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Year: After Colony 231

Location: Colony Cluster L2

A gun. A single, metallic, deadly sounding word. What else could be used to describe such a device? It leads to nothing but endless, cruel pain and torment. And yet he watched it as it sat in the most unlikely of places; a white washed end-table draped with a lacy cloth.

He sat in a pale blue armchair directly beside the table, his back toward the kitchen door and the thee people inside it. His crept closer and closer the metal object, slowly at first, but then increasing in speed. Beads of perspiration accumulated on his forehead. He felt and heard his respiration rate and heart beat increase drastically; the sounds of them completely downed out the sounds of the television in front of him. Why did he hesitate? There was a time when he would have done this so willingly; a time when he wouldn't have given it a second thought.; but that time had evaporated, just as the casing over his heart had. It had disappeared in an instant; and it could never return.

He felt his hand collide with the weapon. His fingers mechanically wrapped around its cold body. He body knew exactly where each finger must go. He smirked. Like learning to ride a bike. Slowly, he raised the small killing machine into the air. He could hear the voices of those behind him. They were happy. Who wouldn't be with Christmas next week. Who wouldn't? He wouldn't, that's who. Before he knew it, he felt the metallic coldness of the opening of the gun's barrel against his temple. He smiled again. Now they wouldn't ever be able to find him. They would leave him and those he loved alone. They would deal without him. He shut his brilliant lavender eyes tight and pulled the trigger.

A click. A solitary click.

"Damn it!" he whispered, opening his eyes. Of all the dumb mistakes. The gun was empty. He dropped the object that had come so close to ending his life into his lap. He glared at the weapon; he blamed it. Any trouble that would follow would be a result of the fucking gun lacking ammunition. He entered a trance; hypnotized. Something spoke to him. A metallic, yet strangely familiar voice. It mocked him; told him the truth. A truth he didn't want to here.

"You knew! You know you knew! You couldn't have done it!

You've always been too soft. And now you're even softer."

"Dad? Dad?" A young girl's voice rang through his ears. He snapped back to reality. In front of him stood a fifteen-year-old girl. Her eyes, that matched the color of his perfectly, were filled with worry. Her face was thin, much like her mother's and she shared her mother's cascading blond hair. But her nose; that was his, and her ears too. She was his daughter, and there was no one more proud to say that than he. She held the gun in her hand; tears forming in violet perfection.

He sighed. She knew what he had tried. He felt in his heart that she also knew why. They stared at one another in perfect understanding. The voices of the girl's mother and brother remained in the kitchen; cheerful. They knew nothing of what had transpired in the last few minutes. She hadn't said a word to them. His secret, his attempt, only she knew; and she wouldn't tell a soul. He knew she wouldn't. His wife's voice called to her. He watched her hide all the traces of sadness in her eyes, so that there was not even a bit remaining; she dropped the device in his lap and walked away; for an instant, resting her hand on top of his, which resided on the chairs plush armrest. She seemed to say she understood. And then, she was gone.

A few minutes later, he stood up and stretched, forgetting about the gun until it toppled on to the floor. The sound it made as it hit the hardwood floor made him jump. It startled his family as well. The woman and her son turned to look at him; the daughter stared in horror; they would find out.

"Duo? What was that?" His wife's voice echoed through his body, banging against his body, making his whole being vibrate. Time seemed to stand still. Each second lasted for an eternity. His mouth went dry and his eyes filled with tears.

"Nothing," he called back, struggling to keep his voice steady, his eyes locked on the floor. The gun's barrel had been knocked open and a solitary bullet rocked back and fourth next to it, as it slowly lost it's velocity.

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