A/N: This story was written in response to a challege on HennethAnnun. The requirements were that it be a drabble inspired by one of your other stories. This story is a companion to my other story, "Immortal" which you can find here at this archive.

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The Lord of the Rings


By Ainaechoiriel

Remember. That is all they ask of me. So simple a task, and yet heartbreaking. For they will all leave me, one by one, even so faithful Gimli. Gandalf and I alone of the Fellowship shall live to see the end of this world. Boromir left us long ago. Frodo and Sam did go west, but I doubt they still wait there. Merry and Pippin will follow Boromir soon, and Aragorn will lay down his life in acceptance of Iluvatar's Gift. Already he grows weary. And Gimli, one day, too, will pass away. Grief is my burden; remembrance, my destiny.