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Greater Inheritance


Life after the war was not so different than life during the war, Harry mused whilst cuddled up with Draco in his study at Poulnabrone Manor during the Christmas break. The last month or so had been rather hectic with interviews and court hearings, not to mention the appointment of a new Headmaster of Hogwarts. Atleast, it was all done now so everyone could relax

McGonagall had been hysterical with grief after discovering Dumbledore was dead, so Madame Pomfrey and Severus had taken care of the body. There had been an enormous funeral for the aged Headmaster at Hogwarts only a few days after the battle, where wizards from all over England, and also some from Europe, had attended.

Harry had been mildly disappointed in the death of Albus Dumbledore, seeing as the old man had made an attempt to be a mentor or father figure to Harry, regardless how that had been warped in the end. But then, Harry thought philosophically, without change, the world can't grow from this experience. They need to get away from depending so much on one man. Then again, considering his own life situation, it seemed that change had yet to take place.

Draco hadn't said much about the death of his father, Harry thought as he ran his hand through Draco's hair, whilst the blonde read. It seemed that there still had been a bond between them despite that the Malfoy men didn't get along much, if at all, Narcissa, on the other hand, had been overjoyed that Lucius was gone. She could now lead the life that she wanted to, and her son could be with the one he loved.

The Ministry had finally come around to accept that Voldemort had returned for the past 2 years and that NOW he was destroyed. The campaign for Minister of Magic re-elections was coming up soon so hopefully there would be an improvement on that front.

In all, there had only been around 45 Aurors killed, whilst the Death Eater deaths were closer to 90. The rest of the Death Eaters had been sent to Azkaban, however, still under the management of the Dementors. Many had pled innocence and that they were, in fact, under the Imperius Curse. However many had pled the same years ago after the first fall of Lord Voldemort. Those who found themselves in this situation were dealt with more harshly and a more rigorous court hearing.

For weeks, the United Kingdom's wizarding population had been in full party mode, with everyone once again proclaiming Harry's name all over the place. Ever since the battle, there had been an army of reporters camped outside the manor gates, waiting not so patiently now for a chance to interview The Boy Who Lived Again. There had already been a multitude of reports from 'eye-witnesses' that had flown through the Daily Prophet and any other publications, but Harry was content with leaving the world out of the loop for the time being.

As for Ron and Hermione, Harry still laughed at the memory.


"Harry!! You're alright!" Harry was pulled away from Draco as Hermione leapt onto him. "Oh, I knew you'd do it, Harry."

Harry coughed weakly before Hermione realised that she might be choking him due to her tight grip around his neck.

"Sorry! Oh Harry!! Well Done!" Hermione cried in relief at Harry being safe and the war being over.

"Yes, Lord Potter! Well Done!!" Ron's sarcastic voice came from behind. "What's next on the agenda for your plan to take over the world?"

"RON!! How can you say that!! Harry has saved the entire wizarding world!!" Hermione said angrily through her tears.

"Herm, can't you see?! It's just another step until he takes over the world. Nexthe'll probably take out Dumbledore then-"Ron never finished. Hermione had had enough as she slapped him for all she was worth. Ron glared heatedly between Hermione and Harry, his cheek sporting a glowing red handprint as he stomped off.

-End Flashback-

Ron had refused to talk to him after that, although Hermione had said that she would try talking to him again. Harry didn't think it was really worth it as really, there was no way that Ron would ever change his mind; he was just too stubborn that way.

Professor Severus Snape had gone back to teaching potions to the 'Insufferable Brats' again as if nothing had occurred in the past two to three months. The most Voldemort had done to the Ex-Death Eater was numerous cuts and crucios, resulting only in severe blood loss, which was easily remedied by a potion from Pomfrey and a week's 'rest'. It seemed that for Severus, 'rest' meant isolation, seeing as the Potions Master merely returned to his rooms, only to brew more potions to restock the infirmary after the war. At least his stress levels were down, apart from when Harry and Draco visited.

As for Harry and Draco, they were quite content to sit back in the Manor at Poulnabrone and rest for a bit between terms at Hogwarts.

"You thinking?" Draco asked, placing his book mark in his book and putting it on the ground.

"Mmyeah," Harry said, still mostly caught in his own musings.

"Well, don't. You might hurt yourself or someone else," The blonde drawled as he settled back in Harry's arms. He suddenly jerked away when Harry poked him in the side. He turned around to glare at the savior of the known world.

Harry merely smirked playfully. Hand still lodged in the blonde hair, Harry kissed Draco just to shut him up.

After a moment, Draco huffily pushed him away with a mock glare as he picked up his book again and began reading.

Nope. Nothing really changed.


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