Note:  Had to split it into two chapters.  It was just too long.  Warning:  some adult situations now.  The R part is coming (I never know how to rate these things.  Please tell me if I did it right.)  I conclude it with a scene in "You're Welcome", season five.  I couldn't remember the exact dialogue, so don't shoot me.  It's my AU.  Feedback please.

Just Coffee -- Chapter Two

"No advice is free, mister.  Pay up.  And no dancing please.  We all know how that turned out."

Wesley took her left foot in his hands and started to massage it.

"You could put that in your profile, but I want to keep that skill all to myself."

She actually moaned a little when he hit a particular spot.  She was such an emotional person, he thought.  Although she didn't want anyone to know it, she really did care about the people around her.

"Wes," Cordy breathed to him.  "You could go into business with those hands of yours."

Before he realized what he had done, his hand had worked its way up her calf.  God, just as soft, Wesley almost groaned aloud, but he didn't.

"The girls should be beating down the door for you."

But they weren't.  That's why he had gone to a dating service.  At her insistence of course.

"Why did you want me to go to that dating service, Cordelia?"

Wesley smoothed down her calf and took her right foot into his hands. He needed something else to concentrate on instead of her supple skin and smooth curves. He bet her whole body felt that way.

"Because I was worried about you.  You never have any fun.  Well, none of us do, but I thought . . . "

"Thought what?"

"That you just needed someone.  That's all.  I didn't get any kind of vision or anything, just a hunch.  Vision girl sees more than just grisly images in Technicolor you know."

"I know.  And I worry about you also.  How painful those visions are.  Every time I see you in pain, I want to take it away, make it all better for you."

Oops.  Where had that come from, he thought?  But Cordy smiled back at him.

"They should have a category for sweetness on that form.  You'd win hands down."

She moved back over to him, bending her leg against him in the process.  She placed her cool fingertips against his cheek.

"You are a sweet, sweet man."

Did he want to be sweet or did he want to be that take charge guy he thought he was?  Or could he be both?

That second kiss in Angel's apartment almost brought him to his knees.  Cordy had started the kiss fairly chastely until he had grabbed her and dove in.  What would she do if he did the same now?

He moved forward, ever so slightly, to test the waters so to speak.  And she hadn't moved.  She just stared at him.

"Blue ice or blue flame?  I can't decide which."

"Huh."  Uh, oh, Cordy was talking again.

"The color of your eyes.  That's what I've been trying to figure out for the past few minutes.  And I'm wondering if they change with your mood."

With that, Wesley relaxed into another genuine, heartfelt smile.

"We can do a little experiment then.  To see if they change at all."  He was baiting her, just to see where it would lead to next.

"Good ole' Wes.  Always the scientist."  She still hadn't moved away.  "What do I do?"

Cordy quirked her lips up into a smile that said it all.  She was game to play.

"A person's eyes do different things when he or she is frightened or sad."  Her hand had moved down to his shoulder from where she had placed on his cheek not moments earlier.

"Or say maybe hungry or lonely.  I mean hungry as in I need some meat and potatoes rather than the other way."

Cordy's blushing, he saw.  It really looked like she was.  Was she feeling some of the same things he was feeling?  Like if he didn't get his mouth on her soon, he'd expire right on her sofa.

"What do they look like right now?" he asked as he moved closer.

"Not sure.  Haven't finished the experiment just yet.  I'll tell you when I do."

Cordy crushed her mouth down on his, finally.  And she didn't close her eyes.  He didn't close his either.  They were lip-locked, but nothing else.  No movement between the two of them.  They stayed like this for what seemed an eternity.  Cordy finally broke the silence.

"What the hell?" Cordy murmured between their lips.  The movement willed Wesley into action.  He grabbed the back of her head, pulled it back ever so slightly and gave her a kiss she wouldn't soon forget.  No talking for her now.

He'd even forgotten about looking at her, he was so stunned by the softness and contours of her lips.  He could feast here for hours and never get bored.  No wonder that second kiss had been so great.  He wasn't nervous this time though.

This was Cordelia, the woman, not some teenage crush.  She moved her head to the side to feel more of him.  She was participating.  A willing participant, not just trying to get rid of the visions and getting caught up in the moment.

She moved closer to him as his hand roamed down her back to the hem of her top.  His fingers skimmed under to her back, which in turn made her get even closer to him.

This wasn't happening, he kept thinking in the back of his mind.  She never in a million years would let him do this.

As they took the kiss deeper, she settled on his lap, straddling him.  He could reach all of her now, which he started to do.  Everywhere he touched was softness.  He wanted to take his mouth away from hers to touch the rest of her with it, but didn't dare because the spell would be broken.  And that would be very bad.

They devoured each other like they were the last two people on earth.  Her hands pulled Wesley's shirt out of his pants and skimmed them up his chest.  He decided to be bold and do the same.

That was when he thought he'd died and gone to heaven.  Absolutely the softest place on her he had explored yet.  A moan tried to escape her lips, but he ate it up, thinking that nothing could break their contact.

Her hips were moving in time with his, even though they were both still fully clothed.  They'd have to break the kiss, he was certain, to move to the next level.   But he didn't want that.

She had gotten all the buttons on his shirt undone or had just ripped them off.  He just knew she had somehow because he felt a little cooler as she stripped it off.  Her hands heated those portions back up quickly and efficiently.

Her top did not have buttons, but it didn't mean he couldn't raise it up to repeat when she had just done.  Would it shock her if he did rip it off of her?  Probably not, considering the hip action she was using right at the moment.

Just as Wesley started to do just that, a vision hit her full force.  He knew exactly when because she broke the kiss and pulled away slightly.  Then her body convulsed as the pain rammed into her.

Wesley held her tightly as it happened so she wouldn't fall to the floor.  He gently laid her down on the sofa in the aftermath.  He ran for the phone as she shouted info to him, all the while holding her head so it wouldn't fall off.  Angel picked up on the second ring, promising to go help the hopeless.  He got her water and aspirin for her headache.  She curled into a ball and went to sleep.   She never mentioned the incident again.

Present Day (During You're Welcome)

"Remember when we used to research together?"

It had been a few long, hard years since that afternoon on Cordy's sofa.  Both were changed in ways neither could have even fathomed back then.  Wesley didn't think that either would have chosen this path voluntarily.  It had just happened.  Too much had happened.  He missed that younger, happier Cordelia so much.

"Kicking it old school."

"You are such a dork, you know that," Cordy told him with a smirk on her face.

They had located what the symbols in Cordy's vision had looked like.  They just needed to figure out when they actually read.

"Blue flame," she whispered to him in his ear as they sat side by side in his office.

"Excuse me?"  Wesley didn't know what she was talking about.  "Do you mean the runes?"

"No silly.  That experiment.  I concluded that it was blue flames."

It dawned on him what she was talking about.  She still remembered after so many lifetimes ago.

"Really.  Well, that's interesting to know."

"And you know what else, Wes?"

"Yes, Cordy."  They looked each other straight in the eyes.

"I would have and could have in a heartbeat."

That statement made him glad and sad at the same time.  Glad that she cared about him that much and sad that they never found out how much.

Cordy moved in and placed a tender, loving kiss on his lips.  Still so soft, he thought.

"Less than a heartbeat," he answered against her lips as he once again kissed her like he meant it, which he did.

If he had known that was the last day she would remain alive, he would have said and done more.  He knew that she loved Angel, but that didn't mean they didn't care for each other deeply.  She knew that she didn't have but one day to fix things, to right the mission and get everyone back on the straight path.

Now he saw what Angel saw.  After all those years, he saw it.  He had loved her as a friend for too long.  If he just let go of his walls, then maybe he could find that kind of love and friendship again.   Someday.