DISCLAIMER: Joss owns the canon. I own Laney.

TIMELINE: AU from season one of Angel. When Faith goes to LA, Anya,
feeling separated from the scooby gang, goes with her, hoping to use
her slayer powers to tap into her former vengeance demon status. As
they're both following Faith, Lindsey and Anya meet, and now, years
later, they have a daughter. If anyone would like to take the
meeting/setup as a challenge, let me know, and I'll write it up

Four year old Menley Magdalane McDonald (who her Aunt Fred called M-
cubed and everyone else called Laney), knew three things for
certain. She knew that orgasms were kind of like strawberry caramel-
swirl ice cream, only better, she knew that the bracelet she always
wore around her wrist was very important, and she knew that some
things were fair and some things weren't.

"This isn't fair, pallid vampire," she said, looking up at Angel reproachfully. "I'm not even sure it's constitutional."

Angel looked down at the little girl, who stared back at him with Anya's earnest eyes. Her dark hair tied in pigtails, the child resembled some sort of indignant cherub, and had his default facial
expression not been a broody glower, Angel would have had to bite back a smile.

"There's nothing unconstitutional about having to brush your teeth," he said.

Laney glanced away. Mommy and Daddy had left her with Uncle Ensouled Non-Human and she was supposed to behave, but Menley Magdalane McDonald had a few tricks up her sleeve, and she never behaved if she could help it.

"Uncle Ensouled Non-human?" she said sweetly, batting her eyelashes. Angel groaned. Laney batting her eyelashes was never, ever a good sign.

"Yes?" Angel answered begrudgingly.

"You have teeth, do you not?" Laney asked, knowing quite well that she was leading the witness...errrr... babysitter.

"Yes, I have teeth," Angel answered.

"And I have teeth as well, do I not hair-gelled adult?" Laney didn't wait for him to answer. "I certainly do. And you wish for me to brush aforementioned teeth, isn't that right, tallish hybrid?"

Angel could only nod. Once five year old Laney got started, nothing could stop her.

"So, if I have to brush my teeth, it's only fair that you have to brush yours as well," Laney concluded.

"I don't have a toothbrush," Angel said, thinking on his feet.

Laney held a Barbie toothbrush up to him, smiling. "You can use this one," she said.

"Isn't that your toothbrush?" Angel backpedaled.

Laney shook her head earnestly back and forth, pigtails flying. "Mine is the color of fresh dollar bills," she said, holding up a green toothbrush.

Angel shook his head at her words. The child was definitely Anya's.

"I object to this toothbrushing business," Laney said. "On the grounds that you're not brushing yours."

And, Angel thought, she was definitely Lindsey's.


I'll work on a longer, better one with Lindsey and Anya actually in it, but this was the best I could do half asleep and without much warning. Hope you enjoyed.