortably.

"A box accidentally fell on him." Jones offered.

"Alright, " Janet said and she turned back to her team issuing orders as they moved the Brigand onto the gurney and took off for the infirmary.

2 Hours Later

"I can't believe you got off so easily." Jones stated taking another bite of Jell-O. He and Siler were in the commissary trying to ignore the looks being sent their way by other base personnel. News of what had happened to the foreign dignitary had spread quickly.

"Me either, fortunately Nacwald regainedconsciousness quickly anddidn't seem to want to press chargesagainst me. I thought I was in for it when I was sent to General Hammond's office but it turns out he just wanted to know if Nacwald had said anything about SG-1. Apparently the search isn't going so well. The Brigands aren't being helpful either, just blaming us for not sending them through the gate."

"Do you think the Brigands actually have SG-1?"

"It's possible, but it just doesn't make sense. What would they get by capturing SG-1 and not telling us they have them?"

"Crap!" Siler exclaimed. He shook his head not sure of what he was seeing until the smell reached his nose.

Jones, also sensing the odor,turned to see Nacwald helping himself to a tray of food probably given to him by someone on base considering there was no way he could have reached the buffet by himself. The alien's eating habits were, if possible, worse than his manners and he was pushing food into his mouth with his hands. And it didn't look like a lot of the food actually made it into his mouth.

"Ugh, I've lost my appetite." Jones said pushing away his tray. "Do you think the doc actually let him out of the infirmary?"

"Are you kidding? She probably threw him out after he regained consciousness. Let's go, the smell is unbearable." Siler said, observing all of the other officers in the room heading for the door.

Siler and Jones made it out of the commissary without the alien noticing them and were nearly to on base quarters when they ran into Dr. Fraiser. By the way she was walking Siler knew what was up and before she could ask said, "He was last smelled in the commissary ma'am."

"Thank you Sergeant," she replied before marching off again.

Jones watched her go remarking nonchalantly, "She looks like she's having a bad day."