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Summary: Yuffie has been put in Juvy (a school for bad kids.) She has only one way out. She has to either participate as a cabin leader for five weeks at a kid's camp with other Juvy's or go back to that hell for 3 years. Squffie.

Okay, I did change things now that this is in a normal world with stuff people would do. They're ages are close and in the chapter, they will say so I hope you like it. This idea just popped into my head because I felt my sister was getting away with everything so she should go to jail (Lame…I know) but then I was like… 'She can't go to jail. She's only twelve so I thought about Juvy. That's where my other sister went cause she was bad…Enough to say about that and then I'm like…what if Yuffie was bad? Then October Breeze's story inspired me to do a camp theme so give some credit to her!

Chapter One

Welcome to camp nightmare

The small Mustang cruised by the late spring blossomed trees. Her chocolate stare glared at every passing thing she could glare at. Her dad shifted the view mirror to show the reflection of the adolescent, who looked as miserable as hell. He couldn't blame the child. After all, him and his wife sent her to Juvy and who knows what kinds of kids go to that place, but obviously not good ones. The school board kicked her out of the district after one incident. That one incident caused the school to have to let her go or else they would have a baneful reputation weighing them down.

Yuffie hasn't spoken to them ever since they sent her to that place. Well, at least not like a normal child would. It was always profanity and cursing them for even thinking of putting her in that province. The cool summer breeze whipped Yuffie's mahogany hair out of in and out of her eyes. She would swat at it in irritation from time to time, but soon became immune to its annoyance.

The trip was uneventful and dull to Yuffie. All it was was trees, trees, and more trees, but one time a hobo lying on the side of the road passed out drunk… or dead. It humored the teen so she laughed inwardly at the man, making herself feel better.

The punctilious looking mustang pulled into the grounds where Yuffie would be staying for the next five weeks or back to hell and she didn't even want to think of that possibility. The burned up teen pushed open the door with a touch of the handle. She grabbed her stuff quickly and began to walk off towards the camp without an even a word.

"Yuffie," her mother called out softly, "Please stop and say goodbye to your parents." Her mother awaited her response, but Yuffie didn't even try to cover up that she didn't care. Her mother looked at the retreating figure in a heart full of sorrow.

"Do you think this is the right thing to do?" Her mother asked. Her husband gazed over his shoulder and replied, "It's for the best. Look at the bright side. She'll make friends that are…just like her."

Trudging her feet along the walkway into the camp she wished she wasn't in, Yuffie muttered, "I don't care anymore. I don't even know why you call yourself my parents from all the ordeals you put me through."

Balloons swayed in the breeze of the wind whistling. A big spangled banner lit up in front of her with big bold letters saying, 'Welcome to camp Wapatuki!' Yuffie just gave a small vigorous laugh.

"What kind of a name is that?" She chuckled at the site of it. She guessed it was for the little kids so they'd be in awe struck at the 'pretty' colors. As she came up, she noticed teenagers like her heading north with their bags. Maybe she'd loiter behind so she wouldn't look like a lost fool and a person in need of help. She knew how to watch her own back and wasn't about to let anyone get the impression that she depended on others.

In the oncoming view, a large white sign with red writing on it became noticeable. The bright letters word said, 'Wapatuki campers (the children): come right on in! Cabin leaders and guardians: go straight to the room on the right of this sign and meeting will begin shortly.' Yuffie quirked an eyebrow and looked to her right.

"I could have sworn that wasn't there earlier," she murmured. She picked up her luggage, which consisted of a suitcase, a pillow stuffed inside the suitcase to make it bulge and a sleeping bag connected to the suitcase. She just dragged the suitcase behind her because it had wheels and made it a hell of a lot easier.

Peeking her head inside, she heard faint murmurs of leaders already there. About twenty or so had already taken their seats and talked quietly to their neighbors. Yuffie sat in the furthest row of chairs, tipped back putting her feet on the chair in front of her, and studied them all. All of these leaders or the majority of them were from Juvy from the city. The funny thing was was she didn't see anyone she recognized except a couple of the classmates but she wasn't friends with them.

A small figure plopped down into the seat next to her. Yuffie looked from the corner of her eye that the figure was a girl. She sighed wearily and looked over at the teen next to her.

"Hey, are you one of us?" The redheaded female asked. Yuffie turned her head slightly and replied, "Are you meaning 'us' as in mischievous kid? If so, you got one right here." A smile formed on the minors' face. She extended a hand and said, "I'm Kairi. Nice to meet you." Yuffie was hesitant then slowly reached her hand to come into grip with Kairi's then tightened. They shook and a small smile came to Yuffie's face.

"Yuffie." Kairi smirked and let her hand fall to her side. A couple kids filed in and took their seats then the meeting began. A large woman, I mean large women stepped up to the microphone and said perkily, "Welcome to camp Wapatuki!" A couple cheers rang through the room and others moaned. The large women bit her lip and held a growl. "Well, we have such a 'perky' group with us this year."

"What does she expect?" Yuffie whispered, Kairi nodding along in agreement.

"This years camp will be great with the help of you darling angels," she began, as she glared out to the audience," and I might as well introduce myself. My name is Jesse and I will be the camp director this year."

Yuffie shifted and whispered, "Duh," then studied the women. She was large. Probably about three hundred pounds at the minimum. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and her lips had way too much lipstick on them. She wore a white shirt that said 'Wapatuki director' and khaki pants. Her shoes consisted of hiking boots and socks crammed down inside them. Yuffie winced even looking at the women and she knew Kairi was too.

Yuffie frowned slightly. It was getting hot and this woman was killing her by just being here. She better get to share a cabin with Kairi or else her 'campers' would pay.

"Girls are on one side of camp and guys are on the other. Boy cabins will have boy leaders and girl cabins will have girl leaders. I will be giving you your assignments. Rules:

1.Girls aren't aloud in Boy cabin without permission and guys aren't aloud in girl cabins without their permissions.

2. No pranks! If this does happen, consequences will happen.

3. Follow-

Yuffie drowned out Jesse's talking and was getting tired from the heat and sleepy. She hadn't slept all that well so she closed her eyes and began to tip back on her chair. She was tipping a little too far and in a second, a loud slam of metal chairs and Yuffie collided.

"Ah shi-" Yuffie looked up to see that all of the people had their attention on her. She laughed nervously and quickly put her chair up and sat down in her chair at lightning speed. Jesse glared at her for a moment then continued on with the rules.

The leaders piled out of the room since they were in desperate for breathing space and cool air. Yuffie came out with a smile. Kairi was in her cabin and some girl she didn't know. Kairi knew who she was and said she was obsessed with pink but under all that pink, she wasn't such a good girl. People hung around while Kairi and Yuffie began to walk back towards the cabins. They sat on the wall near by to watch the troublemaking teens.

"Hey, I'll tell ya some of the people I know," Kairi offered out of the blue. Yuffie tipped her head and rested it on her palm and muttered something along the lines of, "Okay." Kairi searched out some people.

"Okay, over there," she pointed towards her right, "is Cloud. He's a fun one to hang around with."

"What did he do?"

"Oh you mean to get into Juvy? He got a couple incidents like throwing smoke bombs into the office, ruining school property, but what kicked him out was that he depantsed (A/N: I'm not sure how to spell that) the principle. It was pretty funny." Kairi said, laughter was following.

"Ha, that kids in need of attention," Yuffie mumbled. A couple of little kids skipped by creating dust storms. Yuffie sucked her lip and glared. She was beginning to get dirty.

"Yeah. Oh over there is Aerith, the one obsessed with pink," Kairi pointed straight in front of her. She was right. The girl had a pink and white shirt on, a short pink skirt, pink sandals, and to top it off, a bow tightly tying her chestnut hair back.

"What'd she do? She doesn't seem like she's much of a 'troublemaker,' Yuffie whispered. Kairi turned her blue eyes to glance at Aerith then back to Yuffie.

"She painted the whole front of the school pink. The school knew it was she because she's obsessed. She's real sweet but one naughty girl deep down," she explained. Yuffie raised her eyebrows at the mysterious girl. Aerith was pulling her luggage along towards the cabin they were assigned to. There were some interesting people at this camp. She was surprised they even let them be in charge of children.

"She better not put too much pink in our cabin or else," Yuffie threatened.

Kairi looked around then smiled. Yuffie's chocolate gaze met where Kairi was looking. A teenager with crazy brown hair that spiked out in places and a teen with silver hair. She wondered which one Kairi was looking at or perhaps, she was looking at both.

"That's Sora and Riku," she said, as she pointed to each one. "Sora's got crazy hair and Riku has the hair that stands out most here."

"What'd they do?" Yuffie asked curiously.

"They hacked the school computer system to change their grades then stole the principles car," Kairi said, sighing at the sight of Sora. Yuffie looked suspiciously at the redhead.

"Quite the crew of friends you have Kairi," Yuffie commented. Kairi smirked and said, "You haven't even seen the best part. Those two love to make fun of fat people. An example of that was on the way up on the bus. Riku had pulled out a Twinkie and smiled. He gave it to Sora, who went up to the bus driver and said, 'Here's a Twinkie. Congratulations…Oh and lay off the McDonalds. It's starting to really show.' We laughed so hard and here I'll show you right now. Hey Riku! Sora!"

Sora turned his head towards Kairi and smiled, which Yuffie thought if Kairi could melt, she would have. They came over and said in unison, "Hey Kairi! New friend?" Kairi nodded then pointed to Jesse, who was coming from the area they were earlier. Sora's eyes widened in excitement then he yelled, "Fatso! Hey Fatso! Fatso!!" Yuffie's eyes widened in excitement. Sora was bold and brave.

Jesse ignored Sora, but Sora continued, "Fatso! What ignoring me? Fatso!" Jesse looked over just as Sora stopped and her face became red in anger. She stomped over and confronted the four.

"Who called me fatso? I demand to know," Jesse said, angrily. Sora shrugged his shoulders and all his friends betrayed him and pointed at him. He looked around and gasped in hurt. Jesse eyed him dangerously and she growled.

"What?! I didn't call you fatso! I-uh called for my friend Tasso! See, he's ignoring me!" Sora made up, as he jogged over to a teen leaning against the tree. Jesse growled and stomped off muttering, "I can't believe we agreed to this." Yuffie, Kairi, and Riku burst out laughing.

"What parent names their kid Tasso?" She laughed. Jesse fell for that one because she didn't know the teen's name in the first place. She finally got a look at the man. Her eyes widened. He was attractive…very attractive. He was a brunette and seemed to be irritated with Sora.

"Who's that?" Yuffie asked. Kairi looked over and replied, "That's Squall. He's a cold one."

"Squall huh?"

"Oh wait…no it's Leon. He prefers that," Kairi said, remembering.

"I prefer Squall. It's much nicer," Yuffie whispered. Riku and Kairi looked at Yuffie and then Kairi slapped her head.

"Riku…this is Yuffie," Kairi introduced. Riku smiled and replied, "Hey Yuffie. What are you here for?" Yuffie dropped her gaze to the ground and said, "Well, I was busted for flooding the principles office with oil and gasoline and set it on fire. It was pretty cool. I caught the whole thing on camera. Kind of like fireworks." Riku and Kairi looked at one another then Riku grinned.

"Right on Yuffie! Wait till I tell Sora!" he ran off toward Sora who was leaving Squall.

"Hey Kairi…How come Squall went to Juvy?" Yuffie asked. Kairi looked over at the man leaning against the tree with a nonchalant look on his face.

"Oh…During school," Kairi began, as she lowered her voice to a whisper, "Him and this guy Seifer got into a fight. They used weapons—swords. They both got their injuries but Seifer cheated and threw dirt in Squall's face and then gave him a nice scar on his forehead diagonally to his nose." Yuffie now realized he did have a scar.

"Oh…I think we should be getting to our cabins now," Yuffie cut in and stood up gathering her things.

Yuffie stepped in with Kairi and Aerith. They had introduced themselves and of course, warned Aerith about the pink. She seemed reluctant but then agreed to hold back a lot of her pink.

"Okay, quiet!" Kairi began, as she hushed the girls sitting on the floor. They seemed merrily and cheery then Yuffie stepped in and said, "That's Kairi and Aerith. I'm Yuffie and welcome to camp nightmare."

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