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Chapter One: A Nobody's Normal Life

Sixteen-year-old Piper Halliwell left her chemistry class with a sour expression on her face. If there was one thing that Piper did not understand it was chemistry, and she was only glad that she was leaving class. Walking to her locker, she placed her book inside and grabbed her lunch and wandered outside where she sat beneath the shade of a tree. It was there that she could have a bit of peace and quiet.

Pulling out a sandwich her Grams made, Piper was free to think about anything she wanted, but her mind kept drifting back to chemistry. That day she had been paired up with a partner, and an annoying one at that, and was forced to mix the ingredients on a list and make a solution. At first, Piper thought it would be simple. Here she was, the best cook in her house, known for being able to mix and match anything that was written down in a recipe, but give her a formula and she freezes up.

"Oh, I hate it!" she said.

"Hate what?"

Piper turned and watched as her younger sister Phoebe sat down next to her. Phoebe began pulling out her lunch and started to eat as Piper stared at her in disbelief. "Nothing, I just hate my life, is all. Pheebs, why aren't you hanging out with your gang?"

Phoebe rolled her eyes. "It's not a gang, Piper. Anyway, Rick is being such a jerk right now and I don't want to waste my time with them. Besides, I hardly ever get to see you Piper."

"Pheebs, we live together. You see me all the time."

"Not at school I don't."

"Well, that would be because you do not wish to associate with a sister who has no social life whatsoever," Piper said, casting her gaze to the ground. She looked up when she felt Phoebe's hand on her shoulder. "Oh Phoebe, you know it is the truth! I have no life at all and hardly any friends."

Phoebe shook her head. "You have plenty of friends, Piper. I see you talking to people all the time."

"People who come to me begging me to do their homework and stuff like that. I mean, if anyone in the family has a life it has to be you and Prue." Pipe sighed as she said her sister's name. "I really miss having her at school with us. Even Andy. At least then I had someone to talk to. Not that I can't talk to you, Pheebs."

"I understand. I just can't believe you see yourself as a nobody, Piper. It is so unlike you...well, maybe not, but still."

Piper stifled a laugh. "Thanks, Pheebs."

"Anytime Piper. Anytime."

Lunch went by so much faster with Phoebe there, but Piper was still glad when it was over. It meant that there were only two more periods of school before she would be allowed to leave. If only her last period did not have Him in it, the Him that Piper had been crushing over during her three years of high school. She had accidentally let it slip to Prue that there was a certain someone at school that she did like, and ever since she had been pressured into talking to Him and trying to be near Him at all times, but Piper did not listen to her sister. Piper knew that she had no chance, and this thought made her sink even lower.

Piper couldn't help that fact that she felt as if she were a nobody. Sure, she was sweet and dependable and could hardly say no to a favor someone asked her, but it seemed as if that was all she was known for. All she was good for. She couldn't stop and see a future where she was going to be successful, happy and hopefully have a family. A life that would be normal in a way, but at least have it where she was something more than she was now, but it wasn't as if Piper did not enjoy the normalcy of her life. There was nothing wrong with having nothing big in one's life, but Piper wanted a bit of excitement, excitement she knew she would never get.

She sighed, a habit she had formed when she accepted her fate, and walked into her last period. "I guess that's me. Piper Halliwell, the nobody with a boring normal life."