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Chapter 2


Van woke up with a feeling bothering him. He didn't know what it was. As usual he got up and changed, but the feeling was still with him. He decided to check on Fiona because he had a feeling that what ever was bothering him it had to do with her. Van left his room and headed towards Fiona's.

Once he got there he knocked but no one answered. Van tried again, but still there was no answer. With that his bad feeling got worst so he decided to go in. He opened the door and found the room empty. This surprised him. He knew that Fiona woke up early, but it was 5:30 in the morning. He doubted that even she would be awake.

Van went inside the room and searched for her. He checked her bathroom but no one was there. Then he noticed something. Her bed was still made. That only meant one thing. She hadn't slept there!

Van's heart raced at a thousand miles per second. Trying to think straight he searched for any other clues that would help him. Then he noticed that her window was open. Van walked towards it. He clearly saw that the window was forced open. Van ran out of the room.

Fiona woke from her deep sleep. She slowly opened her eyes but she only saw darkness. The blonde tried to remember what had happened. She remembered seeing Van then entering her room. That was it! When she went in someone was already there.

Fiona tried to get of from where ever she was laying but she couldn't. She was tied! Both her arms and legs were tied up. Fiona tried to free herself, but it was useless.

"What's going on? Where am I?" Fiona asked. Although she doubted that someone would answer her. /I need to free myself. I have to get out of here./

The door of the room opened. A person came in, but Fiona couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman because that person was hiding in the shadows.

"Who are you? Why have you brought me here?" She asked. Fiona tried to remain calm, but something told her that everything was wrong. Something bad was about to happen.

The person of the shadows came out to reveal itself to her. Fiona's eyes grew wide ones she saw who it was.

Van ran into the control room. Herman was already there even though it was early. He saw Van come in and wondered why Van would be up so early. It wasn't a secret to anyone that Van was the kind of person who usually slept in late.

"Herman, Fiona is missing!" Van Said as he ran in the room. Everyone in the room stared at him shock. Quickly Herman made his to Van.

"What happened?" He asked worried.

"I went to check on Fiona and I didn't find her in her room. I found her window forced open." Said Van who was trying to remain calm, but he couldn't. Fiona was missing and he didn't know why or where she was. This was driving him mad.

Herman turned to face one of the soldiers. "Wake everyone up. I want a group of zoids searching the perimeter." Said Herman. Fiona was one of his closest friends. He wanted her to be safe.

Van was about to leave to go and look for Fiona when Herman stopped him. "Van you should stay here."

"Why? It will be better if I go look for her too." Said Van who didn't understand why Herman was stopping him.

"No it won't. Van I know how you feel about her and if you go out in this state you will only complicate everything." Said Herman. It didn't take a person with half a brain to know how Van and Fiona felt for each other.

Van wanted to protest but everyone that was asleep came in. He could hear a grumpy Irvine walking in and saying things like 'it should be illegal to wake someone up this early'.

Herman stood in front of them and said, "I have just found out that Fiona is missing." A lot of soft comments were heard, but what was heard was Irvine saying.

"What! When! Where! Why! How!" Irvine yelled. The sleepiness the he had was long gone. Now there was only fury.

"Van found her missing." Was all Herman said.

"Then what are you waiting for. Send everyone to look for her!" Yelled Irvine. He had forgotten that he was talking to someone who was superior to him.

Herman could of have scolded him for talking to him like that, but he knew that Irvine hadn't meant it. He knew that Irvine saw Fiona as a younger sister so that is why he was acting this way.

"I have already sent several zoids to search for her. If that doesn't work I'll send more from here and other bases." Herman said.

Irvine then noticed how Van was. His face was completely pale. Irvine walked over to Van. He put a hand on Van's shoulder. "Fiona is a strong person. I'm sure that where ever she is she will be fine." Irvine said to Van hoping it would give him some hope. Van only nodded.

"Thomas." Fiona said. What was he doing here? Fiona tried to move but since she was tied it was hopeless.

Thomas didn't say anything. He just stood like a statue. There was something wrong about him, but Fiona couldn't place it.

"Thomas what are you doing here? Did you bring me here?" Fiona asked. Still Thomas didn't respond.

"Don't try to talk to him. It's useless." A voice said. Fiona tried to find the owner of the voice, but it seemed as if the voice came from the walls. The room was completely dark except where Fiona was. A white light shined on her.

"Who are you? What have you done to him?" Fiona asked. She tried to hide her fear so that her captor wouldn't notice. /Van were are you/

"Oh, we just took over his mind. We needed this human to bring you here. Now that he has accomplished that his useless." Another voice said.

"What do you mean? What are you going to do to him?" Fiona asked. She was afraid of what they might do to Thomas.

Another voice only laughed. "Do not worry. We will not kill him. We will only return him to were he belongs."

Fiona felt a lot better with that, although there was another thing bothering her. "Why am I here?"

"You my dear do not need to know that. At least not know." The first voice said. Fiona was about to say something but Thomas began to move. His moves were so weird that it almost seemed as if he were a robot. Thomas walked back into the shadows and left.

"What do you want with me?" Fiona asked, but this time there was no answer. Fiona couldn't take it. She wanted to know why she had been brought here. Who were this people? What did they want with her? She wanted to scream but she knew it wouldn't help her.

/Van where are you? Where are you when I need you the most/ Fiona asked herself.

"Do not think about him. He will not help you." Said another voice. "Rest you will need it." Fiona wasn't able to protest because all of the sudden she began to feel sleepy.

Karl walked into the control room with a huge headache. His head hurt so much, but he had no idea what caused it. He brought one of his hands to his forehead to gently massage it. It took a while for Karl to notice that something wasn't right.

Karl's attention was caught by Van walking back and forth in the room. "What's going on?" Karl asked.

One of the soldiers in there stopped to answer him. "Fiona has disappeared."

Karl's eyes grew wide. "Fiona is missing?" He asked because he couldn't believe it. The soldier nodded. "When did that happen?" Karl asked.

"Apparently last night. Captain Herman already send out soldiers looking for her, but unfortunately we haven't found her yet." The soldier said. With that he return to what he was doing before.

Karl couldn't help but worry. /She's been missing since last night. It's almost night right now./ He softly sigh. /I hope that where ever she is that she is fine./ Karl then remember that Van was there. He knew that Van would need all the support he could get. All though he found something weird. Where was Thomas? He knew his brother has a thing for Fiona so the natural thing would be that he would be here. Maybe he was outside looking for her with the others.

Karl made his way towards Van and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. Van turned to face the owner of the hand. Van's face was pale and a look of worry was written all over his face. "Where can she be Karl?" Van asked softly. This wasn't normal for him to be this way. He could only imagine the pain he was going through.

"I don't know Van. I can't tell you not to worry because I know I cannot ask you that, but you at least need to rest." Karl said, but Van shoke his head. "Do it for her. Fiona needs you strong when she comes back." Van only smiled, it was a tired one but he smiled for the first time today. "I'm going to talk to Captain Herman" Karl patted Van's shoulder and left.

Fiona woke up from her deep sleep. When she did she found a huge surprise. Fiona was no longer in that room that seemed more like a lab. This room was actually a bedroom. A huge pink bedroom. She herself was laying on a queen size bed! The bigger surprised was that she was no longer tied. Fiona got up from her bed and looked around the bedroom. It was absolutely gorgeous.

"What is going on here?" Fiona asked. This was really confusing. Wasn't she tied a few hours ago is a room. Then what is she doing here?

"So you're finally awake." Said a voice. Fiona quickly turned to face the person. It was a young man that looked like he was a year or two older than her. He had a light brown hair with green eyes and was about Van's height.

"Who are you?" Fiona asked. She kept her distance from him just in case he tried to do something.

"My name is Kevin. Don't worry I wont do anything to you." Kevin said. He smiled because he saw that Fiona didn't trust him.

"Why am I here?" Fiona asked getting straight to the point.

"Because we need two things for you." Kevin answered. He walked towards the balcony that was in Fiona's room. Kevin opened the doors and motion Fiona to follow him. Fiona followed him but kept her distance.

Fiona saw other people outside. From the view she could tell that she was on a second floor of a building that looked more like a mansion. Something caught Fiona's attention. She quickly turned to face the man that was next to her. With the look that she gave him he realized that she had figured it out.

"You're ancient zodians like me."

Author's Note: Oh my god! Here's a twist for this story. Now what could they possibly want with her?