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Robin stared out on the water as the sunset slowly set over Titans Tower. He let

out a small sigh and continued looking onward. Today had been...different. It didn't

seem real. It seemed like it had been some type of dream that he had been in. He had

feelings for Starfire ever since he first laid eyes on the red head tamarian girl. They had

battling Slade earlier today and the others fell behind, realizing that Robin needed to

settle this by himself, but they still weren't that far off. They all remembered that the last

time they left Robin and Slade alone, he became his apprentice and that had been hard on

all of them, especially Starfire. When he had to fire that Thermo blaster at Starfire... he

didn't even want to think about it. Starfire had come to his rescue though, she was the

one who had saved him from Slade, she was the one who caught him as he was falling off

that roof, and she was the one that he kissed. He didn't mean to do it at first, it's just,

when he was falling, she caught him, but it kind of caught her off guard, and made her

fall also, except he was on bottom, she was the one who landed on him and kissed him.

Even though it was an accident, he still enjoyed it, and he kind of got the idea that

Starfire liked it too. He smiled as he thought about how Starfire apologized and helped

him up. She apologized really quickly, even though she really wasn't sorry for what she

had done. Robin just sat on the rooftop and was thinking about that day. He usually did

that whenever something strange or upsetting happened that day. However, that was only

one of the only ways he showed his emotions. Robin wasn't really one of those people

who showed his emotions; Robin always kept his emotions in check. He heard the roof

door open and looked back to see who it was, it was Starfire. "I'm sorry, do you want to

be alone?" she stayed in place and waited for a response. "No, it's okay; you can come

keep me company." Robin smiled and lightly patted the ground next to him, as a sign to

say come sit down. Starfire smiled and flew over and sat down next to him. She looked

out on the horizon and let out a sigh of relief. Are you all right? You have been acting

different ever since this afternoon, have I done something to upset you?" Robin looked

over at Starfire. For some reason, he got the idea that she was trying to tell him

something that just wouldn't come out, even though she was trying to get it out.

Like...like Starfire just couldn't put it into words. "No, I'm fine, I've just been thinking a

lot lately. Starfire, would you mind if I asked you something?" Starfire looked over at

him, diverting her attention from the sunset to Robin. Robin started to blush.

"Um...about what happened today... well, uh...I'm...I'm sorry about that...I mean, I'm

not saying it was bad, I mean...do you understand?" Robins face was completely red.

Starfire let out a little smile and stood up. "There is nothing to be sorry for." Robin was

happy that she had said that, but it still wasn't answering his question. He knew that he

needed to be patient, love wasn't something that just happened over night, it took time.

But he flt he had been waiting long enough. He wanted to know, does she love me or

not?But he couldn't say that, he couldn't just put her on the spot like that. It needed to

come out on its own, she needed to say it at her own time, even though he had a feeling

that she had more than friendly feelings for him. He smiled and stood up. He sighed again

and took on last look out on the horizon, but saw something. He turned his attention to it

and walked to the end of the roof. "Starfire, do you see that?" Starfire walked over to the

edge of the roof beside him and looked at the purple light very carefully. She pulled away

with a shocking face. "No...no...it can't be."

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