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                                                                                                A/N: Sequel to Changes. Takes place about three or four years later. shrugs I have a few ideas (good and bad :P) for this. This chapter is just to give you an idea of what's been happening and stuff.

Due to the fact in Evo we're not given Pyro's real name and that he's referred to as John in the movies, I'm going to type out John. The St. doesn't suit him.


            "Ugh, get away from me!" A wail was heard, followed by a splash.

            Rogue had been sitting on the edge of the in ground pool, her feet up to her calves were dipped into the water. She was fully clothed, wearing black pants, made out of a thin material, rolled up to her knees and a tank top under a zipper up purple sweatshirt. Pyro came up behind her, tauntingly poking her back and shoulders. With an aggravated sigh, she grabbed his arm and pulled him forward into the pool.

            Remy, who was sitting several feet away in a lawn chair, smirked. That's my Rogue. He said to himself as Pyro came up for air. He wiggled his brows at Remy, who soon got the message. The Cajun crept up off the chair and sneaked up behind Rogue. He then proceeded to push her forward into the pool.

            "Remy LeBeau, you are so dead!" Rogue yelled at him as she shot up in the water, her surprised eyes wide the second she saw him standing there.

            "Ah, ah, ah." He waved his finger at her, "But I'm not wet now, am I?"

            "You will be, man!" A loud bamf was heard, a certain mutant who spoke German wrapped his tail around Remy's wrist and before the Cajun could respond, another bamf was heard and before Remy knew it, he was several feet above the water. His eyes went wide and his arms went waving as he fell into the water.

                   Rogue recoiled in the water as she laughed and wrapped her arm around her soaked body. When her adoring boyfriend came up, sputtering, she immediately jumped onto his back, wrapping her legs around his waist. She gripped his shoulders, "What's the matter, Cajun? Can't take a little water?" She crossed her feet at the ankles so she'd have a better grip if he tried to throw her off him.

                   "I'm not in the mood for this." Remy admonished, shaking his head back and forth rapidly.

                   Pyro flinched as he was pelted with all the drips of water Remy was shedding from his hair. "Down boy." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dog treat. He waved it in front of Remy's face. Water dripped from his hand and the treat, not making it appear any better.

                   "John, we don't have a dog. Why would you have that?" Remy asked cocking a brow as Pyro laughed manically and just threw the dog treat behind his shoulder.

                   "No comment!" John laughed nervously, glancing over at Rhane who was sitting on a towel, talking to Roberto. "Is that the phone ringing? I better go answer it." He swam over to the side of the pool, and slowly pulled himself out. Amara, Jubilee and Rhane all glanced over at him, but the reason for looking at him might've been from the glare they got when the sun reflected off Pyro's brightly colored hair.

                   "It's scary how some things never change." Rogue commented, unwrapping her legs from around his waist. "With all this water weight, you're goin' to have to carry me inside." She muttered bitterly, stripping off her sweatshirt.

                   "Or you can fly." It had been the Professor who suggested that Rogue opened the latent powers she had absorbed three years earlier. She was constantly urged to withdrawal the powers, for now the Professor felt she could handle it.

                   "Or you can go give the five bucks back to the Prof cause I ain't usin' any powers until I feel comfortable an' the need to." The fiery Southern belle shot back, her brows cocked at an angle that made her almost look dangerous.

                   Remy sarcastically saluted her, "Yes Rogue." He watched her closely as she walked up the small metal ladder in the pool and stepped onto the concrete. She glanced behind her shoulder at him; petals of water cascaded down her form. Rogue turned slightly, pointing a finger at him. She made a soft clicking noise with her tongue.

                   "That's ma'am to you." She then proceeded to walk away, in the direction of the back door leading into the institute, her hips swaying back and forth, taunting him.

                   Remy just licked his lips as he lowered himself back into the water. He floated there for a while, his mind in a deep thought. After sometime, he looked around to see everyone had gone in; it was nearing dinnertime. When his feet settled to the bottom of the pool, they landed on something small but chunky. Holding his breath, he reached down into the water and picked it up. He stared down at the brown object in his hand and rolled his eyes; it was the dog biscuit. Don't even want to think about why that boy carries 'em around with him in a dog-less mansion.


                   Things had changed at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. The DR sessions had, if it were possible, gotten harder and nearly everyday there were strategic lessons in a classroom.

                   There was no Scott to nitpick at the students when they were late. There was no Jean.. to.. do whatever she did, and there was no Kitty to food poison anyone.

                   How sad.

                   Dinner at the institute, however, was still has hectic as ever. With everyone grabbing at the food, talking to their neighbors, yelling over to someone down at the opposite side of the table.


                   "Want to remove your hand from my sausage before I remove it for you, bub?" Rogue looked over to see Pyro's hand on Logan's plate and Logan's claw at Pyro's hand.

                   John laughed nervously, "I was just makin' sure it was warm for ya, mate."

                   "With your gloves on?" Growl, growl. Snort, snort. Whiff, whiff. Glare.

                   "C'mon Wolvie, give me a break. We both know I'm lyin'." A few people chuckled softly, and a few others rolled their eyes. Wolverine stood up, which made Pyro fall off the side of his seat, his eyes wide with fear, and the short Canadian with a not-so-short temper picked up his plate and moved. The Professor looked proud; his brown eyes swelled with proud tears that Wolverine didn't make Pyro tomorrow night's dinner. Not that the mutants at Xavier's were cannibals or anything. 

                   Rogue just stared down at her plate and self-consciously tucked damp strands of hair behind her ears. It wasn't until she felt someone kick her left shin she looked up.

                   Remy sat across from her, smirking as he took a bite out of his sausage and winked at her. How attractive. Good thing he chewed quietly with his mouth closed because the image of the Cajun winking while little processed meat particles spewed from his mouth wouldn't be very eye-catching. Instead of kicking him back, Rogue just touched the side of his knee with the side of her foot and slowly moved upward. Remy choked on his bite of sausage, which made Rogue withdraw her foot.

                   "Don't forget to chew." Jubilee, who sat aside of him, laughed as she elbowed him. She apparently didn't know why Remy had sucked the whole piece of meat into his windpipe. She then slapped him on the back—hard.

                   Unfortunately, Remy continued to choke. He reached for his glass of water and took a sip, which didn't work since the piece of meat was lodged into his throat. He made a few odd noises, and much to his surprise, the meat went down.

                   "You all right?" Rogue asked as he went into a coughing fit.

                   "Fine." He wheezed, taking another sip from his water, "I'm fine."

                   "More than you'd like us to think." Jubilee stated, scratching the tip of her fork against a clear sport on her plate. He raised a brow at her, which made her dark cheeks actually pink up a bit.

                   "What's that supposed to mean?" Pyro asked, staring at his metal fork, which he was holding a few inches from his eyes. Piotr reached over and actually took the fork from him and rested it on his plate.

                   "I'm not sure."

                   "You're not sure?"

                   "I'm not sure. Are you?"

                   Pyro cleared his throat; a confused look was planted on his face. "I'm not sure."

                   "Then that makes two of us." Jubilee declared, taking a long sip from her glass full of Pepsi.

                   "I finally got a new laptop today." Ray stated randomly, glaring at both Rogue and Remy.

                   "Cheers." Amara rolled her eyes, "Only took you over three years to put the pieces back together."

                   "I bought a new one." Ray said sharply as little electrical bolts shoot out from his ears. They really didn't, but it's a funny mental image, no?

                   "I told him he had to." Bobby muttered, icing up his drink because he was bored and had nothing else to do other than use his icing powers. "He was leaving scorch marks on my mouse."

                   No, believe me, you don't want to know.


                   "You're lucky you're not forced to go to danger room sessions." Rogue mumbled to Remy as she hopped around on one foot, trying to get her combat boots on. Remy was sitting on her bed, amused.

                   "Don't hurt yourself." He chuckled to himself. 'Death by putting on boots.' He observed, smirking at the sight. "I still go to the trainin' sessions."

                   "Not all of them." After getting her boots on, she faced her back up to him. "Now zip me up."

                   Remy zipped up the spandex body suit for her, and when he finished, he slapped her ass. "Go make poppa proud."

                   She whipped around, her hand slapped into place on her lower back. Rogue didn't say anything; she just raised a questionable brow at him.

                   Remy shrugged as she slowly made her way towards the door. "Rogue?" He called softly, his eyes meeting hers.

                   "Yeah?" She replied, her voice as soft as his had been. Rogue pulled her hair back into a ponytail as she waited for him to say something. He had a serious look on his face, so she was partly worried. "You all right?" She asked after a short term of silence where she stared at him and he stared off into space.

                   He snapped out of it. "Yeah." Remy walked over to her and kissed the side of her mouth. "You're goin' to be late for the session. I'll see you in a while."

                   Rogue just said 'yeah' as he walked past her and down the hall, into his own bedroom. As she walked in the direction of the danger room, adjusting her belt, she wondered what was up with him. It really didn't matter; she'd find out sooner or later.


                   "I'm goin' to kill him!" It took three X-Men to hold Rogue back from lynching a certain pyromaniac. It had been an innocent yet foolish mistake, leaving Rogue with a bump on her forehead.

                   "You could at least say you are sorry, John." Piotr pointed out, as his friend hid behind him. "Even if it was an accident. Although, I do not see how throwing your flame thrower at her was an accident."

                   "Professor Cleaner did say we should help her try to tap into her powers!"

                   "And you intended to do that by hurling heavy objects at her head?"

                   Pyro shrugged, peeking out from behind the Russian. "P.C. didn't say it had to be helpful help."

                   Piotr sighed, taking a step to the side. "Let her at him."

                   Logan grunted. As much as he would like that, he wouldn't allow it. Well, he couldn't. The professor would have his head on a platter at dinner. Yes, again with the cannibal references. "Colossus—" Logan had always been too manly to say his real name. "Take Rogue to Hank and have him give her ice. Tell 'im she didn't have a concussion. Johnny Boy, you're stayin' here with me for an extra lesson. I'm goin' to each you how to chuck things the right way."

                   Yes, he was serious.


                   Rogue had been given ice but on her way to her room, she slipped the bag into a vase containing flowers. Feeling a headache starting to form, she walked into her room to see it dark and empty. It was a Remy-less room. She closed the door behind her as she walked over to Remy's room and bingo—it was Remylicious—I mean, Remy was there.

                   Remy sat at the desk in his room. He was sitting at a desk, hunched over, writing something on paper. Instead of his room light being on, there was a small lamp on beside him and a fan on, several feet away. Instead of asking what he was doing, since it was obvious he was writing, she walked over and stood behind him.

                   "Who ya writin' to?" She asked softly, placing her hands on his shoulders. They felt oddly cold, but he didn't say anything.

                   "My father." He answered, hesitantly. "I'm writin' to my father." To him, the words sounded cold and unreal.

                   Rogue's brows arched up. "Y'know, Rem, if you don't get a response back in.."

                   "I don't have high hopes. He's my father. He'll either write back or he won't."

                   "What are you sayin'?"

                   "Just tellin' him what's been goin' on the past five years." When he felt Rogue's hands leave his shoulders, he glanced behind him. "This is goin' to take a while and I want to get it done tonight.."

                   "Say no more." Rogue kissed the back of his head as he went back to writing. "I'm goin' to go lay in your bed and watch your television if you don't mind." He didn't respond, which just put a smile on her face.


                   Hours later it neared two A.M. Rogue stirred in her sleep from the soft noises coming from the television. She sat up to see that she was still in her boyfriend's bedroom and that the fan was now facing her and, also, Remy was still at his desk.

                   "Rem?" She called groggily, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "You're still not finished?"

                   "I'm just proof readin'." He mumbled with a yawn. "I'm almost done. Go back to sleep."

                   Rogue didn't bother to argue. She laid back down, allowing her body to sink down into the covers as she snuggled under the covers and into the pillow, which had Remy's faint lingering scent on it. Within a few seconds, she realized the dull throbbing pain in her forehead and groaned.

                   Remy, who wasn't finished proof reading, got up and walked over to her. He sat on the side of the bed. "You all right?" In the darkness, she could see the cloudy look in his eyes, burning with concern. He reached over and turned on the lap by her bed. "What happened?" Remy asked hovering above her, inspecting the bruised bump on her forehead.

                   "Your darling friend threw his flame thrower at me."

                   "John?" He seemed surprised by this.

                   "No, Santa Clause." She snapped, wincing at his feather light touch against the bump.

                   "I'm sorry." He softly kissed it, which just made her wince again. Oh well, it was the thought that counted, not the physical pain.

                   "It's not your fault unless you bought him Sally."

                   "Sally?" His trademark smirk returned as he twirled a ringlet of blonde hair between his index and middle finger. "Doesn't he have a blowup doll name Sally?"

                   "No, that's Erma. He named his flame thrower Sally." She corrected, feeling foolish of the knowledge.

                   "Want me to get you aspirin?" He asked after apologizing that he wasn't there to terminate John.

                   "Yeah, thanks." She muttered, closing her eyes as she rubbed her temples.

                   Remy left and returned with a glass of water and two aspirin minutes later. He set them on the nightstand next to her. He stood there, his arms crossed over his chest as he watched her swallow the aspirin with the water. "Is the glass half empty or half full?
He pondered.

                   Rogue stared at the now empty glass. "Are you nuts? There's no water. It's empty."

                   "Are you being literal?"

                   "Nope. I'm just statin' what I see." With a yawn, she set down the glass and laid back down. "You comin' to bed?"

                   He shook his head, "I'm just going to finish proof readin' then I'm goin' to put it in an envelope and mail it out first thing tomorrow." By the time he finished talking, Rogue was already asleep.


                   "Jean-Luc LeBeau." Rogue read off the envelope that Remy had handed her as he slipped on his trench coat. "No letter for Belladonna?"

                   "Like I really need her findin' out where we are." He mumbled, taking the letter away from her.

                   "Jean-Luc might tell her. Maybe he married her instead."

                   "You're not funny."

                   "Or what about Henry?"

                   "Henry is married to Mercy."

                   Rogue raised a brow at him; she was now suspicious. "And you would know that how?"

                   "Feelin'? I don't know. C'mon, let's go."

                   "If you're keepin' somethin' from me, I'm goin' to have your head."

                   "That's the bump on your head talkin'."

                   Rogue just stuck her tongue out at him as they walked outside. "Have you even seen Pyro this mornin'? I was goin' to snap his neck but I couldn't find 'im."

                   Remy shrugged, snaking his arm around her waist. "Nope, haven't seen him."


                   "Let me out of here!" Down a vacant hallway, a muffle voice was heard along with banging noises from a certain Australia who was screaming and pounding on the door from inside a cramped closet.


                   A few weeks later, Remy received the response to his letter in the mail.


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