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Translation note: Gin- Silver

Someone asked what "Gin Inuyasha/ Gin Kagome" meant. It is Inuyasha's sur-family name. In Japan, The surnames always come first like my name would be "Goodson Cherie" not "Cherie Goodson" as it is in the Western World. Most Eastern countries, Including China and Korea, also write their names beginning with their family/Surname. Yes "Gin" Is an actual Family name and it means "silver"...But here we go:

Chapter: 26: "It's Only the Beginning" (Last Chapter).

It had been 2 weeks since she and Inuyasha branded each other. She'd stare at her brand in the mirror as she'd brush her hair. She'd wonder if she were her old self, if she would even have let it happen. It didn't matter now. She'd sigh at every thought of him. She wondered how it all came to be as it did. Years of torture, then one twist in life and now they are bound to each other. His friends had commented on how much calmer he had been, but they seemed upset. She had heard from Inuyasha about his former acts of crime and rebellion against society for looking down at him for being a hanyou, but she had a flashback of that conversation they shared just a few nights before.

Inuyasha and Kagome sat on a bench under the Goshinboku's shade. Inuyasha sharing his past failures and crimes against the law. He's occasionally would watch Kagome, but she just sat contently and listened. Then he pause a moment, looking up into the branches of the ancient tree.

"I hated the world…I hated society because I felt like they hated me. Sure hanyous are not extremely rare, but we are looked down upon by many. Youkai and humans alike…They refused me what I wanted."

Kagome looked up at him with curious eyes, "What was that?"

He looked down at his lap,

"My humanity…"

Kagome was confused and said so innocently,

"What do you mean/there are no laws are anything…"

"Now there isn't… but when I was younger… Hanyous went through a dark age in society. Youkai nor human, we didn't fit anywhere in a category. Many freedoms allowed to both humans and youkai were withheld from hanyous for many years. My poor parents. I got so angry at society for not excepting me, I felt I needed to be avenged. So… until I met you… I paid the world back…"

Kagome looked at her own lap and sighed. Inuyasha looked at her curiously. "What is it?"

Kagome then said sadly,

"Though not in the same way, I think I know what you went through."

Inuyasha looked a bit confused, if not a bit frustrated,

"Keh, you?"

She nodded and said,

"My memory isn't all back yet, but I remember back when I was…less then perfect… The world and boys have an idea of what a girl should look like… And because I wasn't, there were many things I couldn't do…"

Inuyasha understood exactly what she was talking about and nodded,

"Haa, I see."

Then Kagome's head hung lower as she continued,

"And still…"

Inuyasha watched her sad face closely.

"And still… At school… I still get teased and called names. 'Retard' 'dummy' and even meaner things…"

Inuyasha began to growl and clinch his fist,

"Who are they? They'll…"


She sighed. He sighed in apology, but then Kagome said,

"So I guess… despite our rough past and how different we thought we were from each other…"

She looked up at him, a smile in her heart, face and eyes,

"I guess we are more similar then we thought… And why we need each other… We never have to worry about being alone anymore."

Inuyasha gasped at her deep, but very honest insight. His eyes shimmered as he whispered,

"Kagome… I…"

She solemnly gave him a loving smile and leaned onto his shoulder, snuggling into it. He put his arm around her and hugged her tightly,


Kagome blushed at the last thought. Inuyasha seemed more and more intoned to her lately as well. She jumped as the phone rang. She looked at the clock, it was 10pm. She wondered if it could be Inuyasha. Every first of the month, he said he needed to be home before sunset for a personal reason. Kagome remembered he'd lock himself away even at the home, which she remembered saddened her a lot. She raced to the phone,



The voice on the other line sounded like Inuyasha, but was a lot softer- smoother than usual,


"Hai, I've decided that tonight I'll show you my secret. The secret of the new moon."

"Inuyasha? I..."

"I'll be over soon. I'm going to spend the night there, on the futon downstairs… I hate being alone on these nights."

"Hai, ok Inuyasha, but…"


He had hung up on her. She felt nervous. What secret could he have possibly held could make his voice change? She nervously crept to the darkened downstairs, everyone else was asleep already, but since it was Friday night, Kagome felt she could stay up longer. She kneeled at the family table in the family room to wait, a million things going through her head. Inuyasha seemed to be full of secrets and surprises. It seemed they would never end. Endless things always went through her mind on the new moon. Was it some supernatural event that Inu Youkai take part in? Something personal? Her heart jumped into her throat as a light knocking sounded on the door. She slowly got up and slowly opened it. A man stood with a black sweatshirt on and a hood over his head, shadowing his face, hiding it.


He nodded and stepped in around her, putting his slippers on, he kept his hands in his pockets. He seemed very nervous. Kagome flowed him until he turned around and asked softly, Kagome's ears tingled at the strange tone of his voice,

"Can we go up into your room? I feel the most comfortable there."

She just watched him and nodded. Without waiting for her, he immediately turned and hiked up the stairs. Kagome followed him into her room, her desk lamp the only light. She closed the door behind her and turned around the hooded figure staring at her direction. She smiled solemnly at him, making him feel better and warmer inside. He softly whispered,

"Figures that it's your gentle smile that can calm me down in my most stressful time."

Kagome smiled and blushed, stepping around to sit on her bed. He stood there in from of the light, only showing his hooded silhouette. Kagome softly asked,

"The hood… it's hiding your secret?"

He nodded and shivered saying,

"Yes, and the only reason I'm showing you this is because you are my mate and I love you… Though people know it happens… I don't want to show them…"

Kagome looked at him with curious, but concerned eyes,

"Why? You are ashamed?"

She shrugged. Kagome stood up and stepped toward him,

"Inuyasha, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I'd never be ashamed of you."

Though she meant it, she was a bit worried, he sounded like he transformed into some horrid monster. She stood in front of him, waiting. She gasped as he threw back his hood and removed his long, sleek, and jet black hair. It took Kagome's breath away as, like silk, it feathered around him, his deep, violet eyes looked at her. His hand revealed no claws, just fingernails. Kagome put her hand over her heart and stared at him.

"Inu… Inuyasha?"

She felt her lungs tighten as the beautiful human man before her pulled down his collar, revealing her name on his brand. She slowly walked into the light with him and looked into his deep, beautiful violet eyes. She reached up to touch his hair, feeling to the top of his head to discover everything about him… was human. Even as he touched her, even his touch was softer. His scared gaze turned heavy as he realized that the way she looked at him was in awe and breathlessness, and it got confirmed when she squeaked,

"Why are you ashamed of looking like this?"

Softly he ran his fingers through her hair,

"You don't mind this?"

She just shook her head and continued to explore his changed features. She finally asked,

"This is why you hide yourself on the new moon? Why does it happen?"

Inuyasha led her over to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Well, every hanyou, once a month… their youkai blood reseeds and kind of 'hibernates' for a period of time. Mine happened from sunset to sunrise on the new moon."

Kagome stared, studying him, and asked,

"So you are basically, fully human right now?"

"Till sunrise, yes."

Kagome was in shock and looked off basically in space, Inuyasha looking at her, the top mark of her bran visible. She looked so beautiful, her hair freshly brushed and she didn't reject him or anything, instead, she smiled at him and hugged him. He stiffened at first, but grabbed her back into his arms, his hair cascading like a dark blanket around them. Kagome snuggled into him and said,

"I'm glad you showed me."

Inuyasha had to know one thing, so he asked smoothly,

"So you like my human form."

To bad his nose couldn't smell emotion, but he did still smell Kagome. Kagome blushed and nodded into his chest,

"I like it very much!"

"Better then my hanyou form?"

Kagome almost glared at him saying,

"I like any form you have… I'd like them all!"

She played with his silky locks when he sadly said,

"I'm not sure you'd like every form…I have one more form… A form I pray to Kami-sama you'll never see. "

She drew back to look into his lost eyes,

"Why not?"

"Because… I… it's my fully youkai form… I hope you never see it…"

She looked interested and asked,

"Oh! Do you look like your brother? Get elf-like ears and become very str…

"No! I turn into…into… a monster…"


He drew her back to look her sternly in the eyes,

"Kagome, promise me right now, if I transform to anything but my hanyou or human form, that you'll run and hide down wind until I turn to normal again? Promise me!"

Kagome was in shock, Inuyasha had 3 forms, and one, by the way he looked and sounded, scared him to death. She nodded It scared her a bit too. She looked up him again to meet different eyes. Inuyasha cupped her soft cheek and drew it in for a kiss. Closing her eyes, it felt no different from kissing Inuyasha normally, until he began to push her back slowly with his body onto the bed, still sitting on the edge as Kagome was laid down. He began to kiss her deeper. Her heart began to race as his hands wandered, but keeping clear of the parts he knew she still felt uncomfortable being touched. He finally broke it, breathing harder then usual. He looked down at shocked Kagome, her chest rising and falling quickly as she was shaky, then she squeaked,

"What… How... I thought your youkai blood was in ... remission…"

He stroked her face and hair, his breath warm on her face and neck,

"I'm a man, Kagome. A man in love. I don't have to have youkai instincts to tell me I want you as badly as I do… Humans have instinct too, you know… you experience them… even now."

His smooth, but sensual voice ran shivers and electricity through her. His rougher voice as a hanyou was sexy in more a wilder way, but the smoothness of his human voice was more romantic and soothing. As her eyes widened, his breath got tighter. Kagome didn't know how many more times she could refuse him. They were branded and got fully, even with a ceremonial red-rice dinner, her mother's blessing. But she still "felt" too young… too naive… too scared. Only the morning after their branding was any of her naked self exposed to him. And now, in his dark, mysterious human form, she blushed as against her hip she felt his thoughts. He sighed like he knew and just began to kiss her again, but not heatedly, but loving and tender, lust-free, almost telling her not to worry, though he was cursing himself in his mind. Every inch ached to be touched, held… craved her. After they broke from another kiss, Kagome yawned and stretched. Inuyasha looked at the clock. 11:30pm. He then gently asked,



"Can I sleep in here? I really don't like being alone on these nights."

She blushed and nodded,

"Ano… Of course…"

Inuyasha smiled and took off his black, hooded sweat shirt. Though she's seen him topless many times before, it seemed to be accented in some un-human way by his long, ebony hair. He jumped over to the other side of her, pulling down the covers, both of them getting under, curling up together, and falling asleep.


Kagome woke up to the familiar sight of glowing silver cascading around her like a blanket of snow. Inuyasha managed to, somehow during the night, Have his arm snaked under her flannel pajama top, holding her against him, pressing his hand on her soft skin between her shoulder blades. She smiled at the warm feeling and had no intentions of escaping, instead she held onto him tightly. She looked up at him, her forehead against his nose, she caught a glimpse of one of his ears twitching. She smiled and closed her eyes again, enjoying his heartbeat. Inuyasha brought his other arm around and began to stroke her hair. Did she wake him up somehow? He smiled again her forehead and held her tighter, his hanyou strength apparently back. Kagome snuggled against him and asked,

"Have a good sleep?"

He stretched a bit and said,

"Couldn't have slept better…"

When he made an attempt to move, Kagome held on to him tighter,

"Please… not yet. Hold me a while more."

Inuyasha, though more then happily to comply, also was starving and smelt breakfast down stairs. Inuyasha held her and thanked her for last night, being there for him. She looked up at his amber eyes, which glowed in the morning's light. She smiled at him warmly. He then began to kiss her, deeply.

"Kagome, Breakfast is... Oh!"

They both were too distracted to hear her mother come in, they sat up and stared at her with mixed looked of embarrassment and guilt. She just blushed and said,

"Oh, my! I'm sorry! I didn't know Inuyasha was here."

She politely noticed in her head, though Inuyasha was shirtless, her daughter was still fully clothed. She smiled brightly and said,

"Just to let you know, breakfast is ready, but take your time, I'll make some extra eggs and some steak for Inuyasha here, ne?"


The two blushing teenagers said. Inuyasha faced Kagome as her mother quietly stepped from the room. Inuyasha got a devious look as he whispered to a breathless Kagome, who looked at him with wide eyes,

"Now... were we?"

But then he paused and his ear twitched as he heard Kagome's mother sigh from the hall,

"I'll never get any grandchildren at this rate…"

Inuyasha sighed and thought to himself,

'Believe me, I'd be more then happy to solve that problem…more than happy too…'

He looked back to Kagome and crushed her lips with his for a last spurt of kissing before breakfast.


It finally came. Tonight every Senior girl looked forward to, or the dates of the Senior boys. It was time for the most lavish occasion at school, including the Prom. The Winter Ball. It usually was held at one of the lavish Western Hotels' grand ballrooms. It was always a grand affair and the Tokyo tuxedo and dress rentals and sales would skyrocket. Kagome, herself now a fan of fairytales actually looked forward to it. She looked at the large box on her bed. She had not opened it yet. It was a present Inuyasha gave her this morning and strictly instructed her that she not look until she was ready to change into her dress. What dress? Kagome didn't have a dress, but when Inuyasha gave her the box, he winked at her and told her not to worry. Kagome sighed. She was also nervous that she didn't know how to dance, but hoped it wouldn't be a problem. Her mother knocked on the door.

"Come in" Kagome said without moving. Her mother smiled and said,

"Kagome, you have a visitor."

Kagome turned around to see Sango peek in and wave. Kagome's eyes lit up,


"Hello again, Kagome-chan! I heard you have a ball to get ready for."

Kagome got up and hugged the slightly older girl. Sango noticed the scars on Kagome's neck and smiled,

"So, it's true, you and Inuyasha?"

Kagome nodded happily. Sango smiled,

"I'm very happy."

"What about you and Miroku-kun?"

Sango blushed and smiled,

"He's proposed to me. But we are not marrying until my schooling is done. I graduate next fall."

Kagome smiled widely and her mother congratulated the older girl and then she went over to the large box. Sango eyed it,

"Is that your dress?"

Kagome shrugged,

"I don't know, Inuyasha gave it to me this morning."

Sango and Kagome's mother smiled at each other.

"Well, Kagome... Open it!"

Sango insisted. Kagome walked over to the box and carefully unwrapped the silver bow. She opened it sat onto her bed, her eyes wide and gripping the cloth of her neckline. Sango looked inside and gasped,

"Kagome! This... This is..."

Sango lifted up the long, heavy, elegant dress and whirled it around to let them see. It was a shoulder-less, silver and white ball gown. The skirt was hooped and silver while the bodice part was white, trimmed with silver and sparkling white beadwork, thin, silver satin ruffles lined the top. It looked like something out of the days of "The King and I". The girls gasped at it in awe. Kagome could hardly breathe as she barely squeaked,


Kagome's mother spotted a silver card in the box and pointed to it,

"What's that?"

Kagome took the small card out and opened it up. She read gently out loud

"I've made you my Angel, so now I lace you with the silver lining of the clouds and moon, and dawn you with the brilliant sparkle of the stars, though none of those that Kami-sama made compares to you. I love you my Silver Angel, Inuyasha."

Kagome flared bright red and the other two older women gushed and awed. Kagome had no idea Inuyasha had such artistic visuals inside him, but more then that, how'd he acquire such a dress? Kagome's mother smiled and said brightly,

"Come on! We don't have much time!"

Kagome nodded and got consumed in so many thoughts.


They had agreed to meet at the Hilton Tokyo Suites Ballroom foyer. Inuyasha stood near the grand staircase, waiting, watching all the Seniors and their dates in tuxedos and ballroom gowns. He wore a white tuxedo with a silver bow tie and vest. He knew it would look corny that he and Kagome in some ways will match, which he really didn't intend on happening. He was in the mall one day and saw the dress in a window and had to buy it. He knew here size by once spotting the tag peaking out from one of the beautiful dresses she'd wear. His heart raced. He wanted to see her in that dress, but more then anything, he wanted to be with her, touch her… And plus he still had a few gifts for her. That when he saw everyone staring a certain direction in awe and gasping. He turned around and the sight hit him head on like a train, he grabbed onto the banister for support. Kagome walked in, wearing his gorgeous gown, then her hair was down, but drawn back with silver, decorated burettes, a few locks of hair curled around her bare shoulders. Her hair also sparked as they placed rhinestone burettes everywhere in her hair and she wore some glitter on her cheek bones, shoulders, chest, and surrounding the plain-as-day for all to see… his brand. She sparkled as glitter was gently placed on her cheekbones, around her eyes, along her collarbone. She looked like an angel on Earth, and it looked like many people agreed. She stood still, nervous at the stares, but finally she spotted Inuyasha. He looked like he was about to keel over. She too began to feel dizzy and overwhelmed by how handsome and beautiful he looked in his tuxedo as well, He then, in a burst, rushed up to her, his pearly fangs sparking in the biggest smile she'd ever seen on him. She blushed as he took her hand and gently kissed it,

"Oreno Hime-sama (My Princess)… You look like a vision plucked from Heaven's realm itself."

She couldn't talk, all she could do was gush, and then she found her voice, saying in more a squeak with a furious blush,

"Hai, anata mo, watashino Wakagimi-sama (Yes, you also, my Prince)..."

He bowed to her and offered her his arm. She gladly took it with both hands and he led her into the Grand Ballroom. She gasped as she looked at the dimmed, large room, light by the white Christmas lights that hung with the garland and The 8 Christmas trees that sat on the sidelines. The room was covered in decorations of silver, gold, red and green. Not only did they have a DJ, but they had what looked like a mini- orchestra, which consisted of what looked like a mix of a brass quartet, string quartet, flute, harp, percussion and piano. Over in the corner was a large refreshment table covered in a red, satin tablecloth, topped with platters of Holiday treats and drinks.

'How much did they spend on this?'

She asked in her mind. She took a breath and Inuyasha squeeze his hand around her upper arm gently in assurance. She looked up at him and smiled as he nodded to her. They finally stepped into the room, people staring at them, most know, thanks to Inuyasha's unfathomable reputation, that they were indeed "branded", which was seen to most as more powerful them marriage. A marriage you can divorce from, but being branded, you were in it until death one way or another. Many girls ogled at them in an "Awwwww kawaii!" way, some glared in jealousy. It seemed all eyes were on the silver couple, Inuyasha beaming in pride as he knew himself that his woman was the best looking one there, he even caught the eye of a steaming, angry Kouga, who seethed, but his girlfriend Ayame kept him calm. Inuyasha walked her over too a table that had a white tablecloth and a candle set in the middle, a brass saucer and some holy as its base. He pulled out a chair for her and she sat, he sat in front of her. The candlelight glowed on her silver dress and glistened off of the glitter that was sprinkled on her milky complexion. Kagome sat, looking like a lady of royalty with an air of innocence and watched the dancers dance to an orchestrated version of "Come Ye Merry Gentlemen", which was one of her favorites, and they played it beautifully. Inuyasha couldn't help but to stare and noticed by her smell and pink cheeks, she knew, but kept her attention on the dancers. Inuyasha began to feel a bit warm himself, but after a few songs ended, he fought with himself whether or not to ask her to dance. He knew girls went for things like that, but of course, like the typical guy, he rather not. He looked at her and tilted his head and smiled,

'But I admit, I am curious to see that dress, and she in action'

The piano started for the next song, which sounded like it'd be a slow waltz. He got up and stepped in front of her, snapping her out of her spell, looking up at him. The white Christmas lights that hung on the banister behind him gave him an unearthly glow, making her gulp. He gave a warm smile and held out his hand.

"May I have this dance, Hime-sama?"

She blushed almost as red as the Christmas bulbs on the nearby Christmas tree. She smiled and nodded, taking his hand. He helped her up and led her to the dance floor. Kagome smiled when she recognized the song. It was the instrumental version of one of her favorite songs, "Shinjitsu no Ita" from her favorite band, Do as Infinity. It was the perfect waltzing beat, but sheepishly they looked at each other, knowing neither could dance. Inuyasha shrugged and held her firmly against him, earning a gasp and blush from the smaller girl. He slowly began to move and counted softly, to help both of them, "One two three, one two three..." And before they knew it, they had the steps and started to dance the slow waltz together. Many couples seemed to clear the way for them, like they were a special pair. It was a short dance, but they danced to one more song, a faster one, which caused Inuyasha and Kagome to stumble a bit, but it caused them both laugh, Inuyasha enjoying himself, but mostly enjoying his Kagome's beaming smile. Though as angelically beautiful as she was, she was still the picture of purity and innocence. After a few more songs, Inuyasha finally took her and said,

"I need to show you something."

Kagome's eyes lit up like a small child's,

"The gifts?"

He nodded and took to by the elbow out onto the grand balcony. It was surprisingly warm for a late December night, but they both appreciated the cool air, warm from dancing. Inuyasha stood and looked over the lights of Tokyo over the small garden, then too Kagome, whom glowed in the beautiful, gentle blue moonlight. She smiled at him warmly and waited patiently. Inuyasha faced her and took her hands to lead her to face him. She looked into his seemingly glowing, amber eyes and smiled. He opened his tuxedo jacket and reached to the inside pocket.

"Well, first, what I'm about to show you is very, very special."

He drew out a large velvet, red jewelry box. Kagome stared down at it and put a hand on her heart when he opened it. It was a pendant. About 2 ½ inches in diameter, a platinum base harbored a jeweled figure. It was an Inu Youkai in true form, made out of small diamonds and had ruby eyes, amber jewels acted as a frame. It shimmered in the bright, moonlight. Kagome stared at it until Inuyasha gently said,

"My father had it made for my mother. One day, a few days before she…she told me I was to give it to my wife."

Kagome looked into his eyes. Unreachable pain arose in them when he mentioned his mother. She knew he loved her very deeply. He smiled at her, still a bit of pain in his face, as he removed the necklace from the box and stepped behind her and gently drew her hair back, sending a shiver through her. He stepped in from of her and pain faded to awe as she looked at how beautiful it was on her. It fell below her collarbone, but above her breasts. She looked down at it and gently touched it, then looking into his smiling face as he said,

It suites you quite well, I think. I'm sure wherever Haha (mom) is, she'd be happy to see you wearing it."

That touched Kagome and she smiled at him, her eyes starting to moisten slightly. Inuyasha stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers, careful not to smudge the carefully placed glitter. He then jumped back a bit,

"Oh, yeah! One more thing."

As he went back inside his tuxedo pocket, Kagome almost squeaked breathlessly,

"Why are you giving me all these things? The dress… these gifts?"

Inuyasha paused a moment and smiled warmly at her,

"Is it a crime that a husband should dought his loving wife with gifts?"

She blushed and smiled. Inuyasha smiled and said,

"Besides, I doubt you mind… My parents requested these be given to my wife."

"And the dress?"

He smiled slyly at her, making her gush,

"That, my dear, was a gift… I saw it in a window on my way home from your house one day and HAD to get you into it… "

For a moment he caught himself thinking,

"More like out of it!"

"…And I'm most certainly glad I did! Oh! Found it!"

He smile and brought out a smaller, blue velvet box. Kagome watched as he paused, swallowed and opened it. Her eyes sparkled brighter then the pendant she wore. It was 3 platinum and gold- intertwined matching rings, one dawning a large diamond. A Wedding set. Inuyasha smiled and gently said,

"As well, it was requested of my parents that my wife and I wear their rings."

He shrugged,

"I was going to save them till the public ceremony, but my father told me he bought these right after he branded my mother."

Kagome began to tremble a bit, a few tears escaped the back corners of her eyes. She was truly speechless, but gasped when he took out the 2, thinner rings from the box, placing the box on the banister, and took her left hand. He slipped them on her ring finger and cleared his throat before saying,

"Now the whole world won't have to see your neck to know you belong to me."

Kagome smiled at him, but he took her right hand and opened it, palm up, placing the larger, matching band in it as he said,

"It's only proper that my wife put my ring on."

Every time he called her his wife, she felt her pulse raise another beat per second, she gently took his larger, gently masculine hand, and placed the ring on the proper finger, smiling brightly. They both took a look at their rings, Inuyasha noticing how uncanny and ironic it was that his mother's rings fit perfectly on Kagome. Before she could say anything, Kagome was grabbed into a tight embrace and the familiar feel of cushioned satin crushed against her lips. Inuyasha barely gave her breath as he kissed her so passionately, any chill from the night's air that even began to affect them was quickly repelled.

"OI! You two! Keep the PDA down! This is a school function!"

Inuyasha growled as the older teacher/chaperone sternly reprimanded them. With a sobered, annoyed look, he showed the teacher their rings, the teacher nodded and added,

"That is fine, but still, this is a school function."

Kagome looked guilt stricken as Inuyasha sighed,

"Come on, Kagome."

He took her arm and rushed inside.

They returned to their table, but Inuyasha insisted on scooting his chair to sit almost hip-to-hip with her. They silently sat in each other's presence, inspecting the rings. Inuyasha never wore rings, so the feel was a bit foreign, but it served as a beaming reminder of how much he was truly blessed. During slower songs, they'd lean on each other, the atmosphere intensely romantic. Kagome then gently commented,

I'm a bit thirsty, I'll go…"

Inuyasha stood up and smiled,


Kagome innocently smiled and nodded. Inuyasha nodded and headed to the refreshments table, Kagome staring at her handsome prince. She was so consumed by the vision of him, she did not notice someone sitting by her until she spoke up.

"I see you've been having fun, Kagome-chan."

The familiar voice said with a smile. She jumped and turned around,


Kagome smiled and nodded,

"I am very much."

Kikyou looked at her neck and with a warm smile said,

"And I see that it's true… you two…"

Kagome ran her fingers over her brand and blushed. Kikyou, being the most spiritual of the younger generation said,

"Ah, yes. I feel the youkai around you… but it's not that strong."

She rose a brow and asked,

"Does that mean you two haven't…?"

Kagome blushed and played with the material on her lap,

"No… not yet. I've not been ready for… that… yet… And to tell the truth, I'm scared to death of it…"

Kikyou smiled at her innocent cousin, but got an inquiring look,

"And… Inuyasha…"

"Though his youkai and male feeling have almost overtaken him a few times, he's never been forceful or anything."

He looked over at him. He was talking too a few guys at the refreshment table, but looked nervous at the two cousins talking. He gulped when Kikyou gave him a stern look, almost saying,

"If you ever hurt my cousin again, you will wish death."

She then asked her, still giving a stern look to Inuyasha,

"So, he's told you about your past? How he was to you?"

Kagome nodded,

"He has. When I remembered it… the past… I didn't talk to him for a week. He was so broken. He even came to my house and looked like he was about to cry, begging me to forgive him…. It was really a hard time… but…"

Kikyou got a solemn smile of adoration for her cousin and said,

"Well, Kagome, you've managed to do what many girls, including I, have tried."

Kagome looked at her quickly,

"What do you mean?"

Kikyou sighed,

"You melted his heart. Inuyasha's heart, ever since we first met in 4rth grade, has had a very icy heart, selfish with only his own intentions in mind. I finally gave into him and went out with him in 8th grade, but between him bullying you and just how selfish and troublesome he was… I couldn't take it. Many girls went through the same process, trying to melt him into being kind and warm…"

She placed her hand on Kagome's shoulder and smiled,

"But I guess it could only take one kind of girl, a special kind of girl to do that."

Kagome almost felt sorry for Kikyou and said,

"I'm sorry…"

Kikyou scoffed and said,

"I never really truly liked him. It was him following me around like a lost puppy. I finally just… gave him a chance… It was a chance wasted. I'm just happy both of you could find comfort and healing in each other. Besides, I think I found my perfect man… well… perfect mostly…"

Kagome smiled,

"And who would that be?"

"A doctor I met while in training to be a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse's Assistant). His name is Suikotsu. He is on a retraining program because he was in a home a while to help him with his little…problem…But I'm helping him with it."

Kagome smiled,

"You really do love helping people, ne?"

Kikyou smiled,

"Well, actually I do."

Kikyou looked around and said,

"Well, I guess I'll let you get back with your..."

She smiled as she spotted the wedding band,


Kagome blushed and smiled, chirping,

"I'll see you at Christmas, ne?"

Kikyou winked at her and disappeared into the crowd as quietly and smoothly as she came. She loved her cousin, but she was very mysterious. She felt a comforting presence sit by her and she looked around and smiled at him with glowing eyes, but Inuyasha on the other hand looked at the direction Kikyou left, a bit of venom in his voice asking,

"What did she want?"

Kagome was a bit surprised, but smiled at him and said,

"We talked about you… how I'm the only girl who ever managed to melt your icy heart."

"Is that what she said?"

Kagome nodded. Inuyasha had a feeling hit him. That was true. Not even Kikyou managed to even get a shaving of ice off of his cold heart. This made his heart even warmer toward his amazing wife. He knew for as long as they lived, this woman of his would never cease to amaze him. He smiled warmly at Kagome and leaned her into him and sighed,

"Well, she's right."

They just sat like that, watching the dance and sipping on eggnog and a bit later, continued dancing.


As planned, Inuyasha was driving Kagome home in his Silver 4-Runner. Kagome kept playing with her rings and pendant. Whenever they stopped at a stoplight, Inuyasha would stare at her, inhaling her scent, starring at her in her perfection. Kagome looked out of the window as they were in a danker neighborhood. It was dark and ran down, a bit creepy, but any part of Tokyo was one of the safest in the world, plus she had Inuyasha with her, so she leaned onto him. He stopped at a stoplight, the streets empty because it was near 1 AM. Inuyasha was about to turn to hold her, but faster then lightning, She disappeared from his sight and he flew out from his car, running around it to see a horrifying sight. Kagome was being held up again the wall, a knife to her throat, a human male no older then 25 holding her there. He spotted Inuyasha and yelled,

"Don't come any nearer, freak, as the girl will have her blood stain this beautiful dress!"

Inuyasha froze in his tacks and cursed under his breath. The man looked back to the pale girl's face and smiled,

"My, my. What is a beauty like you doing with a best like him?"

He spotted the brand on her neck and chuckled,

"Oh my, I see."

Inuyasha growled then said,

"Take anything you want, just give her back to me unharmed…NOW!"

Inuyasha was trying to sound tough and demanding, but nothing could coat the desperation in his voice. The man seemed amused by this and looked at the pendant around her neck.

"This is a very worthy prize, the seal of the great Gin Family, made out of precious metals and stones… and her ring… also very worthy…. But I just have one problem..."

Inuyasha growled, not wanting the precious trinkets taken from him, but Kagome was worth more then they by any measure.

"And what would that be?"

The man licked his lips and said,

"I much rather have what they are attached too"

Inuyasha felt something dangerous in him rise. Kagome panicked and squeaked when the knife was pressed against her harder. Inuyasha cracked his claws,

"What can you do to me? You are just a human… I'm hanyou."

The man didn't look impressed and said,

"Not much… but just stay there like a good puppy… I may return your woman when I'm done with her…"

Kagome tried everything within her to not cry, but a sob escaped and it drove Inuyasha over the edge as he growled deeper and with more venom then she had ever heard,

"You will not touch her… You will not harm her again…"

Kagome looked at Inuyasha closely as he said,

"You… You are the one that shot Kagome a year ago… at the 24-7 mart."

The man looked at Kagome and smiled,

"And she lived… My aim must be off, but I guess its good luck. I've never had anyone quite as young and beautiful as her."

Faster then lightning, she heard Inuyasha scream and she felt like she was flying a crossed the air. Was she dead? That conclusion was painfully answered as she collided with the stone-cold concrete of the sidewalk. She sat up to see that Inuyasha had pushed her out of the way, but stared in horror as Inuyasha was frozen like a statue, kneeling on the ground, covering his side, the man looking down at him with a raised, bloody knife. Kagome tried to drag herself to him as he collapsed into a puddle of his blood, saying,

"I Love you…Kagome… Now…run!"

Kagome screamed his name, tears upsetting her vision. The man laughed and said,

"What a lucky night! I get a car, jewels, a girl and I bagged myself a hanyou… What a night!"

Kagome crawled closer to Inuyasha before being hoisted over the man's shoulder and he headed for Inuyasha's, still-running car.

"Come on, wench. He's dead and I have some business to attend to."

Kagome went limp and then in mournful wails yelled up to the sky,

"I choose to die! I want to join him in death! I want to die!"

She was shut up when he let her down and tossed her against the car, holding her tightly against it by his weight,

"Shut up! If you don't stop this nonsense, I'll do more then…"

Kagome felt nothing but air until she got the wind knocked out of her and again she flew and collided with concrete she felt herself black out. She was definitely going to feel this in the morning. Thank goodness the long, hoped skirt served some padding, but her poor bare shoulders and arms. Only moments later, her head cleared. She was dizzy and everything was fuzzy and lights danced in front of her as she heard scuffling, cursing and growling until she heard the man scream and an animal-like snarl. She rubbed her eyes, trying desperately to get clear vision to see what was going on. She closed her eyes and shook it off, opening her eyes and they focused clearly onto a horrible sight.


Inuyasha's top was shredded off and blood streaked everywhere. His angelic, white tux was now ragged and blood-splotched. But that is not what caught Kagome's eyes or ears. Inuyasha had the man by his throat with a blood-thirsty grin on his face. Her eyes widened and fear struck her deeply as she saw his almost glowing ruby-blood red eyes with periwinkle, shiny pupils, his fans so enlarged that they no longer fit into his mouth and his claws were twice the size and sharpness then usual. He looked the pale, frightened man in the face and began to chuckle in a way that you would associate to an evil monster. She gaped until a vivid memory came to mind,

"...I turn into…into… a monster…"


He drew her back to look her sternly in the eyes,

"Kagome, promise me right now, if I transform to anything but my hanyou or human form, that you'll run and hide down wind until I turn to normal again? Promise me!"

She stared at the creature that was her Inuyasha. Instinct told her to run, as well as the human Inuyasha's voice as it echoed again, louder,

"...run and hide down wind until I turn to normal again? Promise me!"

She clinched her fists, tears running as the voice yelled at her,

"Promise me!"

She quietly got up to her feet, and heard the man' plea for his life. Inuyasha chuckled and said in a voice she had only heard in her nightmares,

"Why would I let you go? I want to see your blood on my claws you weakling!"

Kagome's blood went cold as she heard the voice of her lover grow as it did. This was why Inuyasha begged her to run, never wanted her to see him like this. She should be running, but instead she squeaked,

"Inuyasha...stop it..."

Inuyasha didn't even react. She tried again,

"Inuyasha... don't kill him, please?"

The man nodded fast and said,

"Yah, listen to your girl there."

Kagome froze in her step as a loud snarl rose from him. Run. Her body and instincts told her to run. She quickly turned around too, but heard the man yell,

"No! Don't kill me!"

Kagome looked over her shoulder to see Inuyasha with his hand raised, ready to slice into the man. Something inside her told her what to do. Deep in her heart, it yelled at her to, so she did... she didn't want to run from him. She screamed Inuyasha's name and run to him, surrounding herself around him. Violently he jerked and tried to knock her off him, slamming her into the wall, but she didn't let go, no matter how much he struggled and snarled, but then he stopped and let go of the man. The man fell to the ground and collapsed, coughing and gacked, like he was about to be sick. Kagome held onto Inuyasha like he was her lifeline. His muscles relaxed and she squeezed him, saying,

"Inuyasha, please come back to me... I love you Inuyasha... I lost you once tonight... I don't want to ever feel like I lost you again!"

Kagome felt him turn around slowly in her grasp to face her, but she buried her face in his chest, preparing for death. She sobbed and said,

'If you kill me... Strike me dead right now... I'll never stop loving you!"

Her sobs grew as he felt the muscles in his arm move. She prepared to die, but instead got a gentle growl from him... not an intimidating one, but the growl you hear after a beast has been calmed. His arm wrapped around her. Her eyes opened wide as still with that animalistic tone, he said,


She snuggled into him, not looking at his face. He held her to him, taking a whiff of her hair and let out a vocalized, growled shudder. Kagome said,

"Oh, Inuyasha! I...I..."

Before she new it, she was knocked to the ground and when she looked up, he was gone. He had run in shame. Ashamed Kagome had seen him like that. Scared of what she'd say. Kagome felt a burst of emptiness and sadness, but then heard Inuyasha's car skid off. She looked around. The mugger, the very man that started this, stole Inuyasha's car and made an escape. Kagome just lay in shock, in a dark, neighborhood, in shock. She only wanted to see Inuyasha. He was hurt and in pain in more ways then one. She would have to make it too his house. Her mother gave her "just in case" money before she left. Her money was tucked snuggly into her bodice. She ran to the nearest convenient store to call the cops, call her mom, then call a cab to go to Inuyasha.


Inuyasha stared out of his window, heartbroken, sore and ashamed. The love of his life had witnessed something her innocent, angelic eyes should have never witnessed. He was turned to normal now, but it made the pain stronger, both in his heart and physically. Most of the slices were just flesh wounds, but the one that turned him Youkai was throbbing, busy to heal itself. He had bandaged it himself and put some medicated liquid and coated it and most the other wounds with a liquid Band-Aid to stop most the sting and pain. He couldn't help but to cringe at the thought of how many times he's inflicted knife wounds to Kagome in the same matter. He hung his head low. Why did she do what she did? Why didn't she keep her promise and run? He sighed, but froze as his ear twitched and that wonderful smell filled his nose, but he couldn't help but to feel pain.

"What are you doing here?"

He sternly asked. Kagome froze and said,

"I... wanted to see... if you were ok."

Inuyasha scoffed,

"These are nothing. Scratches."

"That's not... what I meant."

Inuyasha froze. He wanted to look at her. To her beautiful, delicate face that could turn his foulest mood around... But he couldn't bring himself too. He clinched his fists and said, pain in his voice,

"Why are you here? Why aren't you scared of me? Why didn't you keep your promise and run?"

Kagome looked down, feeling tears form in her eyes.

"Because... You never left me alone in my darkest hour... You are my mate... Why would I leave you in yours?"

That really hit him hard. She truly was amazing, but another wave of depression hit him.

"Kagome... What if in the future... I turn to that monster and hurt... maybe even kill you?"

Kagome felt hurt that she thought about that.

"Inuyasha... No matter what... I'll always love you... even if you do that."

Inuyasha almost wanted to get angry. He clinched his teeth and made a sound that sounded like he was in pain.

"Kagome... I don't deserve you! Not after all that I've done to you... Not for what I might do in the future... Kagome... I..."

Kagome bit her lip. She felt so helpless. How was she going to get through to him that he was her only? She didn't care. She wanted him to brand her. She stepped into it not caring about anything except just wanting to be with him and only him for as long as it would take them. She stared at him as only moonlight lit the dark room. He was in distress and pain. She had to show him how much he meant to her, but her idea made her shiver... but not only that, but she thought of the emptiness she felt when he was on the sidewalk, thinking he was dead. She realized their time was precious and could be cut short right in front of them. Inuyasha waited for a response, but his ear twitched as he heard movement and Kagome whimper a bit, a burst of the smell of fear and embarrassment overtook his nose, but something else mixed into it. His thoughts were interrupted when trembling arms slowly held him from behind, the coolness of her ring on his stomach, but he froze still as she held him to her. His bare back felt her moist, bare torso pressed to him, along with his mother's pendant. She was trembling.


She held her face at the base of his neck and whimpered a shaky,


He slowly turned around in her arms, giving her time to adjust and hold herself against his chest. He gulped at the trembling figure. He placed a hand on her back to hold her, and rub her back to sooth her, but he got bare skin. He tensed and she tensed and whimpered when he slowly drew his hand gently down her back, confirming that she was, in fact, naked. He looked over by his bed to see her items of clothing in a pile. He shivered and closed his eyes as he took the trembling form with both of his arms, his ring touching her cool skin, holding her against him as he whispered into her hair,

"Kagome... What are you doing?"

Kagome was almost too scared- nervous to talk, but looked up at him from his chest, into his questioning, but heavy amber eyes, answering with a stray tear escaping here and there,

"Inuyasha… I… love you more than anything on this planet… I chose to be yours…"

He gasped and she closed her eyes, nuzzling into his chest, still trembling uncontrollably,

"I chose to do it… I don't care about anything else… I just… need to be with you."

Inuyasha froze and whispered,



She continued, biting her lip to control the tears that threatened to stop her from talking, closing her eyes tightly as she held him tighter, by this point, Inuyasha didn't care if it hurt… Kagome was here. Kagome pushed on through her sobs,

"Plus… Tonight… I thought I lost you! The pain… The emptiness was indescribable! Unbearable… I cried out to die with you…"

Inuyasha closed his eyes tightly nuzzled into her head, but looked down at her when she stopped crying and looked up at him, her eyes sparkling and moist, glitter ran in streams down her cheeks.

"But… I realized… That life is fragile and short and can be taken away from us at any time… and… I can't live like it won't… Not when I have you…"

Inuyasha stared into her scared, innocent eyes and smelt her fear, but also a hint of the wonderful smell that only he can smell from her. His eyes looked at her with tender concern,

"Kagome? Are you…"

She was shaking like a leaf and she slowly nodded. He smiled at her tenderly, knowing how scared and innocent she was, but she was sacrificing her comfort to show him how special he was to her. He gently cupped her face and kissed her ever so tenderly, her lips trembling. He tenderly held her to him, and she slipped her hands from around his chest to around his neck. He gently deepened the kiss, tracing her jaw with his finger, gently walking her backwards until he gently laid her onto the unmade bed, remaining right on top of her. She looked into his gentle face, still shaking and whimpering. Inuyasha gently touched her face and gently pleaded,

"Kagome… don't be scared."

She whimpered a bit and gave an "I'll try" look. It really did make him feel sorry for her how scared and nervous she was, but her scent wasn't without that special tinge of sweetness. Kagome stared into his moonlight eyes. They weren't like how they have been in the past, wild and animalistic, crying "I want you now!" No, they were eyes of a gentle love, looking at her like she was his most precious, fragile treasure. He gently ran his fingers along the outline of her face, tracing her jaw, the love in his eyes pouring onto her, but her eyes were still nervous, her body still uncontrollably shaking. Inuyasha would just have to show her how much he loved her, show her the true meaning of making love. He smiled gently at her, warming her heart as he held her against him, tenderly taking her lips with his. He pulled both of them under the covers, wanting to make sure he was discrete. He didn't want to make Kagome any more nervous and scared that she already was. She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw Inuyasha's bottom cloths fall from under the covers to onto the floor. She whimpered, a stray tear escaping from the corner of her eye. Inuyasha looked down at her, concerned, and began to tenderly caress her face and nuzzle into her neck, whispering into her ear,

"You're so beautiful, my Ka…go…me, don't be afraid."

She whimpered breathlessly, her voice trembling with her body,

"Oh, Inuyasha…"

He looked at her with sincere love and gently said,

"Kagome… I love you so much… just please… let me love you…Let me show you my love for you…"

Kagome shivered at his voice, his breath, his passion and emotion. Ironic, wasn't she supposed to show her love for him? But it didn't matter now. She loved him more then anyone on the planet, and was nervous-scared beyond words. She held onto him like she did whenever she was scared. Inuyasha smiled down at her trembling form and touched the contours of her face and he took her lips into his, taking her with him into the unknown.


"Oh… Ka… go…me…"

His husky voice growled out, struggling not to yell it as he exhaled and gently rested himself onto her violently shaking form, withdrawing his claws from deep inside his now ripped mattress, to hold her against him, he too was trembling greatly, both trying desperately to calm themselves as they panted. Kagome was in shock. What he just did to her was so overwhelming, tears almost were almost squeezed from her eyes as a way of outlet and it rendered her speechless. She held his sweat- beaded body as his hair stuck onto it. After he got some strength back, he sat up on his elbows to look at her, not wanting to separate from her just yet, sweat gluing his silver hair to his face and neck. He was still out of breathe and breathed heavy with his mouth open. Her eyes were wide and her heavy breathing was vocalized. Sweat and tears glued her hair to her face, neck and shoulders. Gently he licked away the stray tear that ran from her eyes. It was intense for both of them. NOTHING either of them expected, especially him. As a teenage, sex-driven boy, he had an idea how it should have felt like, but as he looked at his torn mattress and shredded pillows, he wondered if being branded and mated to her made it the way it turned out. He got a look of concern on his face at how much she was in shock, she just stared at him, her chest quickly falling and rising, shivering and acting like she just ran 5 miles. She glistened in the moonlight from the beads of sweat, trying to recover from her part of the journey. Still out of breathe, he gently caressed her face, removing the rogue strands of hair and gently tracing her hairline with his claw, between breaths asking,

"Are… you… alright?"

She just barely moved her head to nod. He gently smiled at her and asked,

"Was it as horrible as you thought it'd be?"

She slowly shook her head. He relaxed on top of her, holding her tightly and nuzzling into her moist, but sweet smelling neck, his panting breathes making her shiver even more. He held her close, and without separating himself from her, he rolled over so she was laying on him like a large body pillow. For the first time afterward, she smiled down at him, touching his face. He ran his fingers over the contours of her back, down her bottom, then up to her neck, smiling at her.

"Oh, Kami, you are so beautiful"

He whispered. She laid back down onto him and held him close, he nuzzled into her sweet, clean hair,

"I love you… Gin Kagome."

She managed some form of words, though it came out as more of a breathless squeak,

"I love you so much, Gin Inuyasha… My husband and prince."

He held her tightly and they sighed contently, both holding hands with their left hands, holding them up so the rings would glow in the gentle moonlight.


Inuyasha woke up a bit stiff and groggy, not only from the fight last night, but he and Kagome had made love many times till the sun peaked over the horizon, the multiple, overwhelming outbursts that left them breathless and weak taking a slight toll, but not big enough to stop him from doing it again. Kagome was his favorite addiction. He looked over to the sleeping angel that was snuggled against his chest, but when he moved slightly, she laid flat on her back, waist down still on her side slightly. The covers covered her up to her neck loosely. He stared as the sun was glowing onto her from to toes up to her nose. He smiled and studied her face, but couldn't help but to notice how loosely draped the covers were. Though he had made love to her last night as many times as he did, the room was very dark and she was still a bit shy, so he didn't get a good look. He felt a bit mischievous, but he was, after all, her husband. Gently he tugged the covers off of her, leaving Inuyasha's mouth dropped open and his body shiver in awe as he gaped at his beautiful wife, her supple, milky body glowing in the sunlight, almost unearthly. He frowned though as he saw the many scars that would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he went back to studying her. She was toned and no better words could describe his thought at that moment of her…except… perfection. She was pure perfection.

"..And all mine…"

He almost greedily whispered to himself. As he studied every curve of her perfect form, he failed to notice that the sun reached to her eyes. She squinted and looked away, stirring, her eyes coming into focus on a pair of glowing, shimmering pair of starring amber eyes, but they weren't staring at her face. She looked down to find herself exposed to him,

"Eep! Inuyasha!"

As she hastily rushed for the covers, he grabbed her hand. She looked up into his intent, passionate eyes as he said, almost pleading, but it dripped with gentle passion,

"Please… don't deny me… don't hide yourself from me…"

He ran his hand from her shoulder, down her arm to her ankles as he whispered,

"Don't hide your perfect body from me any longer…"

She froze with wide eyes, leaning up on her hands, watching as his breath got heavier and his mouth hung open.

"My…dear Kagome… My sweet Kagome…"

He leaned into her, uncovering himself as well,

"My perfect Kagome…"


He gently smiled and touched her face looking adoringly at his perfect, sun- kissed beauty,


He conquered her lips with his, and until they were so hungry that they didn't have enough power to go on, they remained in his room, traveling many times more the journey of making love, Inuyasha guiding her with tender, passionate love, gently coaxing his shy, innocent beauty each time to be more adventurous on their "spously conquests".


Eggnog flowed from the kitchen, the gentle scent of gingerbread cookies traveled throughout the house as the friends and family of the Higurashi family sat around the Christmas tree, singing a muddled English version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". They had just returned from candlelight service, and since it was after midnight, it was time for presents. Inuyasha was at first uncomfortable with the idea, but anything to be with Kagome. But with all the smiling faces and warm greetings, Inuyasha looked around, Kagome holding him tightly,

"I have a family… I'm not alone anymore… I have a home… and I have Kagome."

He even considered Mrs. Higurashi a mother to him, but of course no one will ever replace his mother. Oh how he wished his mother could have met Kagome. As funny as it seemed, Inuyasha received presents from most of the family, most understanding the ritual of youkai/ hanyou branding and many owed Kagome's recovery to him. He received a sweater or two, a watch, a PSP, and a few more things. Kagome loved it when Inuyasha smiled, and she was happy she could at least give him a family. When Kikyou came, she noticed a strong youkai coming from Kagome, smiled and gave a discrete wink. Inuyasha watched the exchange from the girls, Kagome blushing furiously. Inuyasha acquired,

"What was that all about?"

Kagome brightly smiled at him,

"It's a miko thing."

Inuyasha, though a bit confused still, just nodded. He had to remember he was in a family with a holy bloodline, in fact when "Higurashi-jiji" sensed the strong youkai, indicating that Inuyasha had finally completed the Branding ritual with Kagome, He was far from happy and tried to banish him again… but of course… it didn't work. Though Kagome's mom was ecstatic that they were one step closer t giving her adorable half- hanyou grandchildren, Inuyasha assured her that he would not get Kagome pregnant till after she was out of school. He, after all, could smell whether she was "fruitful" or not. Inuyasha sighed and smiled, thinking,

"I'm home."


Kagome and Inuyasha stood in Kagome's darkened room, just standing in front of the window holding each other and watching the stars. Inuyasha sighed contently as he looked as Kagome. Kagome looked up at him and gushed,

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Inuyasha took her hands to face her to him,

"I was just thinking about how ironic life is… That life never turns out the way you expect it."

Kagome gave him a questioning look. She really was rubbing off on him wasn't she? She then asked,

"What do you mean?"

He shrugged, but ran his hand through her hair,

"I mean like us… I mean almost 8 years ago… then your accident, my sentence… We were brought together and by some unlikely chance, you made a quick recovery… fell in love and now look at us… definitely not what I had in mind."

Kagome nodded and said,

"That is very true… It's like we are different people… with totally new lives. I'll never get all of my memories back, I still have huge gaps, I'm still childish and clumsy… it's like my past was some other life, and this is my new one."

Inuyasha nodded,

"That's right… And my past is gone… but still…"

He looked at her seriously as he gently touched the scars on her face

"The past has left visible wounds… reminding me..."

Kagome placed her hand on his face, gently caressing it,

"But that's all they are, scars… Our past will always be and always haunt us… but it's just a memory. Our life has a clean slate… we have a chance to start over."

Inuyasha looked at her with gentle, but shocked eyes,


Then Kagome looked up to the stars,

"Plus, I doubt any of this was an accident…"

Inuyasha looked up to the stars and said,


They faced each other, Inuyasha then saying,

"This is only the beginning, ne? We have a whole lifetime now."

Kagome smiled.

"Hai… And there's no one else I want to spend it with…"

He gently smiled at her and held her to him,


Then he leaned and kissed her passionately, ready to embark on this new journey that soon, will be started.

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