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Chapter 1: Anti-Social Relations

Summer After 6th Year

Harry walked the hallways of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alone as he made his way to Dumbledore's office, as requested.

There had been a change in accommodation these summer holidays. He had arrived at Kings Cross Station, as he did every year to find his Uncle there waiting. Saying goodbye to Hermione, Ron and Ginny as they made their way over to Mrs Weasley, they quickly disappeared. He met his Uncle on the busy platform of no. 9 who seemed to be sadistically happy.

"Well boy. We're moving. We are not taking you with us. I believe this belongs to you." He held out a plastic shopping bag that contained a couple of pairs of Vernon's socks, and a couple of pairs of Dudley's old pants and shirts. The ones Harry didn't use or want. He'd hopped they would be disposed of during the year. Harry looked up into Vernon's smirking face.

"No thanks as usual I see. You ungrateful freak. I could have just left you on the station not knowing we'd moved. I took valuable time to come here and tell you. And bring you're belongings." Vernon shook his head, the smirk never leaving his face. "So Potter. I hope to never see you again."

And with that, Vernon Dursley turned away laughing and made his way to his car, leaving Harry standing on the platform with his trunk, his cage holding Hedwig, and the plastic bag he'd been given.

Harry stood in shock as he processed what had just happened. The Dursley's had refused to allow Harry to live with them. Meaning he'd finally gotten rid of the Dursley's. He'd prayed for this day since before he could remember. So now the next question was, where was he going to live? Looking around himself, he realised the Hogwarts' crowd had pretty much all dissipated, and he was left in a crowd of strangers. This posed a problem. Harry moved out of the crowd to a public bench and sat down as he pondered what to do now. Looking at the bag Vernon had given him, he found the nearest bin and ditched the bag. Taking a seat again, he dug through his trunk for some parchment and a quill. He wrote a quick letter to Dumbledore explaining the situation and waited for the crowd to disappear. Soon, he was alone in the dark, empty train station and so he let Hedwig out. Taking the letter she disappeared in the general direction of Hogwarts and so Harry waited. What else could he do?

Dumbledore's solution had been to bring Harry back to Hogwarts. So far a week had passed since he had permanently been disassociated with the Dursleys, and now the Headmaster had called Harry to his office. He made his way down the final corridor and spoke the password that opened the moving stairwell. He rode the stairs to the top and opened Dumbledore's door without knocking and sat in one of the seats in front of the grand desk.

"Ah, Harry. How are you liking Hogwarts during the summer holidays? Quiet isn't it." He laughed as he looked at Harry with the ever present twinkle in his eye. However it dimmed when he spoke again. "I'm afraid I haven't been entirely truthful with you, Harry." Dumbledore looked crestfallen as he noticed Harry's features harden and his eyes turn a dark shade of forest green.

What is it this time? I've a long lost sister? Harry thought sardonically.

"I'm afraid of you're reaction however."

"Well, feel free to spit it out, then." Harry said icily.

"You're father's parents are still alive." Dumbledore said carefully and waited for Harry to blow his top.

"Wonderful." Harry said scathingly.

"I didn't want to bring this up as you are not in their favour. They were against your father marrying your mother, being she was muggle born, and therefore you are not very well received. They have refused all of my requests for you to meet them. They recognise you only as their heir. Nothing more."

"Friendly. Why are you telling me?" Harry leant back in the chair with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Because I thought it time that you knew your heritage. You are the sole heir to the oldest, richest and most powerful family throughout Europe."

"Whoopde doo." Harry clapped his hands sarcastically.

"Now Harry, I am sorry. But I thought it high time you should know."

"That's nice. Any other secrets you want to share with me this meeting?"

"Please Harry. . . "

"Is that it?" Harry said shortly.

"Yes. But-"

"Good afternoon, Headmaster." Harry stood and left the office, and closed the door with a bang that echoed down the stairs. He stalked back to Gryffindor tower and entered the common room. He only habituated here out of habit, and he flopped onto the closest chair to the fire and stared into it. A few minutes later, he heard cracking and turned his head to one of the windows. Groaning, he realised his hold on his magic had slipped a little in his anger. Sitting up properly, he took a few deep breaths to calm his mind, his nerves, and restrengthen his hold on his magic. Opening his eyes, he waved a hand at the windows and muttered a repairo and slouched in his chair again. He'd learned that wandless magic was a lot easier than magic with a wand, and that he also wasn't recorded as having done magic, and therefore not sent warnings and expulsion notes from the ministry.

"So this is wonderful. I ditch the anti-social Dursleys and pick up anti- social grandparents." Harry laughed. "I'm more powerful than the Malfoy's!" Harry couldn't imagine Draco Malfoy's reaction to this development. He just had to make sure he was there when the blonde Slytherin found out.

"Speaking of purebloods. Perhaps I should tell Ron. He'll be thrilled." Harry spoke aloud sarcastically, remembering 4th year and Ron's jealous reaction to Harry getting media attention and subsequent non-speaking- period they had endured. "Oh well, get it out of the way. He can do whatever he wants."

Harry stood and made his way to his room where he pulled out two pieces of parchment and his quill, and wrote a letter to each Ron and Hermione, telling him how Dumbledore had just informed him on that fact that he had live grandparents, and that they were anti-social. He also glossed over them being somewhat powerful, and sent the letters off with Hedwig.

That evening, two owls arrived: Hedwig bearing Hermione's answering letter, and Pig, holding Ron's. He opened Ron's first which read:

Good for you.


"Be like that then, wanker!" Harry screwed the letter up and chucked it into the fire.

Opening Hermione's he read:


That's wonderful to hear you have family still alive, though I was sad to hear they don't want to meet you. Perhaps if you speak to them, they might change their minds. Surely they would like to meet their heir. Have you found anything else about them? Do you know their names, or where they live or anything? I can help you research if you like. I can't really help now, but you can make a start in the library. Have a look in the reference section. It's the fourth aisle from the wall on your left when you walk in. Owl me with any information you find. Have you told Ron? You might want to be careful. He may not take the news all that well. Remember 2nd year and 4th year. Oh, goodness we're going in two's. It being the end of 6th year. I am sorry. I shall try talk to him.

Good luck.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love, Hermione.

"Fairly typical answer." Harry folded the letter and put it on the table before him. "She wants me to research." But curiosity got to him as he started to think about possibilities to the many unanswered questions he had about the grandparents he didn't know he had. He made his decision to go to the library tomorrow and have a quick look. He thought he'd also better have a look at his homework soon. Snape had been particularly nasty when he had assigned his new seventh year NEWT class a five foot essay.

Noticing the time, he made his way to dinner. It was a very small affair, with only three teachers present, Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore; Filch, and himself. Hagrid had joined them at the beginning of the week, except he was now away on most probably Order business, not that Dumbledore or Hagrid gave him any details. Filch, as always, stayed for the most minimal time possible, arriving last and leaving first. Harry was situated between Filch and McGonagall, across from Dumbledore. And Snape sat between Filch and Dumbledore.

The meal was spent in relative silence with minor statements shared between Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore. Filch left before dessert. Soon after, a house elf arrived to speak to Dumbledore, who excused himself.

"So what's it like to learn you have relatives, Potter?" Snape broke the silence, and spoke his mind.

"Severus!" McGonagall scolded the Potions Master.

"Well Potter?" He ignored the remaining professor.

Harry slowly turned his head to Snape, one eyebrow raised. "Fantastic." He said deadpan before returning to his ice cream.

"Is that so? And I heard they want nothing to do with you." Snape had a smirk on his face.

"That's what I heard too." Harry said slowly, continuing to eat his ice cream.

"That's enough Severus." McGonagall put her foot down.

Harry finished his ice cream and stood. "Professors, goodnight." He nodded to them and left the Great Hall. Like I care if they want anything to do with me He made his way back to the tower and into his room. He pulled out some potions texts books and some paper and a pen. He preferred the muggle writing implements when writing notes. He sat at the head of his bed reading through and making notes as the remaining sunlight disappeared and candles were lit in the room.

Pausing to massage the cramp out of his hand, Harry realised he'd been at work a while, with more than ten pages of notes written. Looking at his watch, he decided to go to bed. There was no way he was going to turn into Hermione, and study into the wee hours of the morning. It was quarter to eleven, but he wasn't going to take the chance. He piled his stuff roughly together and dumped them beside his bed. After a quick stop to the bathroom he finished his nightly ritual and went to bed.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

The next morning, he rose early, went for his morning run, and then shared breakfast with Dumbledore and Snape. He was glad to quickly escape the Great Hall as an uncomfortable silence had settled over them, as he quickly realised both men wanted to say something to him, but neither would say it. He already knew Dumbledore would try to be conciliatory, and Snape was itching to further stir Harry up, but Harry didn't care.

Having taken his work with him, he made his way straight to the library where he set his potions work aside and took to the fourth aisle from the left wall. Two hours later, he sat back at a table with several heavy tomes that looked promising. Opening the first, labelled "Top 10 Most Powerful Families of Europe", he turned to the contents page. The last family, rating at most powerful was "The Most Noble And Ancient Family of Potter". Harry turned to the designated page and beheld an ornate drawing labelled as the Potter family crest. It featured a large Griffin with wings extended and one paw raised with little stars surrounding it. The image itself was in the shape of a shield and the background was a dark royal blue, emphasising the bright golden fur of the Griffin.

Tuning the page, Harry began to read some of the early history concerning his family. The book told of how only the personal records held by the Potter's held the full accounts and historical references of the Potter's. It did however tell of some of the well known wizards, or druids as they were sometimes known, such as Taliesin, who was well known in Ancient Britain.

Glossing over, Harry flipped a few pages to accounts of the last hundred years or so. It told of the last two generations being Alanissah and Stephen Potter, and their son James. There was nothing about himself. So it would seem that this book was made before he'd been born. Perhaps even when James had been at school. Amongst the lineage mentioned in the last few pages, he came across some facts about what they had business dealings in, and where they lived, or more precisely, where they had a choice to live of the various mansions that were in their name.

Harry quickly got bored of the political backgrounds and dealings with the ministry of the Family Potter, and decided to continue that train of research later. He piled the reference books at the edge of the table and decided to work on his potions essay. He easily fell into a good train of thought and was easily able to complete the first four and a half pages, working from his notes. He was working on a conclusion to the essay when he heard the swishing of someone's robes as they entered the Library. Looking up, he discovered Snape briskly walking into the restricted section and proceeded to do some of his own research. Deciding to just ignore Snape, Harry got back into the conclusion of his essay so much so that half an hour later, he never noticed Snape come to stand behind him.

"The Mighty Potter has stooped so low as to do homework!?" Snape said sarcastically.

Harry continued to finish the sentence before looking up. "Actually, I just finished your essay."

"Have you now? Well then. Let me see what the Boy Who Lived has to offer."

Snape took a seat across the table from him and proceeded to read through the essay while Harry got his transfiguration essay out and started to take some notes that he could use for this essay.

Minutes later, Snape looked back up to Harry working on his transfiguration notes with a shocked look on his face. "Did you write this?"

"Yeah. Why?" Harry stared back, worried with the Professor's reaction.

"I am completely horrified to say this to a Gryffindor, let alone you, Potter, but this is excellent. Better than Miss Granger's work, and perhaps Mr Malfoy's. I would give you full marks for this." The expression on his face made it look as if he'd come across the foulest smell imaginable.


"I know. I don't believe it myself." Snape looked at him a moment, the sneer vanishing for a moment before taking his wand out and he cast various spells over the parchment that Harry had never heard before. "This is original." Snape finally stated. "Since when did you become so accomplished. Your last essay was pathetic."

"I don't know. There's no Ron here to continuously distract me. . . "Harry stated in his own defence.

"Well I suggest you permanently ditch Mr Weasley. It seems you have a lot of potential, that is hidden by the useless, interfering Red Head."

"Well you'll be happy to know that Ron's pissed off at the moment because of my new found heritage." Harry said offhandedly as he flipped a page in his book.

"You obviously share a very deep friendship with him then." Snape sneered sarcastically. "How very petty of him." Snape sneered.

"True. I really couldn't care less about him now. He can do whatever he wants."

"A very wise decision. Perhaps I shall aid you in the class room and pair you with someone else closer to your potential." Snape fell silent a moment, contemplating something. "Are you interested in extra credit?"

"It wouldn't hurt. And it will keep me occupied for the next three months. Yes. What do you have in mind?"

"I'll see if I can arrange something. I had best get back to my potion. Come see me later on."

"Thankyou, sir." Harry said as Snape made his way out. "Um. Professor Snape?"


"I never thought you'd be able to have a civil conversation with a Gryffindor." Harry commented.

"Believe me, no one is more horrified than I, Potter." Shivering, he took his research and Harry's essay with him.

"Well that was disturbing." Harry said aloud, before turning back to his transfiguration notes. He wrote several more pages before he packed up for lunch. Leaving his stuff on the desk, he went to the Great Hall, knowing he'd be back later on to continue his work.

Lunch was a lot more pleasant with Dumbledore, McGonagall and especially Snape. Fortunately Filch was absent. Harry found himself seated between the Heads of Slytherin and Gryffindor, but instead of usually speaking with McGonagall about inconsequential topics, he found himself talking with Snape discussing the year's curriculum, extra credit assignments and further research, hinting at perhaps allowing the Gryffindor to help him in the potions labs.

Dumbledore and McGonagall were flabbergasted. Never had Severus Snape been so at ease and conversational with a Student, let alone a Gryffindor. When lunch finished, they left together and made their way to the dungeons. Even Dumbledore never saw that coming.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

"How long have you been so interested in potions?"

"I don't know. I never enjoyed lessons so much, with you being your usual self, Ron constantly talking, as well as watching out for Malfoy, should he try to do any of various things to distract my attention, or get me in trouble. I was never able to immerse myself properly in the subject."

"Hopefully that will change this year. Talk to Draco, try organise a truce with him. Because he is an excellent student and you will be a very valuable asset to each other if you were to work together."

"We'll see about the truce first, before going into the study-buddy scenario. That will probably require a lot of time and energy."

"I wouldn't be so sure."

Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Don't worry about that now." Harry and Snape discussed various topics for Harry's extra credit assignment well into the night, as Snape ordered a meal to be brought to his labs by one of the house elves, so they never returned to the Great Hall for dinner.

"So what do you think? Would this be enough of a challenge for you?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"Good. I will draw up the assignment properly over the next few days whilst you're completing some of your other homework."

"Great." Harry yawned as he looked at the cloak on Snape's mantelpiece. "I'm sorry Professor, but I think I should go to bed."

"Surely Mr Potter. Good evening and I shall see you in the morning." Snape showed him to the door.

"Good night Professor." Harry made his way straight to bed, and conducted his usual nightly ritual, when suddenly he remembered that he'd left his belongings in the library. Hitting himself over the head for forgetting, he concentrated on the objects and willed them into his hands. The air shimmered above his hand that he held out and the implements and books materialised into his waiting arms. Dumping them again beside his bed, Harry slumped into bed and straight to sleep.