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By: Youkai Yume

Chapter One: I Didn't Ask For Your Help

Sesshomaru was becoming quite irritated. The stubborn Bear youkai refused to give up, even though death was inevitable. It swung it's huge paws at him, which he easily dodged. Sesshomaru cracked his knuckles, before driving his poison dripping claws into the bear youkai's stomach. It roared painfully into the night, and fell limply to the forest floor. Sesshomaru let out a pleased chuckle. Yes, his thirst for vengaence was quenched, now that he disposed of the youkai that dared to attack Rin.

"Impudent beast," he spat before turning his heels to leave. Before he could gloat over his victory, he felt a sharp pain pierce his side. Sesshomaru fell to his knees as crimson blood spilled forth from his wound. He lifted his hand and touched the wound, then examined his bloodstained fingers, as if acknowledging that it was really his.

He turned to face the bear youkai, who surprisingly wasn't as dead as he thought. It staggered, barely able to stand on its own feet, before gaining all of its composure again.

"You'll regret that," Sesshomaru ran at full speed towards it, and attempted to slice it's body in half. To his surprise, the bear youkai was able to dodge it, and took another swipe at him. He dodged to the side, and was about to run past it for a side attack when a faint glitter caught his eye. 'Jewel shards!' he noticed three embedded on its back. 'No wonder it can last so long, no matter, it will be dead soon enough.'

It was now that the jewel shards decided to take full effect, as Sesshomaru undoubtedly noticed it was becoming ten times faster! Or rather, he was becoming slower. It wasn't until then that he realized he had suffered a great blood loss, even for a youkai.

"Damnit!" he cursed under his breath.

"Inuyasha! Three shards straight ahead!"

"I'm all over it!" Inuyasha sped up, with Kagome clinging to the back of his fire rat kimono tightly. The others were trailing behind on Kirara's back. Vibrant colors of green passed as the forest scenary flew around them. Kagome tightened her grip on Inuyasha. Somehow, she sensed not one, but two very strong youkai in the direction of the shards.

'I hope this won't be too hard.' They had stopped in a small clearing, Kagome was utterly shocked at the scene that met her eyes. A huge Bear youkai was towering over a mortally wounded Sesshomaru. Inuyasha noticed too, because in a blink of an eye, his Tetsusaiga was drawn and poised for attack.


The taiyoukai's head snapped up at the sound of the voice. He growled at the sight of his hanyou half-brother. 'Great, just what I need.' He was about to avert his attack on Inuyasha before he heard a honey sweet voice reach his ears.

"Inuyasha! The shards are on the bear youkai's back!" Kagome yelled. Inuyasha hesitated turning his back on his brother for a second before going after the youkai. He swung the Tetsusaiga at the bear youkai's back, and destroyed with a single blow. The shards fell onto the ground, which Kagome picked up and purified with her touch.

He turned his attention back to Sesshomaru, a victorious gleam in his eye. Sesshomaru growled, cursing himself for being in such a weakened state in front his half-brother. He could barely stand, and his vision was beginning to look fuzzy. 'No! I will NOT die at HIS hands!'

"Well, well, this seems to be my lucky day," Inuyasha smirked, "I get to kill two birds with one stone!" he raised the sword, ready to strike when-

"SIT, BOY!" Thump.

"BITCH! WHAT'D YOU DO THAT FOR?!" he cursed into the dirt.

Kagome paused, why DID she stop him? Sesshomaru was one of their greatest enemies, and if he was killed, there would be one less problem, right? She glanced over at the wounded demon lord. Her heart melted. 'Because it's wrong to take advantage of him when he's so hurt.if it were anyone else, I'd still help them, and Sesshomaru's no exception.'

"Because he's hurt! And we're gonna help him!" She said, her tone final.

"Are you crazy?! This is SESSHOMARU! He's tried to kill you before, or have you forgotten, hey listen to me when I'm talking to you wench!"

"Inuyasha?" She smiled sweetly at him. 'Uh Oh,' he knew what was coming next.

"Sit." Thump.

Kagome walked calmly around Inuyasha's subdued form and stood before Sesshomaru. He let out a feral growl that said 'If you come any closer, I'll kill you!' She ignored it though, and bent down at his weakened form. To see him like this, it kind of scared her and weirded her out at the same time.

"I didn't ask for your help, wench!" he spat. She gazed at him, her blue eyes questioning.

"I know, but I wanted to anyway," She answered. With that, Sesshomaru gave into his exhaustion, and steadily let his eyelids droop. Before giving into slumber completely, he caught a glimpse of what was perhaps concern, flicker across the miko's face.
"Kagome, are you sure it's safe?" Sango looked cautiously at the fallen Western Lord before fixing her gaze back on Kagome. It just didn't make sense to her. Sure, Kagome was a kind and warm-hearted person, but this WAS Sesshomaru we're talking about here.

"No." She said truthfully, while continuing to bandage Sesshomaru's wounds. "But I just couldn't leave him there.besides, I don't think it's right for Inuyasha to slay his own brother, even if he is a bloodthirsty killer."

"You're right, I know you're not that kind of person," Shippo pounced in between the conversing girls and puffed out his chest.

"Don't worry Kagome! If anything happens, I'll protect you!" Kagome only giggled at his little boast.

"Of course you will! You're my hero Shippo-chan!" Shippo's smile grew wider upon hearing this, and he happily jumped into Kagome's lap.

The fire crackled merrily, casting shadows on all of the members sitting around it. Inuyasha was sitting on top of a tree, as usual, deep in thought. He occasionally threw heated glances at Kagome and his still passed out half-brother. Only one thought resounded in his head. 'Why?' He knew Kagome was known for her kindness, it's one of the things that he adored about her, but he knew that even she must have her limits.

"Inuyasha?" came Kagome's voice. He grunted, showing that he was listening. "Thank you, for understanding."

"Feh! Just don't get used to it! Next thing I know, you might want to invite Naraku over for tea!"

"I might just do that," Inuyasha nearly fell out his tree at her response, and glared daggers at her when she went into a fit of giggles. But his face slowly softened after she stopped and gave him a warm-hearted smile. 'It's all worth it, just to see her smile.'

Kagome turned her attention back to the demon lord when he began to stir. 'I have to admit, he looks like and angel when he's not trying to kill people, or yelling, 'Die Inuyasha!''

She gently brushed his silver bangs out of his eyes, but pulled back her hand almost instantly as if she touched fire when she found two golden orbs staring curiously at her. They seemed to stay like that for hours, staring at her until Kagome decided to break the silence.

"Feeling better?" he didn't respond, but instead closed his eyes and inhaled her scent. She smelled of sakura blossoms and jasmine, and there was a hint of nervousness in her scent, but no fear. For some reason, he was glad that she wasn't afraid of him. All in all, she smelled rather pleasant for a human.

As soon as he thought this, he mentally slapped himself. 'All humans are filthy, and this one,' he glanced at her emotionlessly, 'is no different.' But still, he was rather curious of her actions. He had expected her to let Inuyasha kill him, but instead she saved him. He just had to find out why.

"Why did you save me?" Kagome sighed in relief. She half expected him to lash out at her.

"I don't know.but do you always need a reason to help someone?" She answered shyly. Sesshomaru thought over what she said.

"Yes, for you humans, it does. There is always something that you want in return for a certain deed. If you are looking for a reward, you are sadly mistaken."

Kagome was taken back at his reply. She felt tiny pricks of anger rising in her chest. Sesshomaru noticed her sudden shift in moods also.

"Well sorry! If you wanted to die so much than why don't you say so next time?" Kagome crossed her arms over her chest and pouted, directing her gaze elsewhere. Sesshomaru was slightly surprised at her response, she was brave for a human. Or rather, stupid. He made a move to sit up, but quickly regretted doing so, as a sharp pain went through his side. 'That's right, I'm injured.'

His hand flew up to touch the wound, but he was surprised to find it already bandaged. He looked over to the miko, 'She did this.' Although he would never admit it, he was grateful, and knew that if anyone deserved respect, it was her.

"Tell me, what is your name?" He asked. Kagome was needless to say shocked. She looked into his indifferent face, and noticed that his eyes were a bit softer than before. Or maybe it was just her imagination.

"Kagome. My name is Kagome Higurashi."

"Kagome." her name rolled of his tongue, "It suits you."

Kagome could only blush at the comment.

"Thank You, Sesshomaru-sama."

End Chapter
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