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Blackfire rose to her feet to face her younger sister. Blackfire's eyes were filled with

hate, injustice, and jealously. "I will not let you harm me or my friends anymore. This

ends now sister." Starfire stared vigorously at her sister, waiting for a response. Blackfire

tried to suppress her laughter, but let out a small giggle. "You think this is a game? This

is life sister, and unfortunately yours will not be very pleasant. I will decide your life."

Starfire clenched her teeth and flew up in the air. "No you will not!" Starfire shot off the

Starbolts off her hand and continued to shoot more. She stopped for a second and looked

around. She had lifted up so much smoke she could not see her surroundings. "Foolish

Starfire" Starfire quickly turned around and spun in a circle, looking for any evidence of

her sister. Starfire stared bluntly at the cloud of dust surrounding her. She saw a quick

flash of purple and quickly fired a starbolt. She heard a large boom and flew through the

dust, seeing what she had done. She flew forward to find her sister in a pile of cardboard

boxes, trying to fight her way up. Starfire's starbolt had hit her in the face, so she was

bruised. "I will not let you win Starfire. You don't deserve the opportunities that have

been given to you. You should hot in hell." Starfire was shocked at her sister's cruel

words and landed on the ground. "I am sorry you feel that way," Starfire lifted her hand

up and got a starbolt ready on her hand. "But I will not let you run my life." Starfire

squinted her eyes and fired the last starbolt at her sister before she could strike back.

Blackfire flew backward upon impact and fell to the floor. Starfire flew past her sister

and headed back to the stairway in which she came, when she was suddenly stopped.

"Don't go anywhere sister, the battle has only begun." Blackfire shot up into the air and

flew at Starfire with incredible speed for someone who had just survived a huge blast of

star bolts. Blackfire was firing away, and Starfire was dodging every hit. Star rose into

the air and fired at her incoming sister. Starfire squeaked as her sister easily withstood all

of her blows. Starfire retreated through the hallways, looking for any form of shelter as

her sister quickly followed behind. "What's the matter sister?! Afraid of a little fight?"

Starfire quickly turned down the adjacent hallway and thought of a plan as her sister

passed by, thinking she had gone forward. Starfire brought her knees to her chest and

buried her face into her knees. "What am I going to do?" Starfire leaned out and stared

down the hallway, her sister was looking in every doorway trying to find her. Starfire

fired a bolt at a package as dust scattered into the air. Starfire quickly flew out into the

dust storm and fired away at her sister. "Game over!" Starfire screamed and fired bolts

out of her eye, hitting her sister and knocking her back into the trash composer. Starfire

flinched at her sisters screams and sunk down to the floor, letting out a sigh of relief. She

rose to her feet and slowly floated back to the stairway to head home. She opened the

door and was amazed at the large spaceship awaiting her. Starfire flew into the cargo bin

and collapsed to the floor from exhaustion. Robin quickly ran out there and joined

Starfire. He ran over to her body and lifted her head onto his lap Starfire was on her

back). "Starfire, you did it. You defeated Blackfire." Starfire smiled and looked up at

Robin. "Thank you, Robin; I couldn't have done it without your help." Robin stared

down at Starfire; all he could do was smile. Robin leaned his head down further and

kissed Starfire as she fell asleep on his lap.

When back at the tower, Robin gently picked up the sleeping Starfire and took her to her

room. He had spent the whole way back sitting there very still, letting Starfire sleep on

his lap, making sure not to make any sudden movements to wake her up. Raven climbed

out of her seat and placed her feet on the docking platform. She left out a small sigh and

started walking back to her room when Beast Boy stopped her. "Hey, can we talk for a

second?" Raven stared back at Beast Boy and nodded her head yes. Beast Boy smiled and

opened up the stair door, running up as Raven followed, finally made up to the roof door.

He opened the door and walked out onto the roof, letting the door close naturally behind

them. It was dark out, yet the sky was filled with stars. They could hear the music from a

nearby group partying on the beach. Raven listened to the sharp beat and steeped forward

toward Beast Boy. He sighed and turned around to face her. "I never had any doubt in

you. I mean, I always thought of you as a friend, but I never thought that we both would

feel more than that. Then, this happened. I'm sorry Raven, if you don't wanna hang out

anymore, I get it. We can just be friends. Raven looked out into the water as BB waited

for a response. "No Beast Boy, you're wrong. I never started off to think of you as a

lover, it just happened. My emotions are dangerous, Beast Boy, I don't think I...I should

do this." Beast boy lost his temper and started to scream at Raven (PG-13 language here

people, get ready) "That's bull shit! I know you don't mean that, you love me, and I love

you! I don't give a damn about your powers, I love you!" Beast Boy stared at Raven,

waiting for any kind of response. She let out a small smile and shook her head. "You're

really something, you know that?" Raven leaned forward and gently placed a kiss on

BB's cheek, letting him know that everything was okay. She turned away and headed

back down the roof stairwell. BB touched his hand to his face and smiled. "SCORE! Go

Beast Boy, it's your birthday, get down, get fun-ky!" Raven smiled and headed down the

stairway, passing by Starfire's room, where Robin was still sitting be her side. She was

awake now though, and she was talking to him. She saw the love that Robin had for her

in his eyes, and the same for Starfire. They loved each other very much, and nothing

would ever change that.

The End


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