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Chapter 1:  Beaten

   Kagome looked around herself as she stepped out amount the rest of the cheerleaders and followed the routine that they have practiced so hard on… But not many people except their families and guys noticed. She was pretty quiet for being a cheerleader, but as usual, she saw him doing his detention work. He sneered at her as she gave a quick sneer back. Kagome couldn't get a good view of him, she knew he was there and saw his evil, sinister looks. Kagome was thrown up in the air and twirled, her raven hair floating around her. From the back of the concession stand, Inuyasha, the most popular guy in his grade, but all round jerk to Kagome was cleaning out the grease fryers when he accidentally burnt himself while he watched Kagome to think up some plan of attack. EVERYBODY stopped a moment to look over at the stand when they heard his loud curses. But of course this was HER fault and SHE had to pay for it. Oh how he hated her. Oh, how she despised him. This war has been going on since Kagome was in 3rd grade and Inuyasha was in 4th. Kagome took it till Inuyasha started to take it to violently serious so then she began to fight back… which always did her very little good. Now they were in high school… 3rd week of school and the first football game. Kagome was just started 10th grade and Inuyasha was already a junior… Already had a reputation. Kagome had one year of peace… But not yet has Inuyasha confronted her yet…But now it'd start all over again. Hopefully some handsome football player would fall in love with her and protect her… but not many guys liked her… She was pretty, but not glamorous and a little shy. Just in 8th grade she was a little chubby, had glasses and braces, but she transformed during 9th grade. Inuyasha didn't notice, all he knew was it was her. She wasn't your typical cheerleader… it was her mom's idea. But she tried to ignore Inuyasha's death glares and sinister smirks while she worked until half-time. She was thirsty and guzzled down a Mountain Blast PowerAde (light blue). She knew Inuyasha had awful plans for her… and her mother said she'd be late picking her up. She rubbed her left hand while glaring at him, almost saying.

"You did this! You awful thing! Leave me alone!"

He gave a sly, sinister smile that was saying,

"Like I would… THIS… is going to be fun!"

  Yes, Kagome was scared of him… She was his favorite victim and not only bullied her with words… But didn't care she was a girl and she'd gotten kick, slapped, punched… But she dare not tell anyone about it and she'd rather die then let him get the best of her. She hoped that now she was a cheerleader she'll make more friends that would be around her more… It had just been her and her three friends, Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi, but they were never at the American Football games.

   Kagome waited as all but one car and the bikes left the student parking lot. She still heard a few people by the field so she wasn't totally alone. But she never felt so alone and vulnerable till she heard him behind her.

"Oi! Jajauma (bh)!"

She sighed annoyingly and turned around to see him right behind her staring down at her. She sighed and shook her head,

"Aren't we a little old for this? We aren't kids anymore, Inuyasha."

She noticed the strange look on his face. That's right… This is the first time he had seen her without acne, glasses or braces and she looked quite nice… but it didn't stop his hatred nor craving to torture her,

"Old? Not kids?"

He put his arm around her and hissed in her ear,

"I've been counting down the days until I could see you again… I'm not going to stop now."

She pulled herself away,

"Well if you insist on acting like we are still in primary school. What do you have in your bag? Cwayons and some blunted scissows?"

  She made a pouty face which just outraged him. He grabbed her by the collar and pulled her inches away from his face and sneered till he looked down… then held her back to look at her… She was thin and she had matured into a woman…, finally noticing she had lost all her baby fat and nerdy features and finally having women features he had never worried about before. He may be a bully and a total ass, but he'd never do something like that to Kagome… Passionate or lustful… But now that she was prettier, it'd make it more of a challenge to tease and physically harm her. But he was up to the challenge. Kagome felt the same way… It had been a couple of years since she had seen him. He wore a tee-shirt that fit him just enough to have her see that the acne-faced, scrawny bully now was a muscle defined, beautiful man… His long silver hair hung down long and his amber eyes, though cold as ice, were more rich with color, his famous ears were more erected and one didn't slump over anymore. But were intently pointed to her… This handsome guy is her #1 bully? Like he thought this pretty, caterpillar to a butterfly girl is his favorite victim? It's going to be harder coming up with stuff to tease her about. But he had an idea just to get a raise out of her. It was mean and cruel. He knew about her status on romance.  She saw the look in his eyes as she was unconsciously studying him which gave him an overwhelming sense of ickyness… But this first plan of tease should get a pretty good reaction. He casually leaned back and rubbed his chin, looking her up and down with a lustful look… though it wasn't real and said silky smooth,

"My my my, Jajauma, you are looking pretty good…"

Her face turned pale as she gave him a "You gotta be kidding!" look.

"Inuyasha… Stay away from me!"

   She yelped as he grabbed her by the wrists and pulled her up against him and said inches to her face, her cheeks getting a bit red and her heart rate getting a bit faster. Thought she tried to pull herself away and struggled, not liking where this was going. Then he gently took her chin and pulled it up just a few millimeters apart face-to-face with his and he placed his other hand at the base of her back. Just as Kagome was about to smack him, she figured out what he was doing and decided to play along, see what new powers she might have over this jerk. She got a sticky sweet smile on her face and knew one thing Inuyasha HATED was too have his ears touched, but she gently took one and gently began to rub one it. She had him. Inuyasha's plan backfired when he wanted to back away and smack her, but with his ear being rubbed, he forgot it was her doing it, and closed his eyes. Kagome smirked to herself "This was too easy" Then Inuyasha went limp making a sound that freaked her out. He began to moan like her friend's dog did when you'd rub it's ears. When his eyes half opened to her curious eyes, then she smirked like "I win", He got an outraged look on his face, grabbed her by her shoulder's and threw her to the ground.

"Temee! You know better! You little…"

Kagome winced at her scraped knees as she jumped back up and yelled in his face,

 "You so deserved it! How dare you do that?!"

His eyes were cold and he got the look he did usually before he injured her, So she began to run, He wanted to hurt her, but not kill her, but just hard enough to hurt he ran after her and pelted her with rocks. She hid behind a tree to dodge the flying rocks, but from behind her and grabbed her neckline from behind to gag her. Inuyasha turned her around and slapped her. She didn't tear up like usual, she gave him daggers and right hooked him acrossed the jaw and round off kicked him in the stomach. He fell on the ground.

  "Mom put me in Karate two summers ago."

He got up and wiped the blood that was running from his mouth. Kagome knew this wasn't good. He was at least 100x her strength and could run faster then a cheetah. She finally heard her mom honk the horn and she bolted toward the car. Inuyasha yelled,

  "This has only begun Jajauma!"

He yelled as she got into the car. Inuyasha stared as she glared at him… It actually took him back a bit. He watched her leave and wiped the blood from his mouth.

 "I can't believe she punched me! That little bh will pay for it! I swear!"

He smirked,

  "This should be fun…. A real challenge"

He thought about her look and how it felt to have his ears rubs… He growled loud. How dare she! She won! She actually won! It will be her last time! He'll be sure of it.

   They pulled into the gas station and convenient store. Kagome volunteered to go inside to get drinks and pay for the gas. She walked in and walk yelled,

"Suzuki-san! We are in pump…"

It was like slow motion as she looked at the man in the mask robbing the place at gunpoint. Being startled, he shot twice. One hit her shoulder, the other hit right in the middle of her forehead…. She fell and tumbled out of the door, blood started to drip out of her wounds. Her mother screamed as the thief took off.

         Inuyasha was riding his bike, angry at his injury and the fact that not only did he loose to a girl. He lost to Kagome. Oh how he hated her! Oh how he loathed her. He made it a goal to make this year a living hell for Kagome. Beautiful or not, gutsy or not, he'd get her back…. He then passed by a gas station that smelt like blood and…. Her! He looked over to see Kagome lying on the ground, being shot in the head and the shoulder… Her mother holding her crying. Inuyasha loathed her, but was not a total monster. His favorite victim… Dead?... NO! That will not do! He waited way too long! He pulled into the parking lot and got off the bike and ran to her side and her mother. Her mother knew him from seeing him always around her in the past… Not knowing the cruel acts he committed.

"Inuyasha… She's dead! She's dead!"

He panicked, but did not smell death…yet… She was still clinically alive, but not breathing, nor her heart beating. He actually felt sad… He waited to long…Torturing her was the highlight of this year.

"Here, let me see her."

Kagome lay in front of him practically dead and in a pool of her own blood. He really felt uncomfortable, but with his claw he cut her cloths down to just blow the chest, making as sure as he could to cover her.

'Here we go' He thought. He began to push rhythmically on her sternum… it wasn't really working… He knew what he had to and sneered and thought,

'If you live, you will pay big time!'

He tilted her chin up and plugged her nose… Then winced as he pressed his lips with her's breathing into her, her chest rising and falling with each blow, then he would push on her sternum, then the mouth-to-mouth… Then as he they were giving up, she began to breathe and have a pulse as the emergency vehicles began to show up. Inuyasha was covered in her blood and her mother was thanking him. He bowed and when he saw the police he ran to his bike and raced off. Fast. He looked back in his rear view mirror to see them prep Kagome and a helicopter flew over, about to fly her to the hospital.

   "Well, she's going to die, I know it"

With a sarcastic sigh he said.

"Awww, what a pity. I wonder why I helped her."

He shrugged and continued to ride home.

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