Title:  Just Coffee

Author:  WesFan1234

Summary:  What if you turned to one of your best friends when you were lonely? 

Pairing:  Wesley/Cordelia

Disclaimer:  The characters aren't mine, sadly.  Just my AU.  Lots of love to Joss.

Note:  This first part takes place sometime after "She" but before "5x5" in the first season.  I've seen on a lot of boards that some people seem to think that Cordy had no sparkage with any one on the show (I think she does, but what do I know).  Well, I paired her with the one person who seems to have sparkage with every female around him.  Hope you like it.  Please give me feedback.  Lots of it!!

Just Coffee – Chapter One

Just Coffee, Cordelia had called it.  Some kind of dating service for people who couldn't find the time to meet eligible people to date.  It's not like he needed to meet women at the moment.  His life was full and interesting.

Oh, why was he kidding himself.  Both he and Cordelia had no social life to speak of.  Any time there seemed to be someone lovely, she ended up being a demon or running the other way when he inquired.

Was Wesley that much of a dork, he thought?  He couldn't even handle a conversation with a beautiful lady that had talked to him not a couple of weeks back at Cordy's soiree.  All he could talk about was his sweater.  He hadn't even realized until later, when Cordy had mentioned what a doofus he'd been with her friend that he'd messed up again.

Not like Cordelia's love life was any better, he chuckled to himself.  The only guy she had dated recently had made her pregnant with some demon spawn.

So here he was, in a coffee shop, trying to talk to a young lady.  She went on and on about her job, her friends, her apartment, not letting Wesley get a word in edgewise.

This woman was nothing like Cordelia, although the both of them seemed to be self-centered.  Cordy was interesting though.  She spared back and forth with him.  She made him feel needed.  He could talk to her about almost anything.

Good Lord, she had an honest opinion about everything.  Good old honest Cordy.  She always told you exactly what she was thinking.  Like when she told him he needed to get out more, spend time with a woman other than her.

Of course she had put it a little more succinctly.  "You need to go on a date, Wesley.  It's been like forever.'

She was right, just brutally right.  Since they'd been spending so much time together, and not just with Angel, but just the two of them, he hadn't craved female companionship that much.

Yes, there were things he missed of course, but Cordy did fill a need of his right then.  She was a good and true friend.  She cared about him although she didn't want to admit it.  He truly cared for her also.

"Wesley, um, are you OK?" the woman asked him.

The woman had finally stopped talking.  His ears were ringing from the constant noise.

"Yes.  I just realized that I have a two o'clock appointment with a client.  Must have slipped my mind."

"Well, it's only one.  Can you stay a little longer?"

Wesley stood up and looked down at her.  He couldn't even remember her name.  "It's all the way down in Anaheim.  I'll be late as it is.  It was nice meeting you."

He stuck his hand out to shake hers.

"Call me sometime," he heard her say as he walked away.

Getting to Cordelia's apartment hadn't taken him that long, since the coffee shop was only in Santa Monica.  She, of course, was his two o'clock appointment, even though it was one-thirty.  They'd had a late night, so Angel told them to take it easy that day.  Cordy wanted to hear all the juicy details about the coffee, so she invited him over before she had taken off for home early that morning for much needed sleep.

When she opened her door, he expected her to be all coiffed, but she answered in her shorts, a short tank top with her hair all askew and very little makeup.  She also had no shoes on.  Wesley didn't know why he had noticed that, but he had noticed before how lovely her feet were.  He had on many occasions given her foot rubs.  They were soft and somewhat delicate.  She always seemed to have on a different color of nail polish.  Today was a mauve tone that was very striking on her.

She started jumping up and down when she saw who it was.  He was almost tempted to look down from her face, but he didn't.  She was his friend.  He didn't ogle friends.  At least he didn't ogle her now.

There was a time when he did though.  Sunnydale seemed so far away now.  But it had been less than two years.  Thanks goodness she was already eighteen then.  Angel had started a relationship with Buffy when she was just sixteen and he was two hundred and whatever years old, Cordelia had told him.  At least he was closer in age to Cordy than Angel was to Buffy.

But it all had gone disastrously wrong.  The kiss in the library had totally gone completely wrong.  He didn't know how to handle a girl like Cordy.  There was no spark, because he'd messed up, again.  Tried too hard.

Cordy had wanted a sophisticated, older man and what she got was a schoolboy in a suit.  Not that he hadn't had girlfriends in the past, but she had scared him to death.  So that ended that.

The next kiss that they shared had not ended up so badly.  Matter of fact, he quite enjoyed it.  She had too, she admitted, but getting rid of the visions had been her priority then. 

"So, so.  What happened?" Cordelia led him into her apartment and over to the sofa.

"We had coffee.  Not much else to tell."

"What?  They didn't have the right kind of Earl Grey, so you walked out before saying hello."

"No, nothing like that.  She's a lovely girl."

"Hey, this is me you're lying to buster.  No sparkage?"

Wesley slumped over in defeat.  "No sparkage at all.  It was horrible as a matter of fact.  All she did was talk about herself and wouldn't let me get another word in edgewise.  Am I that boring?"

"Let's not touch on that one, shall we?  Listen, that's just you're first one.  There will be plenty of others.  So when's your next one?"

Cordy had curled herself onto the sofa beside him.  He could smell her perfume.  No, not perfume, shampoo.  Subtle, yet alluring nonetheless.

"No next one.  She was the only one to respond."

"For the moment, you mean.  Didn't you put down on your form all that stuff I gave you?"

"Why would I lie?"

"You didn't put down the demon slaying thing, did you?"  Cordy had moved a little closer to him, like they were sharing a secret, just between the two of them.

"Of course not.  I glossed it over."

"What did you put down, Wes?"

Cordy crossed her arms, like she meant business.  It pushed her chest up oh, so wonderfully, accentuating one of her best features, he had to admit.  But his mind was in the gutter.  And he had to climb out and quickly.

Wesley reached into his suit coat pocket to find his profile.  It wasn't where he thought it was, so he pulled the coat off so he could search a little better.  Besides, it had gotten a little warmer in Cordy's place since he had arrived.

"Here, give me that."  She took the jacket away from him and searched.  She found it quickly and unfolded it.  Now Wesley was embarrassed.  She would definitely ridicule him now.

"OK.  Height, 6'3".  You're really that tall?  I guess you are.  Weight, 145.  What?  Oh, that says 195.  Somehow I think it's somewhere in between.  You don't eat enough.  Have I told you that?  Eyes, blue."

Cordy moved even closer to look into his eyes.

"Yes, they're blue alright.  You know, that's what I remember about when I met you the first time.  I remember you had such nice eyes."

Nice eyes, he groaned inwardly.  No one ever told Angel he had nice eyes.  Broody eyes, dangerous eyes, maybe.  But nice, no way.

"No, not nice.  Sexy.  You really should have played them up in the photo.  Here, take your glasses off and let me see."

Wesley slid his glasses off and put them down on the table.  He couldn't see much past Cordelia.  Luckily she was pretty damn close to him.

"That's it.  We need to get you contacts.  What a difference.  Wow.  I never knew."

"Never knew what?"

"You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen on a guy.  And you hide them behind glasses."

Beautiful?  What on earth made her say that?  "Because I can't see anything more than a couple of feet in front of me if I don't have them on," he came back a little defensive.

"As I said, contacts.  OK, next.  Best attribute, teeth.  You actually said teeth.  What a dweeb."

That's when Wesley started to sputter.  "Well, I just thought a nice smile would come in handy, you know."

"Smile for me."

Wesley tried to smile.

"A real smile.  Not one of those fake ones you see on commercials or when you have to take one of those god-awful photos of the whole family."

Cordelia really did make him laugh and smile.  He hadn't had enough of that in his life.  He smiled at her again.  She smiled back, brightly.

"OK, nice smile, but teeth.  Next time, put nice smile instead of teeth.  You're not a horse.  OK, hobbies.  Translating Aramaic, crossword puzzles, and making bread."

She scowled at him fiercely.  Although he did like doing those things, they weren't exactly his favorite.  He'd just put the first things that had come to his mind.

"First things that came to your mind, huh?"

How did she know him so well?  It was like she could read his mind.

"You are so obvious.  Now, what do you like to do on a date?  Nice.  Quiet dinner, followed by dancing, and a moonlight stroll on the beach."

Cordy quirked one eyebrow up at him.  Or at least he thought that's what she'd done.  She had moved away from him to lean back against the arm of the sofa.  She put her feet in his lap.