Okay so it's a bit overdue…fine, fine a lot overdue and probably not the best chapter but it's all I got at the moment. So I present to you, chapter 9!

After making sure Eden was safely in Adams care, Shalimar ran to go find Emma. Within seconds Shalimar wrenched open the door and ran inside. She clenched her fists at the smell of blood. It belonged to Carly. She'd recognize it anywhere. Finding the white room she found Carly standing by the door looking in.

"Carly! Oh god I was so worried." She said enveloping her.

"Mom...your crushing me." Carly said wincing. She appreciated the hug but she was still in pain.

"I'm sorry, are you okay?" She said looking her over.

"Just a few cuts and bruises." She answered showing her wrists. Seeing the blood drying around her wrist and over her sneakers, Shalimar's eyes flashed orange for a brief moment.

Looking around the room she saw Emma leaning over an unconscious woman. Then she saw Mia standing terrified in a corner. Shalimar's eyes flashed again and a growl escaped her throat. She lunged for Mia. Shalimar threw her across the room and she landed hard on her back. The feral wasn't done. Mia stood up and tried to apologize but all she got was a fist across the jaw and then Shalimar grabbed her neck and slammed her against the wall.

"Give me one good reason why I shouldn't break your neck!" Shalimar growled.

"Because your kid is watching." Mia answered through a choke, clawing at Shalimar's hand. Shalimar looked back at Carly.

"She'll never look at you the same again." Mia tried again.

"Not good enough!" Shalimar shouted ready to hit her again.

"Shalimar no!" Emma said running to her. "We'll hand her over to the police. Let them deal with her." Emma said trying to loosen the feral's grip.

"That's not good enough! What are they going to do? Lock her up, feed her and give her a place to sleep? No, I think I'll kill her." She said tightening her grip.

"Shalimar please, you know this is wrong." Emma pleaded.

"Why are you taking this so lightly? She kidnapped and shot Eden!"

Shalimar said throwing Mia to the ground. "You see this!" Shalimar asked grabbing her own shirt. It was stained with blood. "This is our baby's blood!" She said showing Emma her own blood stained sleeves. "And you want me to hand her over? Have you lost your mind?"

"I want to strangle her just as much as you do Shal, but we don't kill people." Emma tried to explain, but before Shalimar could answer, Jesse and

Brennan came running in.

"Whoa. We came to help but I can see you don't need us." Jesse said looking over the scene.

"Is everything all right?" Brennan asked looking from Emma to Shalimar.

"Fine! You're right!" Shalimar said to Emma trying to let some of her anger subside. Mia stood up behind her and before they even saw it coming, Shalimar sent a fist flying towards Mia's face, knocking her out.

"Sorry, couldn't help it." She said storming off toward the exit.

At Sanctuary...

Carly winced as Emma changed her bandages before she went back to bed. It wasn't really all that painful but she didn't like seeing the dry blood or the bruises. All of it just made her nauseous. And she couldn't stop thinking about her mother Shalimar and the scene in the warehouse.

"What is it Carly?" Emma asked sensing her inner turmoil.

"What? Nothing….Well...something. Mom, Can I ask you something?" Carly asked looking at her newly bandaged wrist.

"Of course. You've always known you can ask me anything." Emma answered moving down to Carly's ankles.

"Well earlier, in the warehouse..." She paused.

"Yeah." Emma urged her to continue.

"Could mom really have...Well what I mean to say is, would mom really have of..." she paused again.

"Killed Mia?" Emma finished.

"Yeah." Carly sighed. Emma finished bandaging her ankle and jumped up on the exam table with Carly.

"Shalimar loves us all more than anyone can imagine." She started. "And sometimes, love can lead people to do things they really would never do otherwise." Emma said.

"Mom that was beautiful and all, but you didn't answer my question." Carly said.

"Well what do you think?" Emma asked trying to deflect the question.

"What? No fair I asked first." Carly insisted. Emma took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"Shalimar could have, god knows she really wanted to." Emma said. "But, I don't think she would have. She doesn't have the heart for it." Emma said.

"I think you're wrong." Carly said. "I think she would've, if you didn't stop her. Maybe it was your heart that made her stop." Carly said carefully getting off the table so as not to hurt her already throbbing ankles. Emma jumped down and put the supplies away.

"Do you think Grandpa could give me something for the pain?" Carly asked changing the subject.

"I'm sure he's got a pill or something." Emma said.

"Pills? I hate swallowing those things! They always make me gag." Carly cried.

"Well then I'm sure he's got more than enough shots to give you instead." Emma smiled.

Carly grimaced. "I'll go get a glass of water." She sighed hobbling out of the room. As soon as she was out of ear shot Emma collapsed into tears, the events of the day finally catching up with her. She couldn't believe it all happened. At the end of the day it all seemed so surreal.

She just stood there sobbing onto the exam table letting everything sink in.

Shalimar was right; they could've lost their girls that day. And that thought alone sent her reeling. And the thoughts she had gotten from Carly didn't help much either. Ever since she was a baby, Carly was always somewhat afraid of Shalimar. Emma could never figure out why until today. Shalimar had really frightened her and Emma feared there wasn't much she could do. She didn't want to tell Shalimar that her own daughter was afraid of her ever since she'd started walking. She was crying so hard now that her throat was dry and she was hyperventilating. Sensing someone coming toward the room she tried to compose herself but the tears kept flowing. It was Brennan.

"Hey, hey what's wrong Em?" He ran to her side and enveloped her in a hug.

"What's wrong?" She asked pushing him away. "Well let's see," she said wiping her nose. "The girls were kidnapped, they were chained and hung off a ceiling, and Eden was SHOT! To top it all off it was all MY FAULT!" She cried pulling at her hair.

"Don't talk like that, it wasn't your fault." He said grabbing her wrists to try and keep her from pulling out her hair. "Come on Em you have to snap out of it. Eden is calling for you." He said. "Imagine if she saw you like this, what will she think? Now pull yourself together and go care for your kid!" He said cringing at his own words. He knew it must've sounded harsh but Eden needed her.

"Eden's calling for me?" She asked trying to keep her tears in check.

"Yes. And Shal is waiting for you too." He said wiping her face with a tissue.

"Tell them I'll be right there." She said taking the tissue from him.

"Sorry can't do that." He said. "promised Eden I'd take you to her myself."

"Okay." She said blowing her nose. "How do I look?" She asked running a hand through her hair.

"Like you survived a hurricane. But she doesn't care what you look like and neither will Eden." He said giving her a nudge. She smiled a little and wiped her eyes once last time before heading out. Brennan put his arm around her and led her to her daughter.

"Here she is kid." Brennan said bringing Emma into the infirmary. Eden lifted her head.

"Mommy! You came, you came!" She cried happily.

"Why wouldn't I come?" Emma asked trying to give her a hug as gently as possible.

"Yeah why wouldn't she come?" Carly asked from the bed beside her.

"None of your beeeeeswax!" Eden said from over her mother's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" Emma asked giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Does it hurt?"

"Nope. Don't feel a thing. Grandpa Adam put something in that water bag going into my arm and I can't feel a thing." She said smiling.

"Where's Shal?" Emma asked realizing the feral's absence.

"She said she needed to get some air." Eden giggled.

"Why is that so funny?" Emma asked.

"She said cats aren't supposed to be indoors for such a long time."

"That isn't even funny." Carly said rolling her eyes.

"Well if you'd let me finish! Then maybe I could get to the funny part!" Eden shouted across to Carly's bed.

"Then why don't you do that from the beginning so we don't have to listen to you talk for so long?" Carly asked teasing.

"Alright you two cut it out." Emma said glad to see that they were back to their usual selves.

"Hey mom, today when we were kidnapped, I tried to call you with my powers but I'm not strong enough yet and If I was maybe you would've heard me and…"

"Shh…You don't have to say anymore. You are strong enough and I did hear you. How'd you think we found you so fast?" Emma said smiling.

"You see! I told you I could do it!" Eden told Carly. "she said I couldn't do it." She whispered to her mother.

"Oh be quiet and go to sleep already. You haven't slept since you got off the helix." Carly said turning away from them and trying to sleep.

"So, you haven't slept either."

"Because you can't seem to stop talking!" Carly said pulling the covers over her head.

"Carly's right, it is time for bed." Emma said pulling tucking Eden in.

"But I'm not even tired."

"Oh yes you are." Emma said looking her in the eye.

"No fair." Eden said with a yawn. "That's cheating. I wanna say goodnight to mom first."

"You'll be up long enough to do that." Emma said giving her another kiss. Then she walked over to Carly's bed and pulled the covers off her head. Carly sat up and faced her.

"It's okay." Emma whispered pushing her hair behind her shoulders. "To be afraid."

"I'm sorry mom. I don't mean to be." Carly said hugging her.

"I know you don't sweetie." Emma said resting her head atop Carly's. "But we don't need to talk about it now. You should get your rest." Emma said laying her back down and tucking her in as well. She turned off the light and sat in one of the recliners in the corner of the room.

About two minutes later she heard the familiar sound of Shalimar's favorite shoes walking toward the room. And not a minute did Shalimar walk in the dark room heading toward Eden's bed.

"I waited to say goodnight and that I love you mom." Eden whispered as she hugged her mother. "I love you too." Shalimar whispered kissing her goodnight as she re-tucked her back into bed. And before she finished Eden had drifted off to sleep. She went over to Carly's bed and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"G'night mom." She heard her whisper.

"Goodnight baby." She said quietly heading back out.

"Shalimar." Emma said from the corner.

"I don't want to talk about this right now. It's late and I'm tired." The feral said continuing on.

"Shal wait." Emma said going after her. "I need us to talk about this." She said standing in front of her.

"I'm going to need more time to get past this Emma and if I talk to you right now, I'll say things that I'll regret in the morning and I'd rather not. So please just let me go." She said not looking at her. Emma stepped to the side and looked down at the floor. Shalimar continued walking.

"Goodnight Shal." She said walking back into the infirmary.

"Goodnight Emma." The feral said wiping away a tear from her eye and left Sanctuary.

To be continued...