Me: Hey!!!! This is a new Home Improvement fic of mine! It's not a song fic though! Hehe!! Most of my HI fics are with songs except Fighting and now here's another one. This takes place when all three boys are in High School but Randy hasn't gone to Costa Rica yet. This fic also probably won't be as humorous as it will be dramatic. As all of you know by know, I'm a drama person but I love the TV show Home Improvement's bound to be somewhat dramatic. I'll try to add as much funniness as possible though. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1

"And that's all the time we have today everybody! I'm Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor and we'll see you next time. Oh, and remember...Sticky Glue can cause very sticky situations!" Tim said and did their signature salute while trying to pry off the piece of wood glued to his forehead. It wouldn't have been the first time he had done it though so he knew exactly the maneuver to get it off.

Their signature music sounded and the director called a 'cut'. Al followed Tim back stage.

"Are you going to be ok doing this show by yourself for a few weeks?" He asked.

"Uh...Al, I'm the star...the main person....I think I can handle it." Tim assured him as he was still trying to pull the wood off his forehead.

Al looked at him doubtfully but then shrugged. He pulled a green plaid shirt out of the mobile closet that was always next to the set. He then replaced his other green plaid shirt that he already had on with the one he had pulled out. Tim looked at him awkwardly as he put his suit coat on its proper hanger.

"Tim? Al?" A familiar voice called while walking around to see them.

"Bud? Hey." Tim said. "How's it going?"

"Good. Listen, I was just talking to Ben Shepherd. He's the producer of another tool show in Michigan. He just asked if you two would like to go on a promotional road trip promoting his show along with ours. I told him you would."

Tim smiled and was already looking forward to the opportunity while Al frowned and got worried.

"Great! When is it?"

"This weekend."

"Road trip in early January.....alright." Tim said. He still had the wood glued to his forehead because his maneuver of getting it off was at home. Bud ignored it.

"Bud!...I'm not going to be here this weekend remember?" Al spoke up still in worry.

"Oh..." Bud responded. "Where were you going again?"

"To visit my brother Kal. And I'm taking mother with me to Maine. I can't just forget about mother."

"How can anybody forget about mother. She is the size of Maine." Tim responded and chuckled to himself.

Al gave him an evil look. "Bud.....I can't go." He said firmly.

Bud looked at him with a raised eyebrow and Al backed down. "Fine, Taylor can go by himself."

"Myself? On the road by myself?.....Alright....." He said with a grin. "Just give me a destination point and a time...I'll be there."

"Right. I'll map out the directions for you Tim." Bud responded and walked away while shaking his head.

Tim turned back to Al. "Ok, I'm off."



"I.....I didn't really appreciate that comment on mother." Al said slowly with a puppy face.

"Al..come on. I was kidding."

"Why must you always kid about mother?"

"Because she's an easy target. She's a big target to.....hehe. Hey, it's better than joking on you isn't it."

Al looked at him confused and Tim patted his shoulder before leaving the set.


Tim jumped out of his car and went straight to his the workbench were he keep a salient to remove the wood from his head. He had ignored the looks he got from strangers on the drive home. He quickly with a bit of pain was able to remove the wood and walk into the kitchen where he found his wife, Jill, cooking.

"Hey sweetie." He said while closing the door behind him.

Jill turned around and smiled at him. She had her shoulder length straight hair pulled into a ponytail with her bangs bouncing on her forehead. Her gorgeous make up from the day was still painted on her face. Tim moved a strand of hair with his finger and slowly kissed her neck.

"Oooh." She trailed off and closed her eyes as he wrapped one of his muscular arms around her stomach. "Did you have a good day?" She asked with a smile as she opened her eyes again.

"Mmm..hmm.." He said and stopped kissing her neck. Tim moved to hang up his jacket on the hook next to the kitchen. Jill moved around to the kitchen sink to pour the pasta she was cooking into a colander to drain all the water out. He followed her and looked at her body with his eyes before grabbing her around her waist again.

Jill laughed at him and finished pouring the pasta. She set down the pot and turned around in his arms. "You must have had a really good day...." She stated and kissed him lightly. Tim nodded and moved into to kiss her more. She responded pleasantly by letting him kiss her and move his hands around on her back and shoulders. "So, what did happen today?" She asked and kissed his neck slowly.

"Bud told me I was going on a promotional road trip this weekend." He responded and ran his fingers through her hair.

Jill pulled away from him. "This weekend?"


"Tim!" She yelled and hit him on his chest.

"Jill!" He yelled back and went to hit her but stopped himself.

"This weekend the boys are going on that ski trip with their friends and I were supposed to be here...just us..." She said with a frown. " the house for two whole days.....Do you know what that means?"

"Umm......extra time to work on the hotrod?" He asked.

Jill sighed and walked back to the stove to mix the sauce into her cooked pasta. "Now I'm going to be here by myself....thanks so much."

Tim looked at her like he was in trouble now. "Well, what did you want me to do Jill?"

"You could have said no.....if you had remember our plans. I've been looking forward to the guys leaving for weeks just so I could spend some time with you alone......without our children."

"What's the big deal? It's one weekend. There will be others."

"Tim...when was the last time we spent some alone time where it was romantic?"

He paused and gave her one of his guessing looks. "Friday?" He said, taking a long shot at the answer.

"Over a month ago."

"Yeah, a month ago Friday." He responded.



"Why do you always find someway of making me just want to strangle you?!"

Tim kept quiet and rubbed the red spot on his forehead. "I glued wood to my head today." He said with a sad face.

Jill glared at him and slammed the lid on the pot the pasta was in. She then turned and headed for upstairs while Tim sighed with a small grunt and still rubbed the red spot on his forehead.


That night Tim and Jill didn't talk before they both fell asleep. The next morning they didn't say anything besides 'hello and goodbye' before he headed to work and she stayed at home until she had to go to her classes. The weekend was rolling around in about a day and Tim was beginning to pack. He admitted to himself that Bud had asked him on a bit of short notice but it was his work and he had to do it. He felt bad about leaving Jill and wished she would just understand and kiss him goodbye like any other wife would.

She walked into their bedroom and found him still packing. He had already finished with his car items and now as on to his actual clothing.

"How much are you taking?" She asked in response to the two full suitcases sitting on their bed.

"Well, I have to be prepared. You never know what accident I might get into this time." He responded.

"Like gluing wood to your forehead?"

"Funny." He said responding to her smart-ass comment. They were on speaking terms but didn't talk about the argument and weren't very close to each other the past few days. She missed it but she didn't want to admit it to him. If he wouldn't express his feelings then she wouldn't express hers.

"When are you going?"

"Tomorrow morning. I'll probably leave before you get up." He said.

Jill played with her button up shirt. "Oh."

"Yeah." He responded and zipped his suitcase. "I better get these in the car." He said and left the room carrying them out with him.

Jill sighed and looked around the bedroom. She glanced at the framed photo they had of her and Tim that was sitting on the dresser. They looked so happy in the photo and she realized how much she hated fighting with him. But she also hated apologizing first or at all for that matter.


Tim slowly got out of his bed around six am and got dressed. He glanced at his wife still sleeping and smiled at the sight. She slept peacefully even though he knew things weren't sitting right with her in the marriage department at the moment. Once he was done brushing his teeth and getting dressed he walked around their bed to her side. He quietly leaned over and kissed her forehead.

"I love you." He whispered and slowly walked out of the room while glancing at her. Tim made his way downstairs and the emptiness of the house. He felt bad again for leaving her alone but shrugged it off.

With coffee in his hand, he set off on the road.


Jill woke up to her alarm at seven thirty.

"I love you to." She said and looked to her left. Tim's side of the bed was empty and she remembered that he had probably already left. She wondered if she had been just dreaming about him talking to her, saying that he loved her, or if he really had been. A sigh came from her again at the thought of being alone all weekend.

'Look at the bright side, peace and quiet. I can get some homework done.' She thought to herself. 'But I want Tim here.'

She shook her thoughts away as she got dressed herself. Within in minutes she was downstairs and fixing eggs and toast.

"I'm cooking breakfast....for myself." She said out loud to herself. "So I can eat myself." She added while she popped the toast out of the toaster and buttered it.

Nine o'clock rolled around and she left for school. As she ran to her car, she looked around at all the snow.

"And there's more where that came from." She said to herself. It took her awhile to get all the snow off of her car and get it warmed up enough to run her to the local college. It took her longer to get there because of the snow too and it made her think about what her husband must have had to be driving through right then. When she arrived, she decided to shake off her worries and concentrate on her schoolwork.


Tim fiddled with the radio dials but couldn't get any signals. The snow outside was pounding down so hard on his moving vehicle that it was nearly impossible for him to see the road in front of him. There were hardly any other cars on the road, maybe one or two that he passed every now and then. Even in snow, the Tool Man still wanted more power in his car. More speed no matter what. Tim grunted at the thought. His grunts faded though when he saw a sign on the side of the road that said 'Bridge is out. Take detour' And had an arrow on it.

"I don't see a bridge." Tim said to himself while squinting to see out his front window. He slowed his speed down some when he wasn't able to see anything. Everything was covered in white and it was beginning to pack up on the hood of his car against the window. It eventually packed up so much that his windshield wipers couldn't get up from underneath it. "Ok, don't panic." He said and slowed his speed down even more. Short breaths came to him as the conditions outside just seemed to get worse.

Tim found himself slowing down and turning off all appliances in the vehicle (heat, radio, ect.) so he could hear outside for any awkward noises like construction.

"Construction in this snow storm?" He asked himself out loud and shook his head at the possibility. "What kind of man would do that.......actually, a man like me.....uh oh oh." He said and grunted. His car jerked slightly but pulled it back onto the road. "Ok, focus." He said and tried to look in front of his car. Still nothing but white.

He sighed again and felt a slight bump in the car as if he hit something. Tim looked out his side window and saw nothing but air. He looked down some and didn't see the side of the road. When he looked way down, all he saw was the top of a big frozen lake that shimmered like a newly polished floor. His eyes widen and he looked around in different directions and slammed on the brakes. He realized that he was on the bridge that was currently out. His car fishtailed in the middle of the bridge and he tried to get it back straight while releasing the brake some. The car took a jolt forward and he realized why the bridge was out. The snow slid forward off his hood as the car started to tip. Tim's eyes widen even more when he saw the same frozen lake top out his front window. The car was falling off the bridge and it was too late for him to get out. Flashes of his life passed before his eyes as the window in front of him fogged up from the frozen air it was falling through. When his dad died came to him, then when he met Jill and then his wedding. The birth of Brad, then Randy, then Mark. His first Tool Time episode all shot through his mind. The world seemed like it was going in slow motion and there was nothing he could do about it. The car hit hard against the frozen lake. Tim covered his head with his arms and felt a jolt of pain as he hit the steering wheel and front dashboard with his upper body. He could feel his rib crack at the impact and his legs jammed in between the driver floor and the seat. His breathed was knocked straight out of him and pain kept jolting through his body. The car slowly sunk into the ice cold water and Tim knew he had to get out but he just didn't know how he would.

End Chapter 1

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