- For Asatsuyu and all the other fangirls out there.  From my boredom to you...

To the sensual tunes of "She Bangs" oh yes… NOTE: The lyrics are just queues.  When the first line is sung, skip to the action part so it's read in order… yeah baby.

Chrno sighed as he stared into the cheaply lit backstage mirror.  Long after Rosette died- even longer after Magdalena's death- he now worked his fine stuff at The Tiger Chaps.  His purple hair was naturally spiked back and had amazingly retained its healthy shine even after all of the transformations and stress since Aion's defeat.  Chrno's horns were given back to him after Joshua had died, giving him his full potential demon-ness.  He was freed from a contractor and had nowhere to go.  Nearly two weeks ago, desperately in need of work, he rolled into this male strip joint looking to land a job as a waiter.  The owner looked down and saw his overwhelming... splendor... and put him between a rock and a hard place (which thankfully did not pursue violating him): either he would work as one of the strippers, or he had to go live as a bum.

"You saw him work that tight bod a week ago, and now he's back again- with demon VENGEANCE!"  The women went wild at the DJ's words.  Disco lights swarmed the stage as females lunged and fought with $20 bills wadded in each hand.  They all intended for the money to be promptly replaced by supple ass.  For those ladies with $50 bills, they intended to have hand fulls of something more special.  While a fairly large crowd, five girls eagerly pushed their way to the front.  Two Asian girls and three whiteys all drooled with ogling eyes.  In this moment it was all about the anticipation.

Chrno stood up.  This was wrong.  He knew it to be true.  Yet he needed the money, and this was the only place where his dreadfully sexy demon looks would be accepted.  Grocery stores don't hire tall guys with purple hair and over-exaggerated elf ears.  At least at The Tiger Chaps it would appear rather kinky.  His vertical-striped pants had hot pink piping outlining by the crotch (altered for easy-access) with thigh high studded black boots (sequined).  His black jacket had random straps and collars all over it, properly sequined.  This was open to bare chest.  On his forearms were bejeweled and sequined gauntlets, matching perfectly to a sequined metal collar around his neck.  His white-bone neck tail thing swung out past his black wings- all perfectly sequined for the roaring 90's. The perfect image of sizzling man-juice, Chrno only felt saddened by his inevitable transformation into man-meat.  His despair soon jump started into adrenaline as the music on stage began to pump him up...

"Ladies, start your money," The song started quiet, a popping beat... "cause HERE…. COMES…."

Chrno took a breath, his chest heaving.  Show time...

"THE SINNER!!!" Chrno burst out onto the stage, strutting like no tomorrow and music blaring.  Women screeeamed.  He twirled and glowered.

Talk to me, tell me your name

You blow me off like it's all the same

You lit a fuse, and now I'm ticking away

Like a bomb… yeah baby

Ooooh yes.  Chrno ripped off his jacket as if greased with lavender scented oils.  Oh, but he was.  It came off with ease, strangely, despite his wings, which extended to the sides of the stage.

Talk to me, tell me your sign

You're switchin' sides like a Gemini

You're playing games

And now you're hittin' my heart

Like a drum… yeah baby

He shook that ass.  Not once, but twice with a flourish.  Chrno licked his finger and ran it down his chest, snaking his body the whole way down... yeah baby.

Well if Lady Luck

Gets on my side

We're gonna rock this town alive

He fell into a crouch and swung back up, smacking that sweet ass. 

I'll let her rough me up

'Til she knocks me out

'Cause she walks like she talks

And she talks like she walks

Chrno strut with attitude back up the stage and runway, showing it all off.  His bone tail slithered around his body while blue and green disco lights flittered around him.

She bangs! She bangs!

Chrno spun around to face the screaming horde again, his tail whipping out and the lights bursting around him.

Oh baby when she moves, she moves

I go crazy 'cause she

Looks like a flower

But she stings like a bee

Like every girl in history

He sprinted down the runway and slid down on his knees.  He slid to the edge of the stage and shimmied those nice shoulders of his forward and back.  His bone tail writhed in front of him, wings opening and closer behind.  Several girls in the front rammed money in as fast as their hands could plunge down his pants.

She bangs, she bangs

I'm wasted by the way she moves

No one ever looked so fine

She reminds me

That a woman's got one thing on her mind

Thrashing his tail back, Chrno sprung up and whipped his ass with it.  Of course, it didn't really hurt since it was all for show.  But damn, it looked SEXY.  Chrno was on fire tonight!

Talk to me, tell me your name
I'm just a link in your daisy chain
Your rap sounds like a diamond map, to the stars… yeah baby

Chrno got naughty then…  His hands smoothed out over his chest, movin' down town.  He thrust those mobile hips everywhere possible.

Talk to me, tell me the news

You'll wear me out like a pair of shoes

We'll dance all night until the band goes home

Then you're gone… yeah baby

Hands still determined to reach his pants, Chrno nodded slightly to the crowd and cast a wickedly evil grin.  That tongue flashed out and back in a suggestive nature… yeah baby.

Well, if it looks like love

Should be a crime

They better lock me up for life

I'll do the time

With a smile on my face

Thinkin' of her in her

Leather and lace

That tail… oh yes, that tail… traced around the piping on his pants.  Chrno's hips still swerved and thrust everywhere at once. 

She bangs, she bangs

Oh baby when she moves, she moves

I go crazy 'cause she

Looks like a flower

But she stings like a bee

Like every girl in history

The sharp tip of Chrno's tail hooked into the fabric and ripped his pants off, revealing Chrno's ass and groin in full leather man-thong glory.  This was his favorite part; so freeing. He continued to thrust like a man-demon possessed… by another demon.  The wide swing of his package was invigorating.

The door smashed down, letting in much needed sunlight.  Suddenly, dozens of fuming women swung around to face the silhouetted intruder. 

            "AIOOONNN!!!!!!!!" Chrno stood there trembling with anger… all of him.  He looked down at himself and around at the tacky lighting. Ricky Martin's flashy voice still sung with much seduction and passion.

            Aion's evil chuckle filled the room.  Whether it was because he had come back from eternal death, or that he found his old nemesis oiled up in thigh-highs and man-thong, neither could say.