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Lily Evans Year One

"Lily come quick the most extraordinary letter has come for you" called Lily Evans' father from down stairs,

'A Letter' thought Lily barely awake 'but who would want to send me a letter?' everyone that Lily knew lived only a few minutes walk away, and the only friend that had gone on holiday was Jessie Pike and she'd only went with her family to Brighton, and if Jessie was going to write to her she would have sent a Postcard not a letter,

'That was probably it' Lily thought getting out of bed and pulling her slippers on, her dad had probably meant to say a Postcard not a letter.

Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes Lily made her way down stairs and into the kitchen the delicious smells of her mother's cooking wafting into the hall.

Petunia, lily's elder sister was already sitting at the kitchen table immaculately dressed in her neat and pressed floral dress, the family was planning a quick excursion to London today to buy new uniforms for the girls, Lily was going to be starting St Periwinkles comprehensive school this year and Petunia who was five years older then Lily needed new shoes.

"Well open it" Mr Evens said before Lily could even sit down and he handed Lily a yellowish envelope, addressed in emerald green ink to Miss Lily Evens, 117 kings walk, Surrey, Lily opened the letter and read:


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore (order of Merlin, First Class)

Dear Miss Evens

We are pleased to inform you that you are invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment, Plus information on the school and locations where said books and equipment can be purchased.

The school term begins September 1st.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy headmistress

Lily couldn't believe what she was reading, Hogwarts a school for Witchcraft and Wizardry Lily had never heard of such a place, it had to be some sort of a joke, like all the junk mail that her parents received each day telling them they'd won a prize or if they'd register for a credit card they'd get a free gift.

"Well, What is it?" Lily's mother asked eagerly has she brought a platter of Bacon and eggs over to the table,

"I -I -well I don't really know" Lily answered truthfully passing the letter over to her mother, Mrs Evens read the letter and looking very confused she passed it over to her husband,

"Well I - I don't know what to say" Mr Evens said after reading the letter "Is there any thing else?"

"Yes" Said Lily looking inside the envelope and pulling out several pieces of paper, the first sheet of paper was the equipment list the letter had mentioned and Lily read out loud so that her parents could hear "Uniform, First-year students will require: Three sets of plain work robes, black, One plain pointed hat, black, One pair of protective gloves dragon hide and One winter cloak, black with silver fastenings"

Below this there was a list of books,

"Each Student should have a copy of each of the following:" Lily continued has Petunia moved around the table to get a better look.

The book list contained eight books with each title becoming more and more ridiculous as Lily read them:

"The standard book of spells (grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk, Magical theory by Adalbert Waffling, History of magic by Bathilda Bagshot, Beginners guide to transfiguration by Emeric Switch, one thousand magical herbs and fungi, magical draughts and potions, Fantastic beasts and where to find them and finally The Dark forces: A guide to self protection."

"Other Equipment" Petunia read out loud over Lily's shoulder, barely containing her laughter "One Wand, One cauldron, a set of glass or crystal phials, a telescope, a beginners potion kit and a set of brass scales"

Mr and Mrs Evens stared at Lily with expression mixed between confusion and bemusement, the last two things that had came with the letter where thin paper booklets one red and the other yellow, the red one was entitled 'A non-magical parents guide to Hogwarts' the yellow booklet had a thick black title saying 'Now that you know, and what should you do now'.

Lily passed the booklets to her farther and re-read her letter

'What did all this mean?' There couldn't be real witches and wizards in the world, they only existed in faire tales with dragons and unicorns and pretty little princess in distress, No it had to be a practical joke, probably sent by Tommy Warbeck. That was the more likely explanation, but then again it was a little to thoughtout to have been sent by an eleven year old. Tommy may be a practical joker but to have written a letter and created such ridiculous books and equipments not to mention the authentic looking booklets, this was no where near Tommy's usual style, he would usually laugh himself silly by just filling a water balloon up, and Tommy was a doer not a planner and this, the letter, the envelope, the equipment list and the booklets must have taken lots of planning.

"Well" said Mr Evens has he finished reading the yellow booklet "There's a map here of a street in London and a pub called the Leaky cauldron it says that we can get all the books and equipment by just asking the bar tender"

"You're not really falling for this are you Daddy?" said Petunia in her high-and- mighty voice, the voice that she always reserved when talking about anything concerning Lily.

"I don't really know, Petunia?" Mr Evens said passing the booklet over to his wife "You've got to admit that it's quite believable, I mean it would really explain a lot wouldn't it, about all the strange things -"

"-Special things" Mrs Evens said correcting her husband,

"All the Special things that Lily's done over the years"

Petunia made a noise like she was sucking in air, although her lips where closed very tightly, everyone at the table was used to this, it was another one of Petunia's quirks that she reserved for the mention of any of Lily's 'Special things'.

"We could always go and see" Mrs Evens said braking the silence that had descended on the family at the mention of Lily's 'Special things' "I mean we are going to London any way...." she left the rest of her sentence unspoken but from the look in Mr Evens' eye Lily could tell he was thinking along the same lines.

"This should be the street!" Mr Evens said a few hours later has he, Mrs Evens, Petunia and Lily walked down a very busy high street in the centre of London, people where hurrying from shop to shop clutching large bags from department stores and record shops, and Lily saw a little girl no older then five pulling on her mother's hand screaming at the top of her lungs because she wasn't bought a Doll,

"I want that Dolly mummy, I want that Dolly" the girl screamed has her mother pull her past the Evens'.

"I don't see any pubs here Daddy" said Petunia needlessly, as she grinned at Lily,

"The map says we're supposed to be standing right outside of it" Mr Evens said consulting the map at the back of 'Now that you know, and what should you do now'.

"I told you it was a joke" Petunia hissed in a quiet voice so that only Lily could hear, and it was true Petunia had been saying, "It's a joke", "Someone's idea of a laugh" and "There's no such thing as witches and wizards" their entire car journey down to London, but some how after getting over the initial shock of the letter Lily couldn't help but feel that it wasn't a joke.

"Are you sure there isn't anything we have to do?" Lily asked pushing Petunia aside so she could look at the booklet in her father's hands.

"Like what say Abracadabra or Open Sesame?" Petunia said crossing her arms and smirking even more at Lily's mounting frustration,

"All it says" Mr Evens said ignoring his eldest daughter "is that you will find the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron on Charing Cross road",

"What's that" Petunia said pointing to the very back of the booklet, Looking over her husbands shoulder Mrs Evens had noticed it as well,

"The back two pages of stuck together" she said sighing. Mr Evens flushed

"Whoops" he said to Lily and she couldn't help but giggle, Mr Evens prised the pages apart to reveal:



It was a long contract type form but Lily didn't get to read much of it as her mother and father moved over to the department stores window to read it without being in the way of the moving crowd, Mr and Mrs Evens read and re-read the Code of Secrecy over again and again talking in hushed whispers that lily and Petunia couldn't hear.

"Right, well I think that you're father and I finally get the general idea of it" Mrs Evens finally told Lily, and she glanced at her husband,

"We have to sign this code to say that we'll not talk about anything magical, especially to other families who aren't......" Mr Evens referred to the code in his hand "....blessed magically" his face broke into a smile as he looked at Lily.

"So all we have to do is just sign this" Lily said eyeing the contract doubtfully "And we'll be able to......"

"See the place where we have to go to" Mr Evens said cheerfully as though he was thoroughly enjoying himself,

"How?" Petunia asked, her arms folded and a stern look upon her face.

"Well-Well that's why it's magic dear" Mr Evens said looking a little crestfallen "It wouldn't make them special if everyone knew where it was now wouldn't it?" He smiled again at Lily as Mrs Evens dug into her handbag and found a pen and handed it to her husband. Both Mr and Mrs Evens signed the contract but nothing happened, Petunia gave a gleeful snort and Lily scowled at her,

'She's just loving this' Lily thought, everything that Lily had ever done no matter how hard it was or how much effort and time she'd put into it Petunia was always there putting her down and finding ways of ruining it for her. When they where younger they both attended a gymnastics' club on Saturday mornings and Lily was pretty good at it, a lot better then Petunia anyway, Lily had even been entered into the county tournament up against children that where much older then her, but of course Petunia got jealous and the day of the final competition Petunia faked a stomach ache, meaning that Mrs Evens and Lily had to stay at home to look after her as Mr Evens had to be at work, and because of it the gymnastics teacher had thrown Lily out saying that she wasn't committed enough.

But Lily was determined not to let Petunia ruin this for her, that Letter was real and no snide remarks from Petunia was going to dishearten her now, there had to be something that they hadn't done properly. Lily moved closer to her father to look at the contract, but no sooner had she moved her feet then Mr Evens clapped his hand to his forehead,

"Silly me" he said turning to look at Lily and Petunia "Both of you have to sign it as well"

"What!" cried Petunia "I'm not signing that especially if it is.... m-m-magical, you don't know what it could do?"

"Sign it" Lily demanded pushing her father's hands containing the contract and pen forwards, very reluctantly Petunia took the pen and signed, Lily smiled sarcastically at her has she took the pen and placed her own signature below that of her parents and sister.

Both Mrs Evens and Lily gasped and Petunia jumped backwards crashing into her father, the reason for this strange behaviour wasn't at all apparent to the passers-by who Lily saw where giving all the Evens' a wide berth and very strange looks. But to the Evens' their behaviour was extremely appropriate to someone who had just seen what they thought only a few minutes earlier was impossible.

The moment Lily had signed her name on the contract the large department store had suddenly started to move sideways and a very tiny, grubby-looking building had appeared out of thin air, pushing the department store and it's once neighbouring store away to reveal a large solid oak door, small grimy windows and a sign hanging above the door which was a cracked cauldron.

"Good Lord" Lily heard her father curse behind her,

"W-What do we do now" Mrs Evens asked her husband nervously holding Lily's shoulders very tightly.

"Well we came here to find this place didn't we?" Mr Evens said looking at his wife; Lily noticed that even though his voice sounded almost normal his face was slightly pale. Moving forwards Mr Evens reached out and took hold of the handle of the door and pushed it forwards, he entered the pub followed by Lily, Mrs Evens and Petunia.

The Evens' found themselves in a dark shabby room, with mismatched wooden tables and chairs scattered around the floor, there was only a few people in the pub, a group of old ladies sitting at a table by the fire chatted merrily showing each other the green slimy objects in jars that they had bought, two well dressed men in their early thirties sat playing chess while the other occupants stood around talking by the fire. But as soon as the Evens' entered everyone fell silent and turned to stare at them, Lily suddenly felt very self concise has she stood in front of her mother who still hadn't removed her hands from Lily's shoulders as though she was fearful of some evil cackling Hag would try and steal Lily away. Lily couldn't help but smile at this thought and her father must have seen.

"That's the right idea Lily" he said stepping forwards, making Petunia squeak and hide behind her mother. Clearing his voice Mr Evens called "Hello, we're the Evens' we got this letter-"

"Hogwarts?" Asked a toothless old woman, sitting at the bar, all the Evens' nodded in unison "Yer'll want Tom, in the back he is, TOM" she yelled the last word and a bald old man came out of a side door he looked at the old women and she nodded her head to indicate Lily, her parents and Petunia,

"Sorry" Tom said "Didn't hear you come in, what can I get you?, Buterbeer?" he added looking at Petunia and Lily.

"Er- well no- we're here because of a letter we got" Mr Evens said nervously

"From Hogwarts?" Tom asked, Mr Evens nodded,

"Which one of you is it then?" Tom asked looking from Petunia to Lily, nervously Lily managed to mutter that it was her who the letter had come for, Tom seemed to be overjoyed at the idea, telling Mr and Mrs Evens that they must be really proud,

"I guess that you're Muggles" Tom continued as he lead them over to the bar "there's not many others that use the front door, We've had three other families in today already, Professor Dumbledore's letting more and more in nowadays. First in the family are you little miss?"

Lily nodded her head full to bursting, not really knowing what Tom had said, she was still wondering what a 'Muggle' was when Tom handed her an envelope which contained three things a list of the different shops they could go to to buy Lily's school things, a set of instruction of things they had to do and finally a ticket for a train called the Hogwarts express.

"You'll be needing to a wand," Tom said "Ollivander's is at the end of the street, but before that you'll have to get your money changed so you'll be needing Gringotts for that, then I guess the little miss'll need robes so-" They spent over half an hour with Tom talking them through all the different things they would have to do, even though it had been written down in the list of instruction that Lily had been given in the envelope. Lily didn't want to hear him going on about how they should use such and such a shop because it was having a sale today; Lily wanted to get going and to explore the wizarding world and then it suddenly dawned on her, where was the wizarding world. Was it just several shops dotted around London or did they have a special Market place where she could go to get her new school things? Lily doubted very much that Waterstones sold any of the books on her booklist, but she wasn't left long wondering this when Tom led then through a door and outside to a small court yard where he tapped the opposite wall three times with what looked to Lily to be a smooth wooden stick, the brick quivered and then in the middle of it a small hole appeared which grew bigger and bigger until it formed an archway big enough for all the Evens' to walk through,

"Welcome to Diagon Alley" Tom said cheerfully, Lily was amazed, beyond the archway was an entire street full of people busily doing their shopping, the only thing that made them look different from the people from the non-magical street was their clothes, each of the people in Diagon Alley where dressed in strange old fashioned garments that wouldn't have looked out of place in a BBC Victorian drama.

"Gringotts is at the end of the street" Tom said pointing down the street full of people "You can't miss it it's the big white building" he bid the Evens' Goodbye and retreated back into the Pub.

Mr Evens lead his family down the cobbled street heading in the direction that Tom had indicated, Diagon Ally was a huge place, with strange and wonderful shops and building every where, the street was crowed with people of all ages, Lily saw a boy no older then eight pulling at his father's sleeve calling excitedly

"Came and look dad there's a new cleansweep, dad come on" the boy pulled his farther over to a shop window pointing excitedly up at it's display the shop was called Quality Quidditch Supplies and had a very nice looking broomstick propped up in the window.

Further down the street they passed a shop that was completely dark and had hooting sounds coming from inside, Lily's head was swimming with excitement at all the strange new sights, but she didn't have much time to look around has her Father pointed out the biggest building on the street it was white and made of marble: Gringotts bank.

They spent just as much time in Gringotts has they had with Tom the bartender, Lily, Petunia and her parents where shocked to see that the 'people' running the bank weren't people at all they where goblins, but again after getting over this initial shock Lily's parents set about changing some of their money so that they could buy Lily her new school things. After leaving the bank and refereeing to the set of instruction which Lily had been given, they headed back up the street in search of a shop called Flourish and Blotts where they got Lily's books; her robes from madam Malkins and the rest of her equipment from various shops up and down the street. Petunia was just as excited about the different shops they went in as Lily and her parents they stopped for Ice creams at a place called Florean Fortescue's and was greeted by a very cheery man who gave them free chocolate sundaes as a welcome to the wizarding world. After finishing their ice creams Mr Fortescue waved them goodbye and pointed them in the right direction for Ollivander's where Lily could get her last Item on her equipment list: A wand.

Ollivander's was a narrow and shabby little shop filled from floor to ceiling with small boxes, and after measuring Lily's arm and hand length he gave her several different wands to try, some didn't do anything at all when Lily swished them, others coursed the boxes around the shop to jump violently off the shelves making Petunia and Mrs Evens jump, eventually Mr Ollivander gave Lily a light wooden wand telling her,

"Willow, 10 and a quarter inches, unicorn hair. This could well be the one" And it was has soon has Lily grasped the wand in her hand red and gold ribbons shot out of the wands tip.

"Well done" Cried Mr Evens clapping,

They paid for Lily's wand and headed out of Diagon Ally and back home, Petunia's new uniform and shoes completely forgotten.