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=Demon's Angel=

By: Youkai Yume

Chapter 1: Dreaming of Angels

He lay there, eyes closed and his breath shallow. His senses were slowly dying away as he suddenly became aware that he was alone. Completely and utterly alone, here in the infinite darkness of his pain, his loneliness. The only thing that kept him company was the tiny sound of dripping water, falling from the heavens and landing around his still body, rippling perfect rings when touching the liquid surface.

Water. . .he was lying on top of water. Not floating, or in it, but actually lying on it, as if it were a bed. His silver hair fanned around his godly form, and although his body was scarred and damaged, blood seeping from his wounds, he was still beautiful.

He felt so heavy, so exhausted and tired that he was surprised he wasn't sinking. Throat dry, he parted his lips to speak, but found that he had lost his voice. A sudden aching filled him, and it wasn't from just his battered body. It echoed from deep within his soul, his heart. He didn't want to live anymore. He didn't want to bear this pain, this feeling of emptiness inside him any longer.

It was then that his fading sense of smell was filled with the scent of sakura blossoms and jasmine, kissed with the smell of light spring rain. The demon lord's mind suddenly cleared out of its' dark haze, only to find himself craving for more of the pleasing scent. The feeling of fading into oblivion slowly dissipated from his mind as he felt a growing desire, a need to live. It all came to him within the scent.

Forcing his eyes to open, he blinked, dazed into his dark surroundings. His body felt so cold, so completely frozen in this black void. But he ignored it, his mind locked onto one thought. 'Where was that scent coming from?'

The chasm was completely dark, save for the one single ray of light that filtered onto the taiyoukai's still form. The scent was stronger now. Oh how he wanted to move, to stand on his own legs if only for a moment, to find the source of that heavenly scent, his last reason for living. As he continued to lie there, he was unaware of the tiny specks of light and haunting orbs that began to surround the lonely prison, giving it an almost mystical look.

Hope slowly slipping away, he closed his eyes once more, giving into his exhaustion. 'Let me die. End my pain. Drown my sorrows.' He thought sadly, and a sudden peace came over him. He would accept death. Welcome it with open arms and never look back, never regret.

Just as the thought had ended, he felt something warm press against his own lips. 'A kiss?' With it came an unexplainable wave of fire, of warmth. It steadily spread from his lips to the very ends of his toes. He realized that the unbearable pain that had burdened his body just a while ago had been completely lifted.

The scent was all around him now, so close, he felt that he could feel and taste it. Perhaps he already was, as a newfound passion began to rise, and he slowly responded to the kiss. What started out as shy and tender became fervent and hungry, as he slipped his tongue out from between his lips to caress the unknown person's lower lip, grazing over it slightly with one of his fangs and nibbled sensually.

Eliciting a moan, they parted their lips, giving permission for further exploration. He dipped into their mouth hungrily, tasting and tracing every part of their sweet mouth. He didn't care who he was locking lips with at the moment, or why, as this was the first time that he had ever done so, only that it felt right, and that he wanted, no, needed more.

As quickly as the kiss came, it had ended. He could feel the person pulling away, separating from his own slightly swollen lips. Feeling a sudden loss from the touch, he quickly opened his eyes once more. Hovering over him was the silhouette of a shadowed figure. Raven hair blowing gently around her slender form as little specks of light surrounded her. He couldn't see the woman's face, but only her sapphire eyes shone in the dark void.

Those eyes would be forever etched into his memory, for never had he seen such breathtakingly beautiful depths. The flickering lights swirled around her, giving her an ethereal look of undeniable beauty. Even in this dark chasm, her form shrouded in darkness, she still looked like an angel. 'My angle,' he thought possessively.

Slowly reaching out his hand, he touched her face. So soft and warm, the feeling delightful under his burning fingertips. His mind suddenly clicked. 'I can move.' Still slightly dazed, he sat up, never once breaking away from her sapphire orbs. Even in the black shadows, he saw her lips curve into a tender smile. Placing her gentle hand over his, which still remained resting on her cheek, she leaned into his palm, turning her head slightly to kiss his wrist.

He gazed down at his body, which instead of being bloody and scarred like he had expected, was completely unscathed. Bringing his golden gaze to hers once more, he whispered in a voice of amazement,

"You healed me. . ." The angel could only smile and nod. Emotion overwhelmed him. "But, why?" He had to know, just when he was on the brink of death, of relieving his pain, why? The beauty before him still gazed at intensely, eyes boring into his own. Her grip on his hand tightened a bit.

"It is not yet time for you to depart this world. A great destiny lies before you, and only by fulfilling it can you find eternal happiness." The demon lord hung onto her every word.

"But how?" His usual stoic mask gone, and his voice laced with confusion and wonder.

"Purge yourself of your hatred and greed, bury your sorrows and grief, and find salvation in love." She said gently, her voice achingly fond towards the taiyoukai. "You must live, Sesshomaru." With that, her hand began to slip away from his own grasp, and he held onto her with all of his strength, refusing to let go. But it seemed the tighter he held, the more she was being pulled away, back into the heavens.

"Please, don't leave," Sesshomaru whispered to the ethereal beauty, not wanting the moment to end. Shaking her head, her voice sang out to him like a melody in reassuring comfort.

"Do not fear, for we shall meet again."

"When?" He asked, as she floated higher, and higher still, their hands barely linked.

"You will know me when you see me," She answered, her words laced in sadness of having to leave the demon lord.

"I don't even know your name. . ." She smiled warmly at him, and as their hands finally parted, her lips moved sensually to whisper her name.

"I am Kagome."

Sesshomaru's eyes shot open. Sitting himself up on his futon, the covers slipped to reveal his fine muscled chest. His hand went to comb through his silver sea of hair, and he sighed. That dream, it had left with a sudden feeling of emptiness and loss. Yet, at the same time, for one brief moment, he was able to feel complete, as if in pure bliss.

'Kagome. . .' the vision of the angel in his dreams haunted him. 'She said her name was Kagome.' Why did it sound so familiar? He knew he had heard it somewhere before, but the memory remained buried in his mind. He recalled her scent. It was so wonderfully amazing, even in a dream. 'But a dream is just a dream,' he reminded himself.

Resting his head back onto the futon, he held up his hand in the pale moonlight. He could still the tingling effect of her warm skin on his fingertips. Closing his eyes, he recalled her scent. Sesshomaru inhaled the air, as if hoping that by doing so, he could still catch in remnants of her natural essence from the dream.

'It seemed so real,' he mused. In a way, he was glad that it wasn't real. Like he, Sesshomaru, would ever fall into a state of such weakness and helplessness that he desired death. But on the other hand, admitting it was all part of a dream meant that his sweet angel was only an illusion.

Sesshomaru mentally shook himself. He was pining over a girl that didn't even exist! Yes, he was sure she was only a figment of his dreams, for who could ever be so perfect as she? No such being existed. Still, he lay awake, staring at the ceiling as his memory surfaced to her unforgettable sapphire gems. Her eyes. . .If he lived a thousand years, reincarnated into a thousand lifetimes, never would he ever forget her intense gaze, her blue pools of mysterious beauty.

His mind began to wander more deeply into the dream. Was it some sort of premonition? A vision perhaps? And if it was, would he actually be able to meet this angel? Could it possibly be that his fate was intertwined with hers somehow?

Shifting slightly into a more comfortable position, he cut off all thoughts there in an attempt to regain sleep. Afterall, a dream's just a dream. Still, as he drifted once more into his realm of slumber, he couldn't help but hope to see that angel, just one more time.

The midnight sky sparkled with the twinkling of the bright stars. Kagome lay with her hands folded behind her head, gazing upon them with a look of contentment. A little kitsune pup rested his head on her stomach, sleeping peacefully as she ran her slender fingers through his fiery red hair. She giggled when she heard him mutter in his sleep,

"That tickles. . .Momma. . ." Her attention was averted elsewhere though, when she heard an annoyed "Feh," from beside her. She turned her head to gaze over at her hanyou companion.

"You spoil that brat too much ya know?" He said to her in his usaul cocky tone. She only rolled her eyes and gave him a half-amused smile.

"Deciding to join me out here stargazing Inuyasha?" He scoffed in response, blushing slightly and turning away.

"Yeah right, I only needed some time to think. Sango's giving Miroku quite the abuse today, and I just can't think with them bickering." Kagome sighed to herself. 'Kind of sounds like someone else I know,' she thought sadly. Noticing her sudden shifts in mood, Inuyasha edged closer to her.

"What's the matter with you?" He asked, trying to sound annoyed though it was obvious he was worried. Kagome only shook her head.

"It's nothing!" Hoping he took this as a sign to drop it, she turned her attention back to the stars. Inuyasha, to her relief, did the same. For a long while, they stayed like that, in utter silence until a streak of light danced across the black sky.

"Look, Inuyasha!" She said excitedly, "It's a shooting star!" She looked over to where he sat, and smiled when she saw his ears swivel in confusion. He stared at her with his amber eyes.

"Shooting star?"

"Hai. In my era, whenever you see a shooting star, you get to make a wish!" She explained. "If you're lucky, it might just come true!" She continued in a rather singsong voice. Inuyasha looked at the grass for a while.

"Does it work?" He asked, curious. Kagome giggled, the sound like a precious melody to the hanyou's sensitive ears.

"Sometimes, come on, try it! Who knows? Besides, it's a lot easier than wishing on the Shikon no Tama." Inuyasha shrugged and closed his eyes, deep in thought over his wish. When he decided he smirked.

"I wish-"

"No!" Kagome interrupted. "Don't say it aloud, or else it won't come true!" He gave her an annoyed look, which she only returned with an innocent smile. Closing his eyes once more, he made his wish and soon after opened his eyes.

"There!" He said triumphantly. Kagome giggled once more.

"I hope it comes true, Inuyasha," she said, kindness evident in her voice. He tried to suppress the rising blush in his cheeks, turning away once more.

"Uh, whatever. What did you wish for?" He asked, trying to change the subject. Kagome shook her head, some of her raven tresses falling over her shoulder.

"I didn't make a wish," she replied simply. He looked at her, confused.

"Why not?"

"Because all I ever need, is right here," she answered. But somewhere in the back of her mind, a little thought still nagged. 'No it isn't,' it said. 'You still feel empty, even when you ARE with Inuyasha.' Still, she shook the thought from her head, and turned her attention over to Inuyasha. Surprisingly, he had edged closer to her. Blushing, Kagome looked into his amber eyes sheepishly.

"Ano. . ."

"Kagome, what did you REALLY wish for?" Kagome's eyes widened in anger. 'How dare he thinks that I'm lying!'

"You Jerk! SIT!" (thump)

= =

In the shadows, Naraku watched, masking his scent and eyeing the miko with extreme interest. 'Her aura is strong, I sense great powers within her, stronger than that of Kikyo's.' He smirked. 'She can be of great use if under my control.' His mind shifted to another thought. Knowing from past experiences that she wasn't one to be so easily manipulated.

'Her bond with Inuyasha is too strong. She will not be as easy to control as Kikyo.' He watched as Kagome and Inuyasha began bickering with one another, waking up the little kitsune in the process. 'Still, there is one way to get her.'

=End Chapter=

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