The Lord of the Rings

I Watched Too Long These Waves

By Ainaechoiriel

Audio copy: You can listen to this story on my podcast: There Are Three of Me. It is read in Ep4 S1E4 and Ep50 S3E9. You can find There Are Three of Me on Spotify and Spotify Podcasters.

I watched too long these waves; so swiftly rising. I longed to watch his failure, my husband's. And his puppetmaster Sauron's. Too long I stayed watching, rejoicing in the fall of this wicked people, my own no longer: they chose evil. All the Faithful now are gone, gone to the fires or gone to the waves, gone in nine ships led by Elendil. Too late I ran for the Meneltarma, where once we prayed and then we burned. I cry out for salvation, but the waves run quicker than I. I watched too long these waves and now I die.

A/N: Written for Rainsong's birthday as part of the HASA Birthday Cards challenge. She had requested Celebrian or Miriel.)