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Demon's Angel

By: Youkai Yume

Chapter 7: Her Touch

Her tossing and turning had ceased…at least for now that is. Sesshomaru watched with expressionless golden eyes that glowed in the dark night as Tenshi curled up to her side. Closing his molten depths, he let out a sigh and focused his attention on her now calm scent.

Though he seemed to be at peace, inside his thoughts were conflicting with unanswered questions. What happened back there? What had caused that look of pure terror to befall on her features, and what could've brought on that cry of fear laced in her voice…enough to send her into a deep sleep of fevered dreams?

Sesshomaru knew he normally would not care for a ningen's well being, but his own curiosity overtook him. Besides…seeing her like that back there…her eyes wide, no longer holding the sparkle in her sapphire pools but replaced with fear.

He let out a soft growl. Somehow, the demon lord felt uneasy when he thought back to the picture of fright on her face. He didn't like it. He wasn't sure why, he just didn't like it. Sesshomaru knew Rin was especially worried, almost close to tears when he refused to have her stay with Tenshi throughout the night.

But the child knew better than to defy the demon lord, and sniffling, had followed Jaken, who lead her to her room for the night.

Which left Sesshomaru alone with the young girl, who to this moment still remained unconscious. 'Why am I bothering myself to care for the well-being of this ningen?' He questioned himself. Something stirred within him when the words were echoed in his head, and he tried to quash them out…but to no avail. It was louder than any other thought.

'Because she made you feel.'

Feel what? Anger? Annoyed? At peace? Amusement? Irritation? Or maybe perhaps…it was simply because she made him feel. And that in itself was an impossible task.

The Taiyoukai was brought out of his thoughts when Tenshi began to moan slightly nearby. She began to shift slightly, and he continued to watch emotionlessly, waiting for her to become motionless once more. But when she began to toss and turn, whimpering slightly, his eyebrows creased together in concern.

"Tenshi," He called out stoically, but she seemed to not hear him. He placed a hand firmly on her shoulder, shaking her slightly. "Tenshi," He called out to her again, his voice a bit harsher. Still, she did not waken, not even when he began to shake her slightly.

Sesshomaru narrowed golden eyes when he saw her head thrash from side to side, as if she was trapped in the confinements of her dreams…or perhaps nightmares. Something rose within him when she whispered something in a fearful tone.

"Please no…"

Her breathing was heavy, her legs ached, and she was running. She didn't know what she was running from, but everything screamed in her system to run. The pain in her side still throbbed. The blood still running down her shirt.

Behind her, she could hear the sounds of men crying out to her, and trees falling to the forest ground, echoing in her ears.

"Run, child!" She heard the voice of an old woman say, and she didn't hesitate to comply. That was when she looked back, and a horrible feeling of dread washed over her. Red…silver…menacing amber. Tenshi let out a startled gasp when she recognized him to be the same boy that had plagued her mind earlier that evening.

'It's him!' Tenshi turned back ahead, urging her legs to run even faster. Her fists tightened, and her sapphire eyes widened when she realized she was holding some sort of sphere. Opening her hand for an instant, she examined it to be a purple class orb…

"Wench!" Snarled a harsh voice behind her, and she had no doubt that it belonged to HIM. "GIVE ME THE JEWEL!" He barked.

'Jewel?!' She panicked, her emotions swirling in fear. Something clicked within her mind. The ball that she was holding in her hand…was this the jewel that he wanted? She swallowed. This was the reason why he was chasing her…and she dreaded what he would do if he caught her…

A flashback of when he was smiling evilly at him, cracking his knuckles as he bared fangs at her. Amber eyes shining in bloodlust as he eyed her.

'Someone help!' She thought, and immediately Tenshi envisioned a silver demon lord in her mind. But somehow, Tenshi knew that HE was not here…

Running blindly, Tenshi came to a bridge. It didn't look like a very sturdy bridge, mind you. But right now, her fear of that demon chasing her outweighed her fear of heights.

"You can run, but you can't hide, bitch!" The boy growled. "The Shikon is mine."

He was close on her heels, her heart was beating erratically in her chest, and she was almost sure he could hear it. As she ran across the swaying bridge, she could hear the wooden contraption creak beneath her. Without warning, she found her foot plummeting through broken wood.

Tenshi let out a frightened scream as she was dragged down, and managed to hang on before falling down completely into the raging rapids beneath her.

"T-That was close…" She mumbled, hoisting herself back up. But the minute she raised her sapphire irises, she wished she would've fallen afterall. There he was, so very close, approaching with slowed steps with a smirk on his face.

His eyes glinted with the familiar malice she had seen before as he eyed the jewel that lay just a couple of feet from where she was.

She had dropped it. Tenshi swallowed as he got ever closer. The cries of the villagers on the other side of the bridge cried out for her, but she did not hear them. All she could hear was the sound of her beating heart in her ears, watching as the boy was just mere feet from her. Like a predator stalking his prey.

"Stay away…" She mumbled. "Stay AWAY!"

Tenshi awoke with a start, a cold sweat running down her brow and her breath came out in heavy pants. She looked frantically around the room before her attention was focused onto the demon lord, who jerked her suddenly to his direction, causing her to fall against firm chest.

"Woman," Sesshomaru's voice called out harshly, his icy façade slipping on back more and hiding the concern that was there prior to her awakening. The girl in his arms did not move from her position, but instead her fingers came up to clutch on tightly the silk fabric of his clothes.

She was still trembling, and she buried her face into his chest. Sesshomaru's eyes softened when he heard a whimper elicit from her quivering lips.

His grip on her shoulder loosened into a gentle hold, and he cradled her against him.

"Tenshi," The demon lord called out to her once more, his tone gentler.

"H-He…" She started. "He was after me…" She whimpered. Sesshomaru tightened his hold on her form, interested as she was finally revealing what was plaguing her so.

"Who?" He commanded more than asked.

"I don't know…" She mumbled. "He was, dressed in red….his hair was silver, his eyes amber…" She trailed off, and she could feel the demon lord stiffen. Looking up to him, Tenshi's eyes widened a bit. "He looked kinda like you…"

Sesshomaru remained impassive, and yet he still contained a growl when a certain hanyou began to fit her description. 'Inuyasha.'

"I was so scared…" Tenshi ushered into his chest, his fur.

That was when the demon lord was consumed with confusion. Inuyasha had always been her protector, a friend…perhaps even more, as Sesshomaru had not failed to notice how she would fuss over the hanyou. But…the way she was trembling against him now, on the verge of tears…She seemed to be terrified.

What was going on with her head? Sesshomaru slowly pried her off of him, holding her firmly by her shoulder. His golden eyes bore into hers.

"Tenshi," He said in a low—almost entrancing voice. "What did you see?"

She closed her eyes, shaking her head.

"Please, Sesshomaru-sama. Don't make me remember…" She pleeaded, almost as like a small child as she buried her face into her tail once more. Strange, how he did nothing to stop her, let her cling to him like she did. She was not annoying like he thought her to be, instead…he didn't understand why…but he liked the feeling of her hanging onto him like that. As if she needed him.

"I can not help you regain your memories if you don't want to remember," He said sternly, before he could stop the words from spilling forth. Needless to say, Sesshomaru was surprised with himself. What was he doing? Was he actually trying to help this ningen?

He closed his eyes. He could not deny it. He felt the unwanted pull…he WANTED to help her, to cure her from her plaguing nightmares and the fearful glint in her eyes. God help him why.

"I was…standing in front of a large tree…" Sesshomaru looked down at her. She finally spoke up. "There was blood and demon remains all around me. The smell was disgusting," Tenshi said quietly, her nose scrunching at the memory of the scent.

"He was standing in the middle of it. That boy in red…He looked at me, and…" She closed her eyes. "He tried to kill me."

Sesshomaru became very interested. 'Inuyasha, trying to kill his own woman?' He wondered. That didn't sound like his brother at all, who was usually so eager for her safety. Gently, he nudged her to go on.

"I ran…but he still followed. He kept telling me to give him something…" She mumbled. "A jewel, or something…" The demon lord nodded, knowing instantly what she spoke of.

"The Shikon." Tenshi looked up in mild surprise. "Yeah! That's what it was called!" Then, she frowned. "How did you know?"

Sesshomaru gazed at her, cool and calculating. She really didn't know. Instead of telling her, he decided to show her. Standing up, he left the futon, which caused Kagome to whimper slightly, as if she was afraid he would leave. He did not look at her as he strolled across the room and coming to a small closet where her clothes were thrown carelessly inside. No doubt after she had bathed.

Tenshi watched curiously as he rummaged through them.

"Um. Sesshomaru-sama? What do my clothes have to do with the jewel thingy?"

The demon lord did not answer her, and inwardly scoffed at her usage of words. With a flutter of his silk robes, he had found what he wanted and turned to face her. Seating beside her once more on the futon, he let the item fall from his hands. The sparkling jewel dangling from the silver chain.

"Is this what you saw?" He asked emotionlessly. He saw her sapphire eyes widen and a gasp escaped her delicate lips. Slowly, she let her hands come up to reach for it, her fingers barely touching the jagged class.

"It's real…" She ushered. "But…it's different," Tenshi took the jewel in her hands fully, examining it. "The one that I saw in my dream was complete. This is only half of it!"

'So, it is a memory,' Sesshomaru mused. It seemed that Tenshi was regaining her memories back…his eyebrows furrowed. 'But why does she remember the ones that bring her fear?' Golden eyes watched as the girl took the jewel and placed it around her neck, her fingers clasping, and unclasping around it.

"It was real, all of it was." She mumbled. "That boy…" She trailed off.

The demon lord stood up once more. He had enough for one night, and decided it was time to retire to his chambers. But before he could go anywhere, he felt something grab at his sleeve. Looking down, he saw Tenshi hanging onto his robes.

"Where are you going?" She asked, her voice a bit fearful.

"To my chambers. I am going to retire for the evening," He said blandly. Sesshomaru stared intently as he saw her face falter.

"You're leaving me?! What if I have one of those freaky dreams again?"

He glared at her.

"A dream is just a dream," He chided at her childish behavior. "Nothing more, nothing less."

Tenshi sighed, curling up to her side and lying back down on the futon with a thump.

"You're right…it was stupid of me to even think…" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Think what?"

"Forget it," She brushed off. For a moment she forgot who he was and what he was capable of. "I'm sorry I'm so much trouble. Just…goodnight I guess."

Sesshomaru felt his chest tighten at the sound of her voice, her form looked so fragile bathed in the moonlight. And maybe, just for an instant…he missed her warmth too. But only for an instant. Without another word, he walked out the shoji door, sliding it shut.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

'I'm here…' His mind thought through the heavy haze that fogged his mind. He was back here, lying on top of the water, once more bloodied and bruised and unable to move. Golden eyes trailed upward to the heavens, as he saw the familiar ray of light flickering dimly on his godly form.

His heart began to beat rapidly, as the orbs began to appear one by one around him. A single feather fluttered down to caress his pale cheek and landed next to his still body. 'She's coming,' He thought with a feeling of nostalgia and excitement.

Something within him stirred as he thought of her. Did he really want to see her again that badly? This illusionary angel that so haunted his being…

A shadowed figure appeared above him, descending slowly to where he lay. The demon lord watched as if in a trance as she came gracefully down, her shadowed face not hiding the sapphire eyes that shone in the dark.

Carefully, she kneeled by him, leaning down so that her raven hair cascaded over her shoulder and tickled his chest, and caressed his face. The angel moved her face closer to his, only mere inches apart. He could feel her warm breath, take in her intoxicating scent.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes expectantly, as he knew what was going to come next.

His warmth against hers, His lips against her lips, their tongues meeting in a ritualistic dance…He moaned softly into her mouth, his fingers coming up to bury themselves in her silky mane as he found his renewed strength, just like before.

Parting from her slightly, he breathed heavily against her lips as he whispered in a low and husk voice.


Golden eyes snapped open, his fingers brushing against silver bangs as he sat up in his futon.

'She came to me again…' He thought solemnly, claws coming up tentatively to trace his lower lip, as if remembering the warmth of her kiss. Gods, it was if he was addicted…to something that wasn't even real.

'Or is it?' His mind wandered once more to his own littl "Angel," that he kept for the sole purpose that she reminded him of HER. And Kami-sama, he was going to find out in what way she was linked to her.

As if following his thoughts, Sesshomaru found himself parting with his comforting bed and moving towards the door. His tail brushed the floor momentarily as he shut the shoji door behind him, walking down the hallway to who knows where.

His walk lead him to another shoji door. Tenshi's shoji door to be exact. As if a puppet being controlled by a puppeteer, he slid it open and stepped soundlessly inside, his golden orbs fixated on the young girl sleeping in the middle of the room.

Walking to her, he kneeled beside her futon, watching as she slept peacefully, her breathing calm and soothing. The moon shone through like gentle butterflies landing on her skin, giving her an ethereal glow that would rival his dream angel.

Not sure what compelled him to do it, he let a clawed finger touch her soft cheek ever so lightly. It danced up her brow, then down to trace her jaw. Sesshomaru's eyes widened when he realized that his fingers were wandering dangerously near her pink lips, and he drew back as if he touched wildfire.

What was he doing here, in a ningen's room, letting himself indulge in his curiosity with her? It was unheard of, a momentary lapse caused by the dream. Abruptly, he stood up, not making a sound as he stepped out of her room once more. Only the swish of his robes and the slight moan in her sleep could be heard.

And as the demon lord stood on the other side of the shadowed shoji screen, he couldn't help but bring his hand up to examine under intense golden depths, growling softly. And Sesshomaru willed with all of his being, to try to forget the feeling of her soft, warm skin beneath his fingertips.

End Chapter

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