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Red Death's Love



"Aeris... Aeris..."

Aries could hear a familiar voice calling out to her. She opened her eyes. There was a woman who looked somewhat in her thirty's staring down at her from above. Aries moaned and sat up slowly. "Wh- Where am I?" The woman smiled at her. Aeris noticed that there were tears brimming at the corner of the women's eyes.

"Who are you?"

The woman grabbed both of Aeris hands. "Honey, I'm your mother.. Ifalna..."

Aeris's eyes filled with joy and tears. She had been waiting for this day so long. She threw herself into her mother's arms and wept openly. "Oh Mother!! I've missed you so much!!"

Ifalna held her daughter's face lovingly in her hands. "Oh, my baby... My Aeris.. you've come home... You've found the promise land... "

Aeris couldn't imagine anything better than this. All her life she had struggled and worked her way to the promise land... and now here she was... And.. it felt exhilarating but there was something missing. She could tell. Aeris pulled away from her mother for a moment. "Mom, something's not right..." Iflana looked on while her daughter spoke. "Something's missing... I can feel it mother.. what is it?"

Iflana smiled as if she knew what Aeris was about to say. "Honey.. I can't let anything get pass you... even as a child.. you knew... you always knew..."

Aeris shook her head in bewilderment. "Mom.. I don't know.. what is it?"

Iflana sighed heavily and for a moment she looked sad. But then she smiled. "Aeris ... you know.. you don't belong here....you belong with your friends... "

Aries started to protest but Iflana shushed her. "Aeris please... this .. this is so hard for me... you are my only.. my only child..." Iflana sobbed. "But I want you to be happy... and... so... I spoke with the rest of the cetra... they're willing to let you go ...it wasn't fair what happened to you...When you go back.. you can't let any of your friends see you.. not yet anyways... Things are going to be different.. you'll see what I mean... You need to find only one man... his name is Vincent...Vincent Valentine, He'll know what to do"

Aeris shook her head. "I know Vincent, but mother... I want to stay... I want to be with you..."

Iflana squeezed her daughter. "All in good time... my love... but.. now.. you have to go... You still have unfinished business..."

Aeris sniffled she wiped away her tears and nodded. "Yes mother.. I know...But mother, what do I have to do?"

Iflana held onto her daughter for a second longer before letting her go. "I can't tell you that sweet heart... but I believe in you and that when the time comes.. you'll know what to do.. Just remember me.. and that I'll always be with you I love you so..."

Before Aeris could tell her mother the same, she felt her mother push her back. Aeris opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out. She felt cold and lifeless. She couldn't move. Then all of the sudden, she was in shock. Aeris got a mouthful of water and she was kicking wildly trying to swim for her life. Her clothes were weighing her down. Aeris gasped for air and cried out in pain. Every time she gasped for air, she'd get water instead. She felt something hit her face she was stunned for the moment. Her lungs felt about ready to burst.

This can't be happening.. she thought to herself. What was I thinking? I can't die! Not here... I have so much I have to do... I can't go yet...

Just when she was ready to give up, Aeris felt two strong hands grabbing a hold of her shirt, and pulling her out of the water, and onto dry land. Before she could thank the person, she had passed out from exhaustion.