Disclaimer: I own nothing! Except for Mia, Carly and Eden.

Summary: Future Fic. Emma and Shalimar have been together for fifteen years with two kids. When one of Shalimar's old friends pops in for a visit trouble comes with her.

Emma waited anxiously in her car for her daughters to come out of school. She smiled as she saw Eden come bounding down the steps. Eden was the youngest and except for the brown eyes and the fact that she was only four feet tall she looked just like Emma. Noticing the car the nine year old ran towards it and got inside giving her mother a kiss.

" Eden, you know the rules." Emma said smiling.

" But Carly isn't even here yet. I'll move to the back as soon as she gets here. Why do I have to sit in the back anyway?"

" Because I said so, now go." She couldn't help but laugh as Eden lazily crawled between the two front seats and into the back. As soon as she'd buckled her seat belt Carly appeared. She just turned thirteen and looked just like Shalimar. She got in the car and slammed the door.

" Hey, watch the door. Shalimar'd kill me if anything happened to her precious car." Emma said jokingly. All she recieved was a growl from the teen. "She'd also jump for joy if she heard you do that."

"Do what?"

"Groowwwll" Eden teased from the back. Carly rolled her eyes as Emma drove off. " I know why she's mad." Eden said smiling mischievously.

" You better not be in my head or I'll..."

" Eden, don't read your sister. And Carly, no death threats."

" I don't have to read her. She's just mad because parent teacher conferences is coming up." At that Carly stiffened, and Emma noticed.

" Is there something I should know?" Emma asked as she parked the car in front of their house.

" No."

" Are you sure?"

" I said no!" Carly got out of the car and slammed the door shut again. Running into the house she slammed the front door too. Emma looked back at Eden. "Promise me that when you turn thirteen, you wont drive me nuts."

"That's impossible."The little girl said." Your already nuts." She laughed as she got out of the car. Emma laughed too as they entered the house. Greeted by two black cats Emma looked around.

"Looks like mom's not home." Eden said dropping her school bag on the floor. She plopped herself on the couch and turned on the tv.

In the small gym/meditation room situated at the back of the house, Carly tried to meditate at Emma's small fountain but opted for Shalimar's punching bag instead. She punched away till her knuckles were bruising and her muscles could take no more. All in all she lasted a good ten minutes till she just let herself drop on the mat.

" Wow, ten minutes, not bad. How do you feel?"

" Like jello." Carly responded turning her head to see Shalimar walking in the room with a towel in one hand and a bottle of water in the other. She tried to get up but her arms were too shaky.

" Wanna tell me what's wrong or are you up for round two?" She helped her daughter sit up and sat down next two her. Carly didn't look up. Shalimar passed her the water. Taking a sip Carly gave it back and let herself drop again.

"Bad day?"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Should I be worried?"

"No." Before Shalimar could press the issue any farther she sensed Eden coming at her from behind full speed. Still seated she dodged the 'attack' and gently flipped the small girl over on the mat.

" Awwe man!" She said whining as she sat up.

"Maybe next time sweetie." Shalimar said smiling and the defeated expression on Eden's face.

"Been home five minutes and you've got both of them on the floor already" Emma said from the doorway.

" I didn't put them there.... Well, maybe one of them." She said laughing at Eden who crossed her arms and pouted.

"The other one was there when I got home."

"We have names you know." Carly said finally sitting up. "Where were you today anyway?" She asked her mother.

" I was at Sanctuary helping Adam."

"Did you beat anybody up on your way home?" Eden asked excitedly. Shalimar laughed.

"No not today. Now I want you to go do your homework and Carly, to the kitchen so we can get some ice on those hands." Both girls groaned.

To be continued........