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"So Trunks, can you sense him around here?" Bulma asked.

"Yes mother, he's pretty close. Is it ok though if we just observe him for now? After all he's probably got a few days or so before anyone notices something different about him, unless he gets mad and kills someone or something," Trunks said, rubbing his purple hair.

"Yeah we probably should, I want to get a blood or hair sample, can you manage that?"

"No problem, are you sure this thing is going to work?" Trunks asked, fooling with the bracelet on his wrist.

"Now Trunks, when have my inventions ever not worked?" Bulma asked, shaking her finger.

"It's not that Mom, its just that the Frieza in this dimension has been on our tail ever since I cut off his arm. I'd rather he didn't catch us off a bit and blow up the planet while we're on it, that wouldn't be very productive," Trunks said.

"Good point, but yes I'm sure it will work. If my computer can't pick you up with that thing on, Frieza doesn't have a chance. Now that's enough out of you, go find this young man we are looking for!"

"Yes mother. I'll be back later once I locate him. His ki will be hard to pick up on since he isn't a fully developed Saiyan, but it shouldn't be too hard, I'll see ya later!"

"Good luck son!"

Trunks flew through the air over the general area he sensed the Saiyan's power. He had been trying to pick it up for two days now with very little success. Either the Saiyan already could use his power and could suppress it, or he just hadn't been physically or mentally irritated long enough to pinpoint. Trunks decided the latter was more likely, no one on this planet had a clue how to use their ki energy. I wonder if this one will be a typical Saiyan like Dad or one more like Gohan and Goku. He scanned the city below, picking up small traces of higher energy towards the north. He headed that way, passing over a highway and into the southern tips of a suburb. The closer he got to it, the stronger the energy signal felt, until he finally set his eyes upon a car dealership along another highway. The Saiyan must be here, the signal is very strong. Landing on the roof, he quickly looked around to make sure no one saw him. After Trunks determined no one did see him, he glanced over the south side of the building. A figure walked out, angry about something with a set of keys in his hand.

That must be him, he has extremely high energy coming off him for a human.Maybe it's a good thing that he can't use it yet. Trunks examined the figure for a few moments. It was a human male, just shy of six feet in height with dark and rather wild and unkempt hair. He had to be young, maybe Trunks' age or a bit younger, twenty-one at the most. That was correct by what his mother had told him to expect. The boy was a bit on the large and overweight side, but by the looks of things the boy wasn't in bad shape either. The overweight body made sense, any Saiyan would be ravaging the kitchen almost daily and no doubt his human body didn't adapt right away. It looked like he was developing quite nicely regardless, like he used to be extremely overweight. Trunks guessed he had also lost a lot recently, he kept pulling up on his work pants to keep them up, a good sign of this. Trunks moved along the edge of the building, watching the boy walk down the lot. The boy came up to a large truck and got in to start it. Only it wouldn't start, frustrating the kid. He hopped out and ran inside quickly, emerging a few seconds later with a small battery pack. After hooking up the pack to the truck, the kid tried to start it again, no go. Out of options, the kid put the truck in neutral and got behind it. Then, surprisingly, the kid started to push the truck straight out of its spot and slowly towards the shop entrance. Had this been a small car and not on the upside of a hill, this wouldn't have surprised Trunks at all, but it wasn't such.

Yep, that's the one all right. After watching him push the truck inside, Trunks waited for the kid to reemerge, something that took a little while. A bit later Trunks sensed the boy's ki rise in anger again, like something was either frustrating or irritating to him. The kid walked out again, stomping a little bit but trying to contain it. He went by Trunks' position, fuming about the people he worked with. He wasn't really talking to anyone at all on the empty lot, just venting to the air. The kid picked up a rock or two and turned towards Trunks. Trunks ducked down fast enough not to be seen. Then the kid chucked the two rocks he had into the air. The boy obviously didn't know his own slowly increasing strength, because he was aiming for the rooftop. The rocks both curved over the roof and went into the distance and out of Trunks' sight. The kid must have thought he just hit the roof and they fell because he was not surprised at all. Then the kid walked over to the wall, and punched the wall very hard. Grumbling, the kid walked off holding his hand, and drove a car around to the front. Trunks jumped down and examined the wall that was hit. It now showed several cracks around the point of impact, and the area of the hit crumbled under Trunks' finger. He sighed and held up his wristwatch, pressing a small button on the side.

"I've found him Mom!"

"Excellent, can you bring him here then without causing too much of a ruckus? By my calculations the change will really get going in the next two days, so we really need to get him out of view," Bulma said through the communicator.

"That might be a problem, looks like he's at work right now, and since it's the morning hours he might be here all day. Be hard to get him outta here without disruption," Trunks said, looking around extra carefully.

"Where does he work?"

"Car dealership."

"Hmmm, I have an idea Trunks, how does a new car sound for a present?"

Dragonball: Verto

Alternate Universe - obviously

My first series starts about 8 months before Buu in the DBZ timeline. If you haven't seen the DBZ series at all, you're in trouble and should not be on this site until you know what the hell you're reading about. At the end of each chapter I will throw out some power levels if they have relevance as there will probably be multiple enemies and fights, and some enemies fought won't necessarily need a high level. This is only something I do for fun, not to be politically correct by any means, so I don't want to hear about what they should or should not be. We start off with my character, which I will write from my point of view though I will switch from time to time back to 3rd person view.

Rated PG-13 for language and violence

"blah"-regular communication


"blah"-telepathic or an outside source, though there isn't much of this here.

Some parts of this story are still in their original form, I've been going back through for editing time and time again. My writing skills have advanced ever since starting this story, so I felt the need to clean things up a bit. Some of the wording and dialogue may be a little different than before, but it will stay roughly the same.