Evolution of the Species

Part 2

The elevator descended into the depths of the earth, deep below the UN building in New York City.

Riley Finn stood next to the uniformed guard to hat met him at reception, feeling tense and a little scared: he didn't know why he'd been called back from Mexico, or what his work could possibly have to do with the UN, but orders where orders.

The elevator stopped, and the guard led the way through the doors and along a corridor without saying a word. The rooms where all numbered rather than named, and it was obvious that this was not a place that wanted to advertise its self too much.

The guard stopped outside a nondescript door and stood to one side. Taking it a read that this was their destination, Riley knocked, then entered.

A young man in a USMC uniform sat behind a high-end workstation, and tall, dark skinned woman sat on a sofa to one side of room. She stood when she saw Riley, and he could see a scar running down one side of her face.

"Captain Finn?" She asked, her accent hard to place, "The name's Flint. Colonel Santini is on the phone to the Sectary General right now, so we'll have to wait a minuet." Riley shook the hand she offered, and was amazed by the strength she possessed.

"Could you tell me why I was asked to come here?" He asked, looking at the four bare walls, "StormWatch isn't in my line of work…"

"No, but your past is." A voice came from the doorway, making Riley turn, "Colonel Benjamin Santini, at your service." He smiled, "Flit, that will be all for today."

"Colonel." Flint nodded, then headed out the door into the corridor.

"Please, come in." Santini held open the other door, "This isn't my usual office: it's just a little space I can use when needed." He motioned Riley to a chair; "I need to ask you about an old friend of yours, "Miss Elisabeth Ann Summers."

"Buffy?" Riley raised an eyebrow, "What do you need to know about her?"

"It's quite simple Captain Finn." Santini sat behind the large desk, "Is she a member of The Authority?"

"What!" Riley almost leapt from his chair, "Buffy's not even a…"

"A Superhuman?" Santini cut him off, pulling a pile of photos from out off a draw, "I beg to different." He passed the pile to Riley; "Miss Summers has been under discreet surveillance since the destruction of the Initiative. 3 weeks ago she met with Jack Hawksmoor, leader of The Authority, on Venice Beach. She then disappeared for two hours. At the same time Christine King, former deputy director of StormWatch, and the only known activator on the planet, also disappeared."

"I don't believe this." Riley looked through the photos: they clearly showed Buffy and Hawksmoor talking, and then disappearing through a 'door' in reality.

"Believe it Captain." Santini opened a cabinet to the side of his desk, revelling a TV/video unit, "Two days later, the surveillance team recorded this." He pressed play.

The video was shaky, the image fuzzy with interference, but Riley could clearly see Buffy and Xander standing before a trio of Daemons, each one standing at lest 7-feet tall, and armed with axes. Buffy stepped forward, her hands seeming to glow brightly as the first Daemon swung its axe at such speed that no normal human could have avoided it.

But Buffy was already standing behind him, grabbing his head with both hands and twisting it enough to snap its neck like a dry twig. A second Daemon lunged forward, buy Buffy kicked out with such force and speed that its head came clean off.

The third Daemon tried to run, but Buffy caught up with it in a moment, lifting it off the ground and holding it in the air. She seemed to interrogate it for a moment, before smashing it into the ground with such force that it left a crater in the concrete.

Santini switched off the tape: "There have been several more instances like that in the past 3 weeks, raging from 'slaying' Master Vampires to lifting a city-buss. Miss Summers is most defiantly a Superhuman, and a quite powerful one at that: I have been told that if she could fly, she would have earned a 'Majestic' level classification."

"What dose this have to do with me?" Riley asked, shocked by what he had seen.

"Miss Summers is not considered a threat at the moment, but she dose have a proven connection with The Authority." Santini explained, "We want you to join StormWatch, so that if it is ever considered necessary to make contact with her, we have a friendly face to show her." He sat back, "Well?"

"Ok." Riley nodded, "I'm in…"

The End
More Buff/Authority fun in the forthcoming 'Child of our time'…